I've Hit A Plateau & I Have To Bust Through It!


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I’ve Hit A Plateau & I Have To Bust Through It!



Feel Good Project day 55

Nothing like a warm, sunny California Christmas 🙂

I know most people would kill for that, BUT us folks who crave a crisp winter Christmas are always usually very disappointed (if not even a tad annoyed!)

We made the best of it however by spreading holiday cheer with visiting with family both in person and phone calls for those farther away.

Just got out of a yummy warm bath with salts and Black Beauty clay, and my skin feels amazing. I drank a green juice during my soak as I was determined to not miss a day of juice, even (especially) on a holiday. Nothing better than a nice alkaline drink in my system after a meal heavy on meats and acid foods.

Tomorrow on our Free For All Friday show (#FFAF353) with EHR we plan to recap the year 2014-the good, the best and the challenging. I absolutely LOVE this time of year and get all fired up and inspired every time this week rolls around. Looking back at life in years is such a great way to see growth.

That’s why I am so excited to have committed to this project for the entire year, so I always have it to look back on and see where I have come from, while propelling myself into the life awaiting.

The tree is twinkling magically in the living room, my puppy is cozy on my lap and there is wrapping paper and boxes by the front door.

Justin and I had a quiet, peaceful morning to ourselves just the way we prefer.

I am reminded of HOW much I have to be thankful for (including my new Mia Clarisonic thanks to Justin!!!!) and am trusting that with this coming year will be continued healing and even better health coming my way.

When starting to complain a bit to Justin today about feeling so rotten after two bites of the sweet mashed potatoes I made for taking to Christmas dinner at my parents, he gently reminded me that it’s not that I am indeed not regressing to worse health like I often feel, but rather I have only hit a plateau with what has been working for me up till now therefore it’s time to make a change again.

I REALLY need to smack that idea into my head as I tend to easily forget and wonder what in the world I am doing so wrong.

Unfortunately the cleaner I become, the worse I seem to feel for a bit between this in between time and the next step. Getting a good cleanup had a dark shadow side sometimes, and it seems to be rearing it’s ugly head right now. I know it’s just for a time though. A season for everything.

Well, Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Watching Justin and his face as he opened his gifts. It never gets old giving gifts to people that you love.

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