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MMS 1000 Protocol Day 3

Wow all I can say is that this MMS is powerful stuff. Each morning I wake up and just the thought of doing it makes me a bit unmotivated. I wouldn’t say queasy yet but I’m just not all that excited to whip up another batch.

I will say that the video to create one batch in the morning has really helped. I think I need to start mixing it with some juice.

I learned today that a lot of the preservatives in bottle juice can make the MMS dramatically less effective. Plus I’d rather do a raw juice using my handy Breville Juicerthat I really love.

The problem is that being a centrifugal juicer, the juice oxidizes quite quick so it really needs to be drunk within 20 minutes of making it. Otherwise the enzymes, vitamins and minerals start dying.

Considering I’d have to make 8 4 and a half ounce juices a day, that might be a little much. I think I’ll stick to the water.

Today I looked a little bit more at doing the capsule protocol. This is intriguing to me, especially if the doses are going to get a bit stronger.

My Herxheimer Effect

This is day 3 of the Master Mineral Solution and I’m up to 8 drops and man can I feel it. The reaction I get is quite strange. I’m feeling a little bit spacey sometimes really tired during the day as well as a little bit light headed. In general I feel out of it.

I’m realizing that these toxins, poisons, viruses, yeasts, fungi or whatever you want to call these pathogens, they’re releasing a poison in the body and that’s what’s causing this odd state of feeling.

Tomorrow I’m going to go to the health food store and pick up some size zero capsules and try out the capsule method, because I honestly don’t know how I can go up to 10 drops tomorrow.

What has helped is eating food around the time that I take the MMS. I’ve been doing heated yoga also which has I think helped my body sweat out some of the poisons. I feel that has helped a lot.

I also ate a lot of fermented food today like sauerkraut and water kefir, along with some grass fed raw beef jerky I made myself. I had two smoothies also today and feel pretty good.

Instead of doing 10 drops tomorrow I’m going to stay at the 8 drops I’m doing and try to do that for a few days to get used to it.

I’m also going to do some skin brushing tonight before I take a shower. Opening up the channels of detoxification I think is going to be key. Allowing every avenue pathway to be fully open will help these toxins expel themselves not only more easily but using different channels which won’t bog any one of them down. And I’m hoping that will help ease the stress from being concentrated to any one area of my body.

Man this stuff is powerful. Who knew 8 measly drops of MMS can make you feel so strange.

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