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Lemon Love From Dawn To Night: How To Use Lemons Throughout The Day

1136110.large-lemonsThere are many health benefits associated with lemons: lemons detoxify your body, stimulate the liver function, boost the immune system, to name just a few. But how to use lemons on a daily basis in a way that you don’t have to wonder how to incorporate them into your daily menu? I’ll share with you how a typical day for hubby and myself is filled with lemons. You don’t have to follow exactly what we do, but you’ll have some lemon-infused ideas. You can incorporate the ones that best fit your lifestyle into your daily routine.

The first thing we do when we wake up is drink lemon water. To save time, I squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into 2 glasses in the evening, so when we wake up in the morning, we simply add lukewarm water and drink it, sometimes still with our eyes closed. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning really helps to jumpstart the activity of your digestive system and stimulate the liver function.

We drink the green smoothie for breakfast, and that healthy potion contains, among other things, fresh lemon juice.

At lunchtime, I make sure to incorporate lemon into salad dressings or a homemade guacamole. I also add lemon or lime juice to soups or sauces. I add lemon once the dish is no longer cooking in order to preserve as many lemon health benefits as I can. In other words, I make sure that the lemon juice is not boiling or simmering with the rest of the ingredients but that it’s raw.

Throughout the day, we drink lemon water: colder in summer, warmer in winter. On really cold days, I add cayenne pepper to keep us warm.

Before dinner, I make ginger lemon tea, which I keep in a thermal carafe. The recipe is super simple: throw half of a lemon and a couple of slices of ginger into a pot and pour hot water (our carafe is about 60oz). The thermal carafe keeps the tea hot for many hours so we enjoy sipping it slowly throughout the evening, after dinner. Both lemon and ginger help with digestion, but the lemon gives the tea an irresistible flavor. Since we drink the tea in the evening, this flavor is very soothing to me–I know that one more beautiful day is coming to a close, and most of the time, I’m thankful for the experiences I had as the day was progressing.

And if you happen to have too many lemons on hand, you can always use them to bleach stains on your clothing. We learned this simple trick on our journey to India where this eco-friendly bleach is commonly used.

Wishing you all lemon dreams! 🙂

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