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Magnetic Sulfate Ionic Minerals by Robert von Sarbacher

Click play below to hear our lively interview with nutrition researcher Robert von Sarbacher.

Full Protocol especially if have Alzheimers and Autism and Fibromyalgia type issues… use like so to aid body in helping body to remineralize itself:
3 items : Bathing by taking of Concentrated version $500 (is 64 to 128 baths – usually about 100 baths – much more if dealing with a baby – very safe even for babies! In a bath that is…), next is taking of it internally as super shots and lastly is taking of it internally as drinking water…

Concentrate :

10x = 1 tbl or ½ tbl per bath depending on how nasty your city water – if well water use 1 tbl every time!!! – do this soaking 1x/day minimum is enough… if it is Alzheimers it is recommended to use it at 1 full TBL per bath tub no matter what.
Regular non concentrate version is $150 per 2 month supply almost – this is taken 2 ways


you will take it BOTH ways but you might start #2 about 2 weeks into #1 so can get used to it more easily – why? b/c the Super shots detox calcifications out of you so fast and what not that sometimes easing into it with doing #1 for 2 weeks first makes it easier on you!

(1) is the simplest method that will build the WHOLE of the remineralization of the body is to put 1 to 2 tsp per gallon of spring water and drink a whole gallon per day and

(2) taking of the Super Shots – 1 ½ tsp (per 150 lbs of body weight) in 2 tbl of water in a shot glass AM and PM on empty stomach – do not drink or eat anything for next 45 mins to an hour except water – about 3 to 4 cups of water like straight RO water or so would be perfect during that time period! – IE you start and end your day with these super shots taken on an Empty stomach!

The water is the key to all forms of sulfur b/c they all(all forms of sulfur) FUNCTION OFF OF WATER – that is they EAT water and separate the molecules of H2O in the blood – side effect is increased oxygen and hydrogen in blood samples – always a good thing!!!

This affect is also necessary b/c without that extra water during the period of doing this Super Shots – it forces toooo much of the calcifications to dissolve too fast – and without the use of B6, Apples and lots of extra water – you will not get passed easily the first 2 ½ weeks of kidney pain b/c of removing calcifications like a calcified kidney stone, gallstone, liver stone, or calcificied cells (that have fossilized from taking in of heavy metal non food form poisonous calcium) and calcified Pineal Gland which it will decalcify and bring back to life for you, ie body functions better including Pineal Gland when it has been decalcified! Follow directions of using extra water or extra water with extra green (red will also work) apples and B6, so no kidney issues the first 2 ½ weeks of doing the Super shots.

The entire protocol is done for 3 months or until desired goal is reached – I always prefer 3 months b/c you’re after removal of all those parasites! And heavy metals and chemicals – but most find that first 30 days no heavy metals in the testing areas they previously tested nor chemicals so they want to stop – I would continue for at least 3 months for purpose of removing all calcifications and parasites – I will also continue forever with just the minerals in the gallon of spring water for life but that’s me – I like being immune to sun burns for life so I keep it up for life…

This aids the body to strengthen it and remineralize – the body has the habit – those who are super sensitive to sun burns in about 3 months, the body reverses that…

The body removes calcifications thru the body ( I have not seen it used on calcifications from tennis elbow nor foot or hand calcifications yet, so if you have that let me know b/c I’d like to see what the body does with that then).

The body removes fully with all 3 of the above (baths, super shots and gallon of spring water with minerals added) – heavy metals and chemicals in all samples you test like = hair, blood and urine – and usually not a trace left of parasites EITHER!

I have not had it tested yet on the Lyme’s parasites but I do have a $150 test for anyone who wants it for irrefutable proof of QUANTITY of lymes parasites per blood sample for yourself – I also have lyme’s test for those that are needing it for INSURANCE PURPOSES that is irrefutable by Insurance company standards – so you will absolutely be offered insurance for it – payout – if needed – that test is $650 I think – or $700 I forget – those are major corporation testing facilities and it’s fast and simple test for lymes but expensive b/c it guarantees you payout for lyme’s if it’s on your insurance, no worries!

