Can Mercury Poisoning Impair Hearing?


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I Never Thought This Was A Side Effect Of Mercury Poisoning Until I Took These 2 Tests



Happy Earth Day dear sweet Mother Earth!!!!

I spent the walk home from Maggie’s morning walk to the park picking up trash littered in the alley alongside our apartment, as Earth Day is always a strong reminder for all of us to do daily, seemingly small practices that add up to BIG effects. We need to never look at our contributions to making this home, our planet, the very best we can, one day at a time.

So I am finding great solace in the fact that many of the ‘weird’ symptoms I have been experiencing for quite awhile now seem to be very much mercury and heavy metal related.

For example, I encourage those of you who suspect you might be dealing with these issues as well, to head over to my friend Dr. Alison Adams’ website to take two FREE assessment tests to see how you score. I had taken the mercury one twice before, as I have read her book twice and my scores were pretty much about the same- in the 40’s ranges both times. Again last night I took it again, this time online (pretty handy tool! Thank you Alison) and again, I totaled out at a score of 40.

What I did find surprising this time around with the assessment though, was all of the symptom boxes I checked and then started to realize that they might now just be ‘how my body works’, when in reality these issues are most probably linked to mercury and or heavy metals.

For example, the past six months I have begun experiencing this bizarre situation, where all of a sudden my hearing goes crazy, and EVERYTHING is so loud and screechy that I have to either leave the room or turn off the noise around me, no matter what it is or how quiet it might be! It could be the most peaceful instrumental music and within a minute period, it becomes unbearable and feels like my ears simply cannot STAND it, filling with strange ringing and pressure.

I went through a period of a few hours last Fall where Maggie’s bark hit my earsdrums as BEYOND shrill, and I had to get away from her for a bit until this subsided.

Even stranger, I didn’t really stop to think WHY this might be happening? This seems especially strange to me, as I am usually pretty in tune and listening to the clues of my body, but it’s almost like my brain has been too fogged out to even consider these things at the time they are happening.

Bizarre, strange, unnerving and overwhelming is all I can say looking at this and the MANY more incidents that I have experienced over the years, including lack of words or having an extremely hard time expressing what it is I want or mean to say, especially when it comes to our radio show!

I will never forget one rude (in my opinion) review a listener gave our show critiquing how much we say ‘wow’ and ‘insane’ and they were turned off by that.

I tried to overcome the insult (which did feel very personal) and take it as constructive, which in the end has worked out very well for me, as it has challenged me to watch over what comes from my mouth more carefully and helps me to refine my craft, which by the way came as a total surprise to me! I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought I would be sitting behind a microphone and using communication as my main focus to deliver messages to the world!

Looking back though, sure I could have just been nervous (which I still do very much experience at different times on air!) and that came out in silly slang words instead of properly saying what I wanted to say….although now I am also thinking a lot of it might have to do with this fog my head has been going through! Ha! Who knew!

Makes me actually feel a lot better. I cannot imagine if I have been able to hang in there and overcome and accomplish as much as I have WHILE feeling so crappy along with my brain compromised, then imagine what I will both feel like AS WELL AS what I am capable of as I heal and get this stuff out of my system!!!


Today I am encouraged as I continue to formulate my next course of action.

Whenever I find myself thinking, “How did I not see this is what I have been struggling with for so long much sooner?“, I remember the line a friend told me recently which said,

[spp-tweet “We teach that which we need to learn.”]

So I am right along in the trenches with ALL who are on this journey to health recovery, those of us who want and DEMAND better for our minds and bodies. THIS is why I am here today on this path I find myself walking…let’s ALL keep walking together my dear friends!!!!

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Feeling absolute LOVE flowing to me today, through the kind, encouraging emails from former guests, facebook comments and texts from friends…..I am so grateful.

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