I'm Not A Hippy, I'm Earthy


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I’m Not A Hippy, I’m Earthy


As I look back at how far I’ve come since 2003, I realize that my day to day life is so abnormal compared to the average Joe in my neighborhood. It’s only when you take a step back do you realize, you’re not the same guy who started this journey 9 years ago.

I’m okay with that because that was my original intention. When you get into alternative health you can’t help but get into “alternative everything”. Everything in your mind and life changes. It’s almost like I’ve eaten from the Tree of Knowledge mentioned in Genesis. It’s like I’ve been awakened by diet.

How the heck is that possible?

Everything changes. I’ve heard it has to do with minerals and cleansing. When you finally start giving your mind and brain the minerals it craves (and the healthy fats), you start to expand your mind.

Some people say cooked food represents the past and when we have clogged foods stuck in our colon it can actually carry with it the vibrations of times past. According to this theory all food is vibration that carries energy and information. When that food is cleared away through cleansing and living a clean lifestyle, your mind and worldviews expand.

Now I don’t know if all that is true but it is interesting. Whatever the case, my mind has been opened up by this kind of diet and lifestyle. I keep having the thoughts that everything in our world, politics, hunger, governments, school systems, money, food, science and all the rest of it don’t operate like we’ve been taught.

Do you feel like that?

Anyway back to my point. I think I’m becoming a hippy. My good friend says, “earthy” is the correct term. He told me once,

I’m not a hippy I’m “earthy.” I’m not religious I’m “spiritual.” I’m not homeless I’m “houseless.”

So here are just a few reasons we’ve become eeehhhem, “earthy”:

Eating Utensils

We recently bought bamboo knives, spoons and forks. I’ve learned that there can be issues with many of the metals that are in conventional silverware. Now we didn’t change all of our utensils but some of them. I figure if there’s something unhealthy or potentially disease causing in them, why not switch?

Don’t worry if you come over for a tofu dinner we’ll give you a proper knife. 😉

Glass Instead of Plastic

This was a no brainer for me. I feel like this whole plastic thing is going to be our generations cigarette habit. People who smoked 20 years ago didn’t even know it was harmful to them. There were even ads from doctors saying that it’s healthy. Can you believe that?

Backyard Garden

Yes we grow a little bit of our own food. Nothing fancy yet. A few herbs here, some tomatos there and there ya have it, we’re “earthy.” Most people do it because they enjoy it. We enjoy it too but we do it for some other reasons. We can take care of our soil to enrich it with minerals so the food is the healthiest possible. Remember, it’s all about minerals. And there’s no pesticides.

Also we’d like to expand our garden one day when we have a better setup because you never know how reliable our food supply system is. Most supermarkets have what’s called an “in demand” supply which only lasts about 3 days. If something catastrophic were to happen like a flood, the grid goes out, a major earthquake we’re all screwed.

I’ve learned in the past few years that our grid system is not very stable. So we’re looking to grow even more of our own fruits and vegetables. If you want to checkout a whole DVD that teaches you how to do all that from A to Z, then check this out.

Collect Our Own Spring Water

You can’t get anymore hippy than collecting your own water can you? I mean who does this? It’s crazy right? Well not when you learn a little bit about water. Tap water is out of the question because it contains flouride, chlorine and homeopathic remnants of drugs and even tampon residue. Uhh no thanks.

Most bottled waters are “purified” tap water. Even if they are really spring water they’ve been sitting in plastic in the sun and in hot trucks for days on end. Plastic leaches into the water because water is a powerful solvent. Can you say, “I’ll take xeno estrogens for 200 Alex?” I’d prefer not to become a girl thank you very much.

So what’s left? Getting our own spring water in glass. Not only does the spring water that comes directly out of the earth NOT contain xeno estrogens and chemicals, it has many other magical properties too. These are things like structure, acid alkaline balance and minerals that are in spring water. Water is a magical substance and it becomes your blood soon after you drink it. What are you making your blood out of?

Okay we’re hippies…

We Only Eat Organic

Man as I make my way down this list I’m really sealing the deal for myself aren’t I? We’ve finally made the switch to 100% organic produce from the store. Sure we still have a long way to go but eating chemicals just isn’t an option.

We Walk Barefoot As Much As Possible

Much has been written and studied about being barefoot. From the connection of the toes to the brain, to being directly connected to the magnetic energy (free electrons) of the earth with your bare feet, we believe it’s much more natural and healthy to be “grounded” to the earth as much as possible. You can read a book called Earthing that really drives the point home.

I know we’re wierd huh?

We Don’t Wear Deodorant….That Much

I can’t believe it but the only thing seperating us from full blown hippies are long skirts and dreadlocks. If we burned a little incense here and there we could seal the deal.

When you don’t eat processed food filled with chemicals and rancid oils, you just don’t stink as much. When you stink under your arms that means there’s something going wrong in your intestines. It’s all about the colon and digestion.

On top of that, sweating is one of the most healthy things people can do on a daily basis. It helps release toxins and poisons. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and needs to breath and sweat to release poisons. The more we prevent the body from working normally the more toxins get stored in your blood stream which causes stagnation. Alex I’ll take cancer for $300.

We Don’t Brush Our Teeth With Toothpaste

I use a combination of sea salt, baking soda and 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Sometimes I use MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) developed by Jim Humble to brush my teeth. People in the know use clays, neem oil and tons of other things. You can read more about that here.

We Have Water Filters

When you shower or take a bath your skin takes in water and chemicals. City water is just too polluted and dirty to even take a shower in. Plus with the flouride and chlorine becoming vaporized into a mist, you’re breathing that chloroform gas into your lungs. Ahh no thanks.

A real hippy uses water filters.

We Don’t Take Medicine, We Take “Herbs”

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) there’s what’s known as tonic herbalism. Tonic means something you take daily to prevent people from even getting sick. Once you get sick, you’ve moved into inferior medicines. People take these herbs for a short time in order to speed the healing process. It makes no sense to me to take a pharmecutical chemical that’s going to harm my liver in order to get rid of a cough. I’d rather support my immune system rather than break it down.

Plus you’re doing your body a HUGE disservice by not allowing your body to actually be sick. Nothing in life gets stronger without overcoming something. When you don’t allow your body to get sick (assuming you already are) then you’re robbing your immune system from building antibodies and white blood cells to become stronger than you were before you were sick.

I don’t like to take pharmaceutical medications if I can help it.

So there you have it, I confess we’re hippies. I keep saying that, I mean we’re “earthy”.

Question Of The Day:

How about you what do you do that could be construed as being a hippy?

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