In The Midst Of A Challenging Day This Device Took Away All The Pain In Minutes!


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In The Midst Of A Challenging Day This Device Took Away All My Pain In Minutes!



Feel Good Project day 53

I’ve been wondering today if all the extra work hours lately at salon have been contributing to the seeming return of more digestive disturbances lately? Just a thought.

I tell you what, I have never been so excited to say goodbye to something ever before. Buh-bye nasty hair dye and styling chemicals. It feel SO great knowing I am finally able to put my knowledge about health more into action. I have wanted to make this next move for years now and I cannot believe this is finally the countdown.

Feeling un-stuck has to be THE biggest relief and best feeling in the world. Moving forward into new territory is what it’s all about and I am experiencing it in a whole, fresh new way.

Digestion was about the same today-not great by any stretch of the word, which was frustrating by the fact that I only had a juice, chia seed pudding, chicken soup and bone broth all day. Oh well. As with all situations in my life right now, I will keep moving forward somehow so there is not time to be stagnant.

Tomorrow is always new, as is each moment and I have to remember this.

The past two days straight I have had a gnarly headache, accompanied with nausea, which made me feel it would go into a migraine. I have only (thank God!) had one of those in my entire life and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

No amount of hydration seemed to even touch this thing, nor had supplements or white willow bark for pain relief.

Then the miracle came!

The Q-Laser that we use for EVERYTHING came to the rescue once again.

I just couldn’t take any more pain along with all of the digestive discomfort.

It was all too much while trying to work a ten hour salon day.

I looked up my condition in the laser handbook and followed the suggested treatment protocol and withing TEN minutes my head was out of the vice it felt place din, and the nausea completely disappeared, which allowed me to return to the rest of my busy day at the salon.

WOW. This one blew me away with how fast the relief came.

I was so so thankful for that help that came so swiftly to my aid. Changed the entire outcome of the rest of my day. Although I still struggled with other issues, those specific ones were alleviated.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Having an extra few minutes on the way from the beauty supply store to work where I was able to drive along the coast and pull off at the beach to take a few moments to set my intention for the day: to LOVE people, be a listening ear for those who needed, and that every person I came in contact with felt lighter when leaving…

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