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Josh Rubin – Thyroid, Energy, Metabolism & Foods for Metabolic Health!


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Today we had Josh Rubin on the show from East West Healing. We were going to have his wife Jeanne on the show as well but there was a scheduling conflict, so we’ll have her on next time!

I really like Josh’s approach to healing and removing the stress on the body through proper sleep, lifestyle, sugar and more.

After talking to him I could tell that they’re really putting all the pieces of health together.

There’s more to health than just food. Because the body is always healing and returning to homeostasis, it’s our job to simply remove the things that are preventing that from happening.

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Show Guest:

Josh Rubin

Guest Info

Josh has a Bachelors in Occupational Therapy, studied TCM for 3 years and is almost done with his 5th year at Canadian College of Osteopathy. He is a CHEK Level 4, HCL 3, CNMT, RCP and CN.

Jeanne is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, CHEK 2, HLC 3, RCP and skilled Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.

Show Topic:

Pro metabolic diet, Energy, ATP, mitochondria, thyroid, hormones

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