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Major Heart Protocols by Robert von Sarbacher

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This protocol is used for those with congestive heart failure or just clogged arteries. It is also used if they have previously undergone surgeries after heart attacks or if they had by passes.

Clogged arteries are dealt with fast and easy in 30 days with just 5 to 10 pills of multizyme for 30 days. But please take for 120 days to get the heart, arteries and veins stronger and to rebuild the tissues in those areas.

In reality it’s a 4 to 6 month protocol but I really never see a need to go beyond the 4 months because of that addition of cayenne pepper. We have a whole protocol for that, but when you’re desperate and in hurry sometimes you just use this Multizyme supplement only (NOTE: this is the most popular name for a product in the history of the world so there’s 500 manufacturers of a product with name multizyme.

I’m only talking about my Multizyme) and in larger quantities – but I digress.

Again all protocols are for 4 to 6 months.

Here we go!!!

The Full Heart Protocol:

1 & 2)

  • Multizyme and Heart Pills (need 3 to 6 bottles per month of Multizyme and 2 ½ bottles of heart pills)
  • Multizyme and Heart are taken together at same time 2x/day
  • Multizyme is 5 to 10 pills AM and PM on empty stomach and drink plenty of water for an hour but eat NOTHING for an hour after taking them
  • Heart Pills is the same but 4 of those pills only AM and PM


  • L-Arginine AG – only use this special version – it’s 7 pills after bfast and 7 pills after dinner… so 1 ¼ bottles per month…


  • Take 4 pills of special cayenne $12.50 per 100 count bottle 3x/day with breakfast, lunch and dinner – right before those or so… (non – irradiated and organic with no magnesium stearate in it.)
  • Take 7 pills with breakfast and dinner (right after or so – 14 all day) of L Arginine AG – special variety of it – they are $45 per bottle and you will use 1 1/3 bottles per month (they are 360 caps per bottle)


  • 20 drops of ACE morn and night – see file on ACE – our most powerful electrolyte supplement! Absolutely fantastic stuff – takes 13 to 18 months to make a batch! Again, see the file. 1 bottle lasts for 3 months. Take it with water or juice 2x/day say right before breakfast or lunch perhaps? Or take it with Genesis? (see file on Genesis).


  • Wonder Pill (Laminine – see file called “wonder pill”) taken with this or any protocol above is 2 with breakfast and 2 at either 2pm or dinner (first month – cut down to 1 and 1 in ea additional month unless money is not a factor for you ) That’s 4 bottles first month and 2 bottles each additional month.

Congestive heart failure issues

One lady with 2 weeks left to live was sent home to die by doctors. She was given ONLY heart enzyme pills (ie straight from raw beef and lamb heart) took only 4 pills AM and PM on EMPTY stomach and waited an hour before ingesting anything else (same as Multizyme ), after 2 months the doctors called her in (flabbergasted she was alive and performed full tests on her – fully rebuilt heart). She then immediately began the entire protocol for Heart above.

Full protocol for those with arterial concrete/plague issue

This protocol is for calcified arteries as well as those who have had bypasses, surgeries or previous heart attacks. It lasts for 4 months min – 6 months maximum which is the same full protocol as above.

Warning: Many have trouble with cayenne because it burns the stomach. NO problem. If that is an issue with you then just eat 4 bites of black beans – whatever fits on a fork – right after taking those 4 pills – you will feel NOTHING of pain in the stomach AT ALL!! Highest source of amino acids in the world is Black beans! It’s also how you never get Montezuma’s revenge in Mexico or Guatemala or Pinto beans are sometimes ok for that too… whoo hoo

The full protocol can be done for ANYTHING of the above not just previous surgeries or etc – in fact they are supposed to be done that way….. without the cayenne we used to have people take the full protocol for 1 yr… with it – we cut out 6 to 8 months! Yay!

Any more questions let me know.

Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

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