How Karma & Intention Brought Me Exactly What I Wanted


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It’s Amazing That The Very Thing I Had Desired Came My Way Today!



Inspired and reminded today of the gifts that friends give.

Gifts that are either FREE, or of time and talent.

Today was such a day.

Beautiful how within societies there are little tribes of friends and people-both the family that we are born in and don’t get to pick, and then our soul circle, that we carefully gather around us when we decide to go on the journey of figuring out and uncovering who we REALLY are in our very essence.

Within my soul circle, there is unconditional love, mistakes are never looked at as such, the words along the journey are beyond poignant, the laughs roar from the very depth of the human belly, and the gifts that are exchanged are priceless.

I was gifted the most precious medicine pouch of sorts from one of my soul circle mates. Awhile back, I had admired the lovely, worn and journeyed with, buttery soft leather one she had made for herself and wore around her neck daily, and was secretly hoping one day I could be the receiver of such an intentionally crafted item.

Well, today was just that day! Surprising, honoring and completely humbled, my soul felt like it jumped to the moon when she lovingly handed it to me. I still, hours later, feel as if I have not yet landed….

In my pouch are two items that have significant meaning to me, of which I might hold up in my heart as my secret medicine, healing of my soul and body.

This gift was followed by a session of reiki, in which I felt absolutely rejuvenated and received some much desired physical restoration as I continue on my path of healing. Reiki is something that is so personal and having one of my best pals gift this to me was incredible.

Today’s conversations, cups of teas, gifts and sessions were just what I needed to go forward into my next week with my cup overflowing.

I know my body is catching up-and will continue to catch up with my spirit, finding it’s much desired freedom and physical healing from all that tries mightily to hold me down and keep me from shining my brightest.

I find it fascinating that my medicine pouch lands softly just below my breastbone, in the middle spot between my liver and pancreas. I feel it resting there today, as if it knew the length it needed to be in order to find a home in the place it would be needed most.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Learning to receive.

The Metal Diaries:

So, tomorrow I am hoping the Quiksilver tri-mercury test will arrive finally, as I am eager to get this thing going!

Been checking out the work of Dr. Klinghardt this weekend as well, just to gather even more information about metal and mercury detoxification.

I am learning that like all of the different gifts we have all been given to give to those around us and to bless the world, we also all have different ways, methods and reasons for the specific healing paths we chose. Navigating a healing protocol or MIXTURE of protocols is NO easy feat.

This proves to be the most challenging of health issues to figure out if I am completely honest.

I am resting in the truth that I am doing what I feel I can do TODAY. One step at a time. Today’s step was to do a bit more research, ask trusted professionals a few more questions, and wait patiently for my test to arrive. That’s all I will do today so why stress any more about any of it?

The road map is open and that is what matters. Although I am not sure which road I will take, there seem to be many that lead to the destination. I pray for clarity and trust the timing is perfect in all ways and for the greater good.

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