In Defense of Jess Ainscough The Wellness Warrior


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In Defense Of Jess Ainscough AKA The Wellness Warrior



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I have to say I’m angry about what’s being said about Jess Ainscough. I should probably restate that the deepest part of who I am isn’t angry. Angry is just an emotion that I can carry (much like a leg on the physical level) but it has nothing to do with who I am.

Be that as it may, I wanted to share with you how the cancer story of Jess Ainscough aka The Wellness Warrior has impacted me and the alternative health world in general.

I followed Jess’s blog The Wellness Warrior and chronicled almost her entire journey after contracting a rare form of epithelioid sarcoma. Epithelioid sarcoma usually occurs in younger people in the extremities of their body.

What people don’t understand is that she started developing symptoms around 16 years old with bumps and lumps on her arm. According to Jess’s story she was diagnosed officially when she was around 22 years old.

She underwent chemotherapy (I’m unsure about radiation) that was targeted to her arm and after about 18 months it had all come back. At that point Jess Ainscough underwent a chemotherapy that was around 10x in strength while her left arm was put into a tourniquet.

They used a tourniquet because no human body could have been subjected to that dosage and volume of toxic chemotherapy and live.

When that didn’t work, the only other option they (medical doctors – not Jess) had was to go down the road of amputation starting at the shoulder.

Can you imagine after two rounds of intense chemotherapy (possibly radiation I’m not sure on that) which had zero effect other than burning her arm and causing intense pain and swelling, having to be told all “they” could do was start chopping off limbs?

I applaud Jess Ainscough for doing what she did. She decided to go to Gerson Therapy in Mexico.

What appalls me is the people that are writing about her in a negative way without even knowing her. We were scheduled to interview her but it was my fault for not getting the time correct.

People are free to say what they want and yet these very same people don’t seem to want to allow the same freedom to Jess.

If there was ever a poster child for how to thrive with cancer and make a huge impact on the world, I would say Jess is that poster child. If everybody went through cancer that bravely the world would be a better place.

No she didn’t continue with toxic chemotherapy treatments that left her body so ravaged all she could do was lay in bed wondering how long she’d live. Instead she made a bold and heroic choice to carve her own path and make her own choices about her cancer treatments.

In the very least we have to give her all kinds of credit for being brave, walking the talk and living it with each and every fiber of her being. Imagine how brave it was to tell her doctors (who we treat as gods in our culture) about her treatment choices at 22 or 23 years old?

I think the reason why I’m writing this is because after reading many blogs (which I won’t even link to so as not to support them) about she was a quack trying to get rich off her followers, I just had to speak up and say something.

For those of us with a platform and who do decide to speak about Jess Ainscough and her treatment options I applaud you. Below are some articles that are beautifully written by those that actually knew her.

If you’re reading (and your body has a health challenge) and you’re losing hope because Jess was doing so much for her dis-ease and wasn’t able to overcome it, don’t lose hope.

Each of us is unique, our stories are unique and we each have a mission, purpose and lesson to learn in the short thing we call life. Remember don’t “fight” cancer (or any other challenge). Be in harmony with it and learn how to re-educate the cancer stem cells to be in harmony with your body.

Most likely this is going to involve deep spiritual work but if you’re willing to do it (and grow in the mean time) you never know how your story will help affect change in the world.

This is what Jess did and for that we should all be grateful.

Remember be brave, be kind and be well. Celebrate her life by being the change you want to see in the world. 🙂

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