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My “Healthy” Recipe For Chocolate Covered Bananas!

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This recipe is super simple and something you can do as often as you like. It only takes a few minutes and they’re a real treat. They taste amazing too. If you have candida though watch out.

For that reason I typically don’t make these chocolate covered bananas any more. The reason I don’t is because bananas are more of a hybridized fruit and can be very starchy as well as very sugary. They have one of the highest glycemic indexes of all fruits.

I’m doing my best to stick to the BED (The Body Ecology Diet) where I use green leaf stevia as my sweetener of choice. Rarely I’ll use honey in my recipes. Candida is always something I’m working with and doing my best to find a healthy balance between yeast, fungus and microbes to my healthy gut flora.

So like I said I might make this chocolate covered banana recipe once per summer season as a treat like like having a popsicle.

Ingredients For the chocolate sauce:

  • Agave (Use stevia if possible)
  • Coconut oil
  • Cacao powder
  • Cacao butter (optional)
  • Dried coconut flakes (optional)


To be honest I don’t remember how much of each ingredient to use in this recipe. What I did was I made sure that the oils were nice and warm so they melted. I used my Excalibur dehydrator to warm up the oils to a liquid.

Then I added the powders and mixed them until they were fairly thick and creamy. You’ll have to play around for the right consistency to get it right.

Simply cut the bananas in half and put some popsicle sticks in them. Then mix together the above ingredients into a bowl until you get the right consistency and sweetness. Use a knife and spread the bananas with your chocolate sauce.

Put them into the freezer for a few hours and you have your desert.

Kids will love these and they’re filling too. So even though they are hybridized they are still a fun tasty treat that you can snack on when you have sweet cravings.

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