PH Balancing using these super minerals (they are acidic and about PH of 3 or 4 on PH scale) and will PH balance in you ONE DAY –
Blood and Hair and Urine analysis tests – do before and after taking this substance – for irrefutable proof of what the body is doing …
Specifically test for stool and blood parasites… and Aluminum and heavy metals in hair and blood and urine – test again in 60 days – there will not be a trace left of aluminum in hair or blood analysis!!! Best to keep up at major level for 4 months before cutting down to smaller amount….

If you have the money – then do a tissue analysis if allowed – there will be no aluminum in tissues within 4 months!

Major level is 1 ½ tsp (per 100 lb of body weight ) per qt water 2x/day on empty stomach – do not eat or drink anything (except apples or juice) for 30 mins….. first 10 to 14 days is the “hump” to get over – so drinking a gallon of water per day is the key ( 1 qt morn and night with this shot of minerals in it plus ½ gallon plain water thru the day with or without minerals in it! (spring water it okay) Can cut down on how much liquid you drink. When doing ALL 3 then you will do Magnetics in the spring water too….

Many start off doing all 3 by ONLY doing baths and drinking the regular spring water with 1-2 tsp of Magnetics in it and not starting on Super Shots for 2 weeks… this makes the transition of getting those Super Shots in you easy in my opinion – though I think it’s all not a big deal if do all 3 of the anti-detox side effect items – then it doesn’t seem to matter…

Here’s how to take this::

removal of detoxing side effects of sore kidneys in first 2 ½ weeks of taking super shots only – by taking my organic living form B6 pills (3 pills or more 2-3x/day), and eating of extra apples thru the day and of taking 1 gallon of water thru the day – last one is a requirement!! Get in that gallon during the day… prolly just put into that gallon only 1 tsp to make this spring water into Magnetic Sulfate mineral water to totally remineralize you not just remove filth from the body…

Freakishly powerful against all parasites esp blood and intestines and smaller ones… (I do not know it’s affects against the bigger ones like flukes)

Kidney stones and Gall Stones – test in 90 days – there shouldn’t be a single stone left in the body… body is good at reversing these types of issues on its own when it has the tools to do so apparently… but check with testing before and after always…. You want proof not just experimentation!


for those who know nothing of sulfates – they are not a substance that can stay in the body – only take things out (unless being used AT THAT MOMENT TO BUILD SOMETHING – only then will they stay (and be used) in the body like building of cartilage or bone or etc) – as sulfates ONLY build if something is needing attention – otherwise they directly and instantly target heavy metals and chemicals in the body – then bind with them and take them out of the body within < 1 day – usually 12 hours ….by instantly converting them to a WATER SOLUABLE FORM instead of their previous form of FAT SOLUABLE which made them stick in the body b/c of messed up liver/gallbladder (which is SUPPOSED TO handle all fat soluable forms – oh well!) Also Aluminum SULFATE (not to be confused with straight aluminum) is the world’s number one binder with Fluoride so it will drag all fluoride it comes in contact with right out of the body or convert it into Calcium Fluoride which has no negative effect on the body… (note: #1 fluoride remover filter on earth is called the Alumina filter for kitchen sink 99.5 or so% removal of fluoride for 2 months use.) If you have no fluoride in your body (no such person in the usa), since aluminum sulfate is a sulfate mineral combo – it (aluminum sulfate) will just simply leave the body straight out - as all sulfurs do - if and when it has nothing to bind with…(as if blood tests b4 and after - on hair too - wasn’t enough proof as all aluminum is gone from the body in no time! Per the tests done b4 and after taking of magnetic sulfate minerals.) That is the nature of ionic sulfate minerals…. Filth disposal so that liver and kidneys become unburdened by less waste in the blood! All sulfurs work this way especially the famous MSM (which is also available in LIVING form – from pine sap – still alive and growing crystals - unlike all the regular chemical MSMs which eat all the Vit C out of your body (being synthetic) and will never build a body – it will only bind and carry filth out – unlike living form sulfur which the body can use for building and will never eat or drain your Vit C!!) Ingredients

(this is my Magnetic Sulfate minerals – can add one item to it to increase its effectiveness ‘at killing things not supposed to be in body’ using a super silver product – if you want that just ask and I will procure it for you)


a solution of purified water and ionic sulfate minerals that are an extraction from volcanic trace mineral-rich Biotite (in the form of black mica). With the addition of a super silver – purported to increase effectiveness approximately by 20,000 times in experimental tests.
Regular version of Magnetic Sulfate minerals: (non concentrate form)
Iron Sulphate…………………………. 1,260.0
Aluminum Sulphate………………… 1,220.0
Magnesium Sulphate……………….. 416.00
Potassium Sulphate…………………. 207.0
Calcium Sulphate……………………. 26.3
Phosphorus Sulphate………………. 23.8
Manganese Sulphate……………….. 21.9
Sodium Sulphate…………………… 15.4
Zinc Sulphate……………………….. 2.0

