Follow The Intuitarian Diet Instead of The Paleo or Raw Food Diet


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If You’re Not Following This Dietary Advice You’re Insane


the-intuitarian-diet-articleHave you tried the Paleo diet? Have you tried the raw food diet? How about some of the other popular diets like The Zone Diet or The Atkins Diet? Are you having trouble finding something that works for you?

If you’re like me, you like to dabble with different ideas and see what works for you. But every now and then some guy comes along and says something you really resonate with so you jump on some new diet.

If that’s you, get off the bandwagon and let’s try to figure some things out.

The health and nutrition world is subject to the same fads as every other area of life. Right now we see kids wearing clothing styles from the 80’s and next decade they’ll be wearing those big baggy jeans from the 90’s.

Things come and then they go.

Same goes with diet and nutrition. For a while there you had raw food gurus talking about how we should only be eating raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts.

That lasted for a few years until the paleo idea came along talking about how we should be eating more meats, cooked vegetables and less carbohydrates like bread, pasta and white refined flour products.

Then there’s the extremists who might eat raw meats or even raw organ meats like Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Then you have even more extreme raw vegan or vegetarian type people who simply drink green juices all day or even fast for long periods of time.

Then that leads to the breatharians who claim they can live off the light of the sun. They’re those hippies you see sun gazing at sun rise and sunset in order to get their “food” for the day.

There’s merit in a lot of those ideas. Being connected to the earth and doing some sun gazing is an amazing practice to get into the habit of. Drinking green juices or consuming powerful medicinal teas like reishi or chaga can really change your life.

If you’re open to eating animal products then consuming high quality, grass fed organic organ glandulars might really help you take your health to the next level.

All of these ideas have merit but what we need to do is realize that all the people promoting these types of diets are simply human. They’re just like you and just like me. They’re not gurus or experts as much as they might claim they are.

They’re simply humans.

What works for them may or may not work for you. There are thousands of factors that go into whether or not a particular food or even food group is going to be benefitial or harmful for your body at any given time.

What we ought to do is realize that these so called experts are only offering up options and their opinions about health and nutrition. Ultimately it comes down to you and me.

It comes down to us trusting our own intuition in the moment about whether or not a particular food is going to help us or if it’s going to hurt us.

We’ve been taught our entire lives to trust authority figures. We’re taught to seek out the advice and opinion of others. Surround yourself with knowledgable people and value their insights. We aren’t really taught to trust our guts. We’re not taught to seek out what our own intuition is telling us.

In terms of food and diet is concerned, we eat a certain way our whole lives because of what other people have told us about food. We’re forgetting to listen to the one person that matters. We don’t spend time listening to the one person who can make a difference. Us.

The only way for you to truly know if a food agrees with you is to slow down after you eat it and ask some very basic questions:

  1. How do I feel after consuming that food?
  2. How does my energy level feel?
  3. How does my mind or spirit feel after consuming that food?

I’d like to close with this quote from Steve Jobs. He’s talking in the context if what you should be doing in life not necessarily about what kind of diet you should follow. But your intuition is there for you to utilize and use 24 hours a days 7 days a week.

Let’s start listening to it shall we?


Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become. tweet-this

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