Justin And I Made A MAJOR Life Decision Today & I Can't Stop Smiling Because Of It!


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Justin And I Made A MAJOR Life Decision Today & I Can’t Stop Smiling Because Of It!



Feel Good Project day 56

Holiday Inn: Check.

I refuse to end the Christmas movies until New Years is over. It just goes TOO fast. I think that every year and every year it seems to be more true.

There were already a few Christmas trees lined up along the sidewalks today for trash day and it made me heart sink a bit. It has not even been an entire day since Christmas day passed and how quick some people are to get things cleaned up and over with.

Well, I am not ready. Don’t rush me out of my Christmas spirit. Boxes and wrapping paper still laying around are just fine with me. Holiday decorations are welcome for at least another week, if not a tad longer 🙂

I mean, whatever it may be that makes people feel good should be dragged out as long as possible in my opinion. ‘Real life’ quickly replaces moments of pure, unadulterated joy and peace so I am attempting to stay in my little ‘cocoon of wonder’ for just awhile longer.

Digestion today is a bit better-without bone broth! Interesting. Not sure what that is all about, but I will take it. Seems good to mix it up now and again. What had my body yelling at me yesterday was tried again today with no real side effects.

I tell ya, this Ayurveda thing has grabbed my attention for sure. I really do seem to think that our body types play a roll in our issues. The typical Vata type is known to have very erratic digestion and I am continually finding this to be true. One day to the next is never consistent. Foods I swear off one day I try again the next just to make sure and magically they go down and settle just fine.

I will take it while I can get it. Today was an overall wonder-filled day after Christmas.

Justin and I had a lengthy chat in the living room about my upcoming retirement. It was today for the very first time that my decision seems real. Funny how long some things take to settle in.

Well today it did and I couldn’t stop smiling. 🙂

Like hiding a secret, I feel as if I am walking around in a state of being that nobody has a clue about. It’s just for me and me alone, and I am truly soaking every moment up. I am expecting days where fear and doubt still creep in but today was not such a day.

Today was empowering.

I cannot wait to see where this decision takes me, and I know it’s bound to be good…

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Leisurely talking for hours with Justin about our year past and the year to come. Time stood still for awhile today, and there was no guilt for laying low and taking it easy in true holiday fashion! The world seemed quieter today and our neighborhood a bit more mellow, as the world has yet to emerge back to real life from this wonderful winter celebration week.

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