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Is a College Degree a Thing of The Past?

Listen to our interview with unschooling expert Dayna Martin on this topic!

iStock_000009914464XSmallIt’s so interesting how in today’s world people still think that a college degree is something valuable. Why do we believe that? Why do we believe that college degrees somehow make a person seem more educated?

After this journey into health that started in 2003, I have to say I have become a completely different person. As I learned more about health it naturally led to other things.

I started to ask myself if we can beat cancer and just about every other disease naturally, why don’t the doctors tell us about it? If you’re not already familiar with me, I can’t let an issue rest. I have to keep going down rabbit holes until I find more clarity and answers.

The most fun thing about life is that if you’re naturally curious and are a seeker, you’ll keep going down rabbit holes forever. I digress…

Perhaps there’s an agenda to keep us ignorant of the real truth. That is, we can heal every disease naturally if we know what to do. Why don’t they teach this in school? My guess is because it would upset the apple-cart too much.

Why would I value education if it’s designed to keep us “uneducated” about certain topics? It’s just crazy.

Let’s take money and politics for example. Do you think school is going to give you the real truth about these subjects? Hell no. They’re going to have soldiers from the Army come in and try to recruit young disenchanted high school kids into the war machine.

They don’t want to teach you in school that you create money with your signature. They don’t want to tell you that the President of the United States actually legally only has jurisdiction over the federal corporation that is the United States (10 square miles in Washington D.C.).

They don’t want to let you know about original issue discounts, 10-99 OID’s and acceptance for value documents. They don’t want to let the sheeple know how much power they really have.

In my opinion the entire purpose of the public school system is to create obedient, tax paying citizens who are dependent on their goods and services. They want citizens who won’t ruffle any feathers.

Am I saying learning and education is bad?

Not at all.

I’m saying that when you take a child out of the school system and allow them to learn in their style and at their pace, you’ll be surprised at the creativity that blossoms.

We have to ask ourselves some questions.

Why is it important for a child to go to school to learn lots of information that most likely they’ll never use? Why do we fill their heads with facts about history and science that are just plain wrong?

We sit by and don’t even question it. We went to school and our kids should go to school that’s just how life works.

Is it?

The more I step back and look at the entire educational system (at least publicly) the more I’m frightened by it. There are so many questions left unanswered that it scares me to subject any children to such a system.

What about you? Do you feel the same way?

Comment below!

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