I'm Very Sensitive To High Histamine And High Sulfur Foods Yet Here's Why It's Hard To Stay Away From Them!


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I’m Very Sensitive To High Histamine And High Sulfur Foods Yet Here’s Why It’s Hard To Stay Away From Them!



Feel Good Project day 52

The weirdest things set me off, I tell ya!

And by set off I mean my digestion of course:)

Today out of all things what made my stomach disrupted was zucchini sauteed in coconut oil with steamed carrots and two small slices of avocado. UGH.

Two organic green juices, tons of water, lypo-spheric vitamin C, Q-laser treatments, and a handful of supplements later, I am feeling slightly better. Just feeling a bit annoyed at the whole SLOW process though.

It’s funny how ‘cheating’ with food these days for me is eating a fruit or vegetable that contains sulfur or histamines! I surely never EVER saw myself in this position.

Overall I had a good attitude about these challenges even though I didn’t feel great. I get tired of complaining about it or talking about it, or even thinking about how crummy I feel-and I REFUSE to just lay down all day until I feel better.

I have LIFE to LIVE people:)

I can’t be bogged down or bothered by these inconveniences, at least I feel like that today.

This is just more confirmation to stay strong in my plans to fast again and for longer until I HEAL completely.

I have to say though-this is the worst time of the year to start this liquid healing, as holidays are so rough with all of the festivities going on around me! Not that I am tempted to eat crap-I have gotten over that a long time ago. It’s awesome to not be tempted by dairy, sweets or gluten any more.

Not being able to enjoy healthy, amazing foods without a problem though just stinks a bit, as I would love to enjoy a good chicken salad for lunch with friends, or a holiday dinner with mashed sweet potatoes! I am trying to hold off until after Christmas to start my cleansing, but the way I have been feeling again makes me ask myself why I am even waiting as I could be on the road to feeling better.

For every thing that has been less than easy each day, there has also equally been amazing things that make my life better! Take my pup for example: a miracle has transpired since only ONE day of training. We have reclaimed our home back from the crazed dog she has recently become, and there are no words to express how peaceful and joyful this makes me feel!

So there seems to be a yin to every yang in life. Makes for a very interesting, never boring journey!!!

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Feeling respected by Maggie again is a really great feeling. My fear of her acting out of control is dissipating. There is nothing better for my soul than having a peaceful home back, where we are all living in harmony with each other. 🙂

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