Is It Possible To Have Thick Skin Yet Still Have Feelings For People?


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Is It Possible To Have Thick Skin Yet Still Have Feelings For People?



Question of the day: How does one develop thicker skin and still stay soft on the inside?

I mean, really. HOW?

Never gave much thought to this before, however now I am finding myself faced with such odd circumstances that have forced me into living out the answer to this question.

As I have said over and over on this blog, I never DREAMED in a million years I would have taken this path in my life, a road back to better health, helping people uncover information about their own health along the way, and maybe even find my TRUE purpose in life for the very first time ever.

With this calling comes challenges I could never have forseen, as this off the well trodden path is often bumpy and unkind. Both physically (the whole reason why I began this blog) and emotionally as well…I had no idea that people could be so harsh.

Comments, opinions, judgments, and criticizing from others are arrows I never expected to fly my way. I’ve always been a well liked person in my community, always shown respect by many friends and neighbors. So why did I think an online presence would be any different? I didn’t and that is where I went wrong.

Folks seem to troll the internet, just looking for victims, so it’s no wonder people would rather not risk putting themselves out there for all the possible heartbreak that could follow if you open your mouth and say practically anything. Or better yet, even type a sentence.

We are all going to offend someone in someway it seems, with everything we DO and everything we DON’T do.

So, basically the truth is we can’t win at trying to be everything to everyone, even if we are viewed as a very likable person. It is just fact.

I have been holding comments looser than I have before, and realizing that having signed up for this, I am just going to have to learn the art of growing a thicker shell and remaining gooey and loving on the inside of myself, where my true essence lies anyway.

Some people seem to have the answer to my question all figured out, but this means nothing unless we figure it out for ourselves, in our own way. I do know a few essentials at perfecting this art are forgiveness, building a loving relationship with yourself, and understanding that people will love you or hate you no matter what you do, and it really does not matter.

All I can say at this point, is that I have not even come close to the public flogging that many who REALLY put themselves out there to the world receive. My hat goes off to them, and I am a WAY more compassionate person to those in the public eye. I have zero jealousy of those who are famous, as I think they have to be some of the hardest people inside, as it’s probably near impossible to stay grounded in yourself and your self worth with all of the nastiness.

My desire to LOVE has increased tenfold, and my craving for forgiveness of both myself and others has skyrocketed, so these experiences are not in vain.

The human journey is so very complicated, but I am grateful every single day I am given the gift of waking up again to learn and grow and heal, and hope that I can be a conduit to those who need outlets of healing as well.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: One of my best friends Brette, has been gifting me with long distance reiki sessions 3 times a week to help my healing process along! Wow. To receive such a gift is a blessing beyond words. So personal and so very selfless…I stand blessed and amazed by her kindness in which can seem like an often unkind world:)

The Metal Diaries

Today my Quiksilver tri-mercury testing kit came WOO HOO!!! I will be doing the blood draw day after tomorrow, as well as the urine test, which need to be done preferably within 24 hours of each other, but you really have up to 48.

I will cut the hair sample tomorrow and get that part all squared away. I am SO eager to see how this test comes back for me!

Once I get that sent off, I will be moving ahead with a plan, which I am starting to feel better and better about starting. Sometimes I think fear of doing the wrong thing can keep us stagnant, but to be honest I do not feel this has been much the case with me.

I feel like it has been the perfect amount of time for me to process, gather information and come up with a reasonable plan to which I feel pretty positive about, and that I can also afford, as for most people like me it has to be considered as money is really tight.

Will keep you posted on how the tri-test goes as soon as I know more!

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