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Mary Tocco – How Your Local County Sheriff Can Protect You From Unjust Laws!

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  • Today we had health activist and researcher Mary Tocco on the show from

    It was a real pleasure having her back on the show to discuss her work and more importantly her work in regards to what’s going on right now with this viral issue (I can’t even say the real word for fear of censorship!) right now.

    We talked about what recourses you have to fight against these draconian laws being mandated and handed down to us from the CDC, the WHO and other organizations like that.

    What can we do?

    How can we fight back for our freedom and our rights?

    One key takeaway from this interview with Mary Tocco is our relationship with our local county sheriff.

    Let’s work with him to see if we can contract with him in a way where he will uphold our rights should the medical establishment try to force us to do unwanted things with our bodies.

    This is a VERY POWERFUL show please consider sharing the link on Facebook, and Instagram. Tag a friend and help us get the word our there will you? The censorship is real and the only way around the algorithm is to put boots on the ground and “gorilla share”. 🙂

    Please share with your friends will you? 🙂

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    Show Notes


    Show Guest:

    Mary Tocco

    Guest Info:

    Mary Tocco has been in the natural health care field for over 40 years and spent many years working in the holistic, functional medicine and chiropractic health field. Mary is working as a natural health advocate for people who want to improve their health by consultation.

    May 2020 – Created “Sheriff Plan of Action for Citizens”, a way for citizens to protect their rights by informing their sheriff how they feel about Un-Constitutional mandates coming from the federal government or local governors.

    Mary is the Vice President for the Foundation for Pediatric Health (501c3), co-founder of the American Chiropractic Autism Board (ACAB) 2006, helped manage Hope For Autism, (HFA) a training program for physicians who want to help children with autism recover. She was the Director of Vaccine Research and Education for Michigan for Vaccine Choice, a non-profit (501c) watchdog group, insuring vaccine choice in Michigan until December 2016. Mary Tocco is on the Board of Directors for WAVE, World Association for Vaccine Education (

    Mary was the radio host of, “Healing Our World”, Republic Broadcasting Network Internet and satellite station from 2010 through 2014 and produced over 250 programs. The program focused on various things in the world making people sick, natural healing methods addressing those issues and empowering people to make a difference in their health.

    Show Topic:

    Vaccines, county sherrif, Richard Mack

    Guest Website(s):

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