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MMS 1000 Protocol Day 5

Today marked day number 5 of the miracle mineral solution 1000 protocol. If you want to find out more about miracle mineral solutoin (often times called master mineral supplement or master mineral solution) you can checkout the website of jim humble who discovered what sodium chlorite becomes when it’s mixed with citric acid. The resulting solution is called chlorine dioxide. People call it MMS for short.

Anyway today was day number 5 and I’m going to have to pull the plug on my experiment. I was scheduled to ingest 12 drops of activated MMS today. Anytime the acronym MMS is used, it’s always assumed it’s activated.

I was feeling just horrible. I was getting dizzy, lightheaded and sluggish and just didn’t feel right. But like I said in my last post, I don’t mind feeling this way as long as I know that the substance I’m ingesting that is causing the cleansing is 100% all natural. If I had used herb or clays in this cleanse I would feel much safer about that. I’m just not sure about this substance. I’m 99.9% sure it’s okay but it does feel like a chemical to me.

From what I understand Jim Humble discovered it when he originally combined the two FDA approved substances together sometime in 1997. The lack of long term use is a slight concern for me and something to think about.

Like I said, I’ve done lots of reading about it, listened to many interviews, watched all the videos and talked with people about it, and I don’t get any sense that Jim Humble is a fraud, or the stuff is dangerous in any way. I’m just saying that I have a slight trepidation while taking it. I’m really just doing it to kill viruses, toxins and pathogens in my body to kill candida.

I figure there are safer ways until I can get a better handle on what chlorine dioxide really is and how it affects the body.

What I will do though is purchase the book by Jim Humble called Breakthrough as well as order his DVD in order to learn more. I’m  sold on MMS, I just want to do a little bit more research.

I generally have a very open mind and will try anything. If this were some kind of herb, I’d still be on this cleanse regardless of how bad it made me feel. I don’t mind the “feeling bad” part of cleansing and detoxifying, it’s that I’m not 100% sure this chemical is safe.

Where do I go from here with MMS?

Well I’m going to buy the DVD and his book, as well as do more research on it. I’m going to definitely keep doing the hair protocol (24 drops of MMS per ounce of water into a 4 ounce spray bottle) which involves spraying my scalp. After reading his book and watching his DVD I’m going to buy some capsules and perhaps try again the capsule protocol as a maintenance dose if I feel comfortable with the chemical makeup of sodium chlorite.

I wish I could have gone longer on it. The MMS 100 protocol is intended to be 24 drops 8 times a day for 21 days. I can’t imagine being able to ingest that much MMS. Then again I think I just have a really sensitive body with lots of candida and yeast overgrowth.

I really can’t wait to learn more and perhaps try it again. Assuming chlorine dioxide is safe (I’m pretty sure it is), the work Jim Humble is doing is radical and unbelievably transforming.

  • lana says:

    It’s actually 1 working up to 3 drops of mms 8x per day. 24 drops a day max in total. Your article makes it sound like 24 drops each time….

  • Adam says:


    I was wondering how you were doing and still on MMS? I was going to purchase some for a friend but was very put off by its claims to cure malaria so I researched MMS on the web and apparently when combined with citrus substances turns to bleach.

    Have you experienced any benefit from taking it?

    If not you may want to read this article,

    • Justin says:

      Hi Adam. I’m still doing the “maintenance dose” which I’ve sort of modified for my goals. I only take 2 drops each night by capsule before bed. Seems to be working great for me. Thanks for sharing that link!

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