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Matt Blackburn – The Hidden Dangers of Lipofuscin & What You Can Do About It!

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  • Today we had Matt Blackburn on the show to talk about lipofuscinosis and yellow fat disease. If you search Google for dangers of Omega 3 oils or “is fish oil healthy” you will not find anything about yellow fat disease or even hear the term lipofuscin.

    This is because the fish oil industry alone is a billion dollar industry. They don’t want you to realize that the very fish oils they recommend you take daily is actually killing you slowly.

    It’s like the death of a thousands cuts.

    Over time these oils turn rancid in the body and combine themselves with estrogen, heavy metals, iron and oxidized lipids to create disease.

    As Matt explains in the show these yellow fat disease actually stores itself inside the lysosome of the cell which prevents autophagy and cell death. When cleansing cannot happen and oxygen cannot be properly utlized because of lipofuscin, disease happens.

    Otto Warburg stated in the 1930’s that when you starve a cell of 30% less oxygen, cancer begins almost 100% of the time.

    Cancer itself is a billion dollar a year business with a 50% rate of diagnosis if you’re born after 1960.

    Being sick makes the system a lot of money and it makes doctors very rich.

    Our biggest form of rebellion against the system is improving our health by eating quality food, reducing nnEMF exposure nad eliminating poly unsaturated fatty acid consumption, aka PUFAs.

    I hope you enjoy this interview with my friend Matt Blackburn!

    Please share with your friends will you? 🙂

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    Show Notes

    Show Guest:

    Matt Blackburn

    Guest Info:

    In May of 2017, Matt Blackburn earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Complementary and Alternative Health.

    While attending college and changing majors three times, he never let schooling get in the way of his education.

    He was always questioning what he was being told while remaining open to certain aspects of the teachings being accurate and correct.

    He studied Psychology for five years, transitioned to Philosophy, and finished with Complementary and Alternative Health.

    Water, light, magnetism and vegetarianism are topics that Matt has been sharing his insights on for the past eight years.

    His quest to discover the most effective tools and practices to optimize the body has led him down unexpected avenues of research.

    Connecting the dots across various fields of study is his passion. He believes that whole being health is not static, but rather, complex and ever changing.

    What works for us today may not work for us tomorrow. It is our job individually to take moments throughout each day to assess whether our lifestyle is working for us or against us. This is the path of longevity.

    Matt has studied extensively these fields:

    Rife technology
    TENS technology
    Ultrasound technology
    Scalar technology
    Crystal technology
    Artificial light
    Static magnetism
    Pulsed magnetism
    Weston A. Price
    Enema therapy
    Sauna therapy
    Ketogenic diet
    High carb
    Raw paleo
    Western herbalism
    African herbalism
    and Ayurveda!

    Show Topic:

    Lipofuscin aka yellow fat disease, liver spots, age pigments,

    Guest Website(s):

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