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January Giveaway – And The Winner of The Squatty Potty Is….

bamboo-squatty-pottyIt’s time to announce the winner of January’s prize, the Squatty Potty. I apologize for the delay in announcing the winner. Between everything I have going on with the shows, it has been hectic to say the least.

My first priority is serving you to the best of our ability.

With that said I plan on announcing on the blog after each giveaway who the winner is. I’ll also contact them via email. I will give each random winner 3 days to respond to my email and if we don’t get a response, unfortunately we’ll have to pick another random winner. 🙁

As of this writing the winner has written back and we have been in contact.

I don’t know if you know but you can increase your chances of winning by sharing the contest link that you get after you register for the contest. All you have to do is share the link you get after you register, with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

Why We’re Giving Things Away…

Many of you might be wondering, you already give away your shows for free don’t you? The answer is yes. I see a lot of sites out there frankly with 1/4 of the content we do and they’re charging a monthly fee for it.

I really believe in the law of reciprocation. I don’t think (especially in today’s economy) it helps the most amount of people to charge them for your content. Here’s the main reason I don’t like it. Let’s say there’s somebody who really needs something we have to offer in the form of a radio show. I would hate if that person had to sign up for $9.99 a month just to get access to it.

Then what happens if they want to share a show or interview we did with somebody they know? That new person would have to sign up as well to get access to that. I don’t really think that’s a good business decision or even a decision that helps the most amount of people.

I’m more concerned with the latter more than making money (even though we do support ourselves by you guys volunteering your donations, amazon sales and buy browsing our online store) so it’s important to me that people become empowered in every area of their lives.

It hasn’t been a cake walk that’s for sure. I probably spend about 10 to 12 hours a day working on the site and relying 100% on listener loyalty has been challenging at times since we’re nowhere near where we want to be yet.

But somehow, some way we’ve been able to pull it off so far and for that I’m eternally grateful to each and every one of you. THAT’S why we’re doing the giveaways. As our way of saying “thank you” to you, we’re providing these free monthly items to you.

They come out of our own pocket and it’s our way of just saying thanks to the most wonderful community in the world. You guys are just amazing and I wish we could give each and every one of you the items for free!

We could if we had unlimited funding. Actually we do. If I could just figure out a way to tap into my $35 billion dollar DTC account I could make that happen. But until I figure that out, we can only pick one winner. 😉

And The Winner Is…

Congratulations goes out to John & Marta from Texas! {john4marta@…..}


Didn’t win? Don’t despair!

Our goal is to give away something fun and exciting each and every month. Hopefully the prizes will get bigger and bigger as we continue to grow. I’d love to start giving away Vitamix Blenders, Saunas and more. So stay tuned each month to see what we’re able to do for you guys!

This month’s giveaway is for $168 worth of natural, 100% raw, vegan, organic and wildcrafted hair care products from Morrocco Method international. If you’d like more information on what they’re all about listen to our show with Anthony Morrocco who’s the founder of that company. I think you’ll be as excited as I am about their products.

To enter and win (you must be a new email subscriber) all you have to is click here to watch the video!

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