Additionally contains up to 100 natural volcanic trace minerals including Aluminum, Chromium, Cobalt, copper, Germanium, Lanthanum, Lithium, Molybdenum, Nickel, Rubidium, Scandium, Selenium, Silicon, Sulphur, Titanium, Tungsten, Vanadium, Zirconium. As a volcanic natural substance, the mineral composition can slightly vary.

For legal reasons we must state, “please keep out of the reach of children”.

How to use Magnetic Sulfate Minerals

Magnetic Sulfate minerals is formulated to mix with water. Once mixed with water, the minerals dissolve and become part of the water. Magnetic Sulfate minerals volcanic mica minerals work to purify water. Dissolved contaminants which exist in the water become visible. They then sink to the bottom of the glass or container and never mix back into the water. In other words, while in this water they can never dissolve back into the water again. In distilled water there should be no contaminants, therefore, there should be no precipitation (contaminants dropping out of the water). Unfortunately, all the waters such as tap, rivers, lakes, ponds, spring, most bottled waters and bodily water show signs of signs of dissolved contaminants. Magnetic Sulfate minerals is amazing at revealing contamination along with making the water safer, cleaner and healthier to drink.

Magnetic Sulfate minerals is used to clean-up the impurities in water and is an outstanding source for a complete matrix of minerals. We believe that the way to health is cleaning the waters of the body and then adding the proper minerals, thereby attaining optimum health through cleansing and nutrition. Adequate minerals of the proper mineral state can be rarely found in natural foods.

Suggested water cleaning applications vary by volume and degree of contamination. For Super Concentrate you use: Add 5 drops per 8oz of water. Dilution rate for Magnetic Sulfate minerals is 1 to 1000. 1 ml treats 1 liter of water. A teaspoon treats approximately 1.3 gallons of water. 32 oz bottles treats up to 250 gallons. Depending on water quality it may take additional amounts of Magnetic Sulfate minerals and may take 24 to 72 hours to complete agglutination process before separating the insoluable chemicals from the water for internal use.

Magnetic Sulfate minerals

Our volcanic minerals are based on natural fresh water and the natural state of fresh water ecologies. Magnetic Sulfate minerals ionic minerals are extracted from the stone that supplies sulfates to springs and the salt of the ocean.

Adding the minerals to the water begins a process by which the oxygen in the water is changed into activated oxygen. Activated oxygen burns up invisible contaminants making them visible and water insoluble or filterable. The magnetic force of Magnetic Sulfate minerals attracts contaminates, gathering them together into larger particulates that are heavier than water, causing them to sink to the bottom (or rise to the top if oxygen bubbling at the bottom is applied in water reclamation).

Magnetic Sulfate minerals do the following:

Creates an environment that causes anerobic bacteria to self-destruct, e.g., Ecoli and molds
Eliminate colloidal Chlorine, and changes Sodium Fluoride to Calcium Fluoride
Reduce colloidal heavy metals such as Mercury, Lead and Arsenic; and render impurities inert
Oxygen is activated

Minerals are needed to activate the enzymes in our body. Sulfate ionic minerals are also known to support enzymatic functions throughout the body.
Not all minerals are created equally. If minerals are not in the correct form, they can build to toxic levels our bodies. What form of minerals does the body absorb and use most readily and efficiently? Ionic minerals !

What do you want from your water?

Impurities rendered inert
Oxygen activated
High level of hydration
Refreshing taste
Eliminate Chlorine and reduces Sodium Fluoride
Frequency and energy raised


Do not use without properly diluting this product as instructed. If more than one ounce is accidentally swallowed without dilution, drink plenty of water. If product gets into eyes, immediately flush with water. If irritation persists, please immediately seek a medical professional.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. Should you have a reduction in or complete elimination of adverse health conditions after using Magnetic Sulfate minerals – it is totally coincidental, and you should thank your Creator.

Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

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