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Jessica Ash – Fixing Your Hormones In The Most Unconventional Ways!


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We had a great show today with nutritionist Jessica Ash. She focuses primarily on hormones and women’s health.

She’s a student of Morley Robbins and Dr. Ray Peat and I think that her work is really the core of getting to the root cause of fixing hormonal issues in both men and women.

The conventional alternative health recommendations for women with hormone problems produces includes lots and lots of stress. It’s stressful to eliminate sugar. It’s stressful to cut out entire macronutients from your diet like sugars and carbohydrates.

Many times we make the problems worse by making our lives more stressful.

She helps women all over the world with PCOS symptoms, menopause, periods and menstrual issues, birth control, thyroid health, ovarian cysts, fibroids, adrenal fatigue and so much more!

Thank you for listening and sharing!!

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Show Guest:

Jessica Ash

Guest Info:

Hormone + PCOS Nutritionist
I help women with PCOS & thyroid issues
take back their metabolism and restore their hormones.

Show Topic:

PCOS, hormones, Women’s Health

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