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I Was Told To Do 3 Simple Things To Improve My Health, I Didn’t Do Them Here’s What Happened



Feel Good Project day 97

It’s an odd day to have to not feel physically well and then feel SO emotionally well and excited about life.

STRANGE combo.

It’s as if my body is trying to keep up with my spirit, which is flying super high and mightily these days, inspired beyond belief while working on new behind the scenes projects. Inspiration is INFUSING every cell of my being, places that lay dormant for so long I had no idea even existed!

I am starting to understand what those people are talking about now when they can’t WAIT to get up in the morning to do more of what they LOVE to do. Eating, drinking, breathing in this wild new life, as I follow the breadcrumbs down the path.

So physically, yet again I feel as if I have taken a step backward today. So seemingly random, but I am sure it was brought on by me getting to lazy in my eating habits and thinking I can get away with more than I actually can, by ignoring my body’s whispers until they become angry yells.

It’s a somewhat sad state of being when ‘cheating’ involves a few almond meal crackers and a scoop of chocolate coconut ice cream.

The weird thing is that sometimes this stuff actually makes me feel BETTER than super clean eating like juices or bone broth etc. So frustrating it all is. I am determined to end this struggle once and for all, so if this means it’s time to up the program and find a new way, then by golly I will DO whatever it takes.

Whenever I say that, I really do dive in headfirst, so I better make sure I can live up to the challenge I have set before me. I have a few ideas of the path I will try next, but at the very least I will start by actually LISTENING to myself and my body and not try to stuff that inner voice to the back of the closet any more.

Pretty sure I have mentioned this in some other post, but a year ago March 31st, I was driving home from meeting my brand new baby niece for the very first time, when I got hit with the strangest set of ideas to follow back to better health.

Driving down the freeway and BAM these following sentences hit me like a semi truck:

  1. Get out of debt
  2. Cut out all chocolate
  3. Go back to yoga

I swear there is one more, but for the life of me I can’t think of it right now. I will find that little scrap paper I scribbled it on when driving down the highway so I wouldn’t forget, and I will add it in when I do.

I remember saying ‘okay. absolutely. for sure. right away. whatever I gotta do’ in my head, but have struggles to make good on these, and maybe it’s still something that holds truth and freedom for me if I were to actually commit to following this for awhile.

I’m excited to report though that I have made HUGE strides on the first one…and although the road out of debt is still a path before me, the path is much more clear and well maintained. Justin and I have been SUPER INTENTIONAL on paying things off and down as much as we possibly could before I quit the salon. It feels so flipping amazing to know there is growth happening through valuing freedom above anything else.

Now, I plan to cut out chocolate of all kinds (like I had done for months and did seem to feel better) and also this Monday I will get my butt back to yoga, so I can focus my strength on getting both stronger and healthier in both brain and body.

Let’s see how those simple acts go, and then I will add in more drastic measures that I have planned as well (including but not limited to internal cleansing of many sorts) in hopes to feel like my old ‘new’ normal has returned.

Oh the journey of it all.

I gladly choose to accept the challenge though, as I believe this is all still a giant part of my story unfolding in front of me.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Actually getting to every thing on my list I had intended to do today!!! Days like this are so few so I am THANKFUL!!!!

Image: getyourbestlifenet.ipage.com

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