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MMS 1000 Protocol Day 4

So this was day four of my MMS 1000 protocol. Today I did 10 drops of activated MMS. Man it kicked my butt. So much so that I’m starting to get worried about what it’s doing to me. I realize whenever somebody is chronically sick, and you kill the infections, whether they be bacteria, fungus, mold, parasites, viruses, yeast or any other pathogen, that it’s not going to be comfortable when they die.

I understand that there’s a healing response or what’s called a healing crisis. I didn’t feel really that good after reading this info from wikipedia. This coupled with the paper that came from the FDA that came with MMS were a bit alarming. But to be honest I’m about 99.9% sure that the information in Wikipedia and the information from the FDA are either not accurate, cannot be substantiated or are otherwise meant to scare people from something that really works.

The FDA hasn’t had a great track record of either doing their job or protecting people from dangerous products. They have done a lot of work to try to surpress things that do work. There’s the first crack in the armor. They have a history of shady practices and lying. So what makes me trust them with such a track record?

But here’s my problem with the healing response I’m feeling. Let’s say I take herbs or clay and feel that same response. These things are simply natural substances people take right? Although I’ve listened to a lot of audio interviews and watched many youtube videos about MMS (called master mineral supplement sometimes) along with reading about it online, I just don’t know what chlorine dioxide really is. That’s what’s making me question things. I really believe in it and I want to keep doing it but I’m just hoping I’m not doing any damage to my internal organs. I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to go up to 12 drops but there was no way I can stomach that. I never made it to the health food store to pick up those size zero capsules to do the capsule protocol.

I did call Tammy from project green life and she was great to talk to. She mentioned I could buy some ginger, chop it up and make ginger tea the night before and put it in the refridgerator all night and use it instead of water, with a little bit of stevia and a drop of mint. The stevia and mint help cut the taste but the ginger tea will help alleviate the stomach a little bit.

She also mentioned that if I wanted to go to a maintenance dose, I could for candida. Then she also told me that I could take 1 teaspoon of terramin clay in the morning. It’s a product developed by Roy Cong @ 323-294-8500 and according to her it’s excellent for candida. So I’m considering doing that along with a maintenance dose.

She also said another way of taking the master mineral solution is to take a bath with 30 activated drops of MMS and sit in it for 20 minutes. Also added to this bath would be 2 tablespoons dmso (Dimethyl sulfoxide) , epsom salt.

I managed to do a workout today as well. I went to the gym and worked out my biceps and triceps really hard. I had to take my master mineral solution with me. Halfway through my workout, I took a swig. However it didn’t seem to affect me that much.

For about a month before I started taking master mineral supplement I started noticing twitching in my fingers. I would notice that my fingers would twitch and I’d be aware of it all the time. It was really strange. I could feel a tenseness or tightness in my nerves of my hands. I couldn’t explain it. Anyway, since taking the master mineral supplement that has gone away.

Healing Response

Heart palpitations
Stomach discomfort
Slightly less optimal digestion

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