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I Finally Found A Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment

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Over the past few years I’ve been noticing seborrheic dermatitis show up on my skin right under both eyes. Now seborrheic dermatitis is like flaky and itchy skin that usually turns red and scaly.

seborrheic dermatitis is not pretty. Lots of people have this around where their skin folds like behind the ears and around their genitals. It’s not good and when you have it, you know people are looking at you weird and you kind of become self conscious about it. It’s similar to warts. I don’t know if you’ve ever had warts burned off your hands but they balloon up and look gnarly. It’s kind of demoralizing because you know they’re growing but feel helpless.

I don’t know what caused this seborrheic dermatitis to start on my face. At the time my diet was changing, I wasn’t eating meat, I was eating tons of fruit and raw foods that were high in sugar. Perhaps it was a virus or some other fungus on my skin. Or maybe my liver was gummed up and I was detoxing through the skin.

Whatever the reason for the seborrheic dermatitis I just wanted to find a treatment for it. Every fall when the seasons would change and the air would get more dry I’d have the intense rashes on my skin under my eyes and I was sick of it.

I tried everything and nothing worked. Guess what worked? Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. Are you freaking kidding me? There’s something about the acid ph of the skin that reacts to the ph that’s in the vinegar.

For 3 times per day I would dip a q-tip into the bottle and go over the area with a damp Q-tip. I was religious about it. Morning, noon and night I did this. 3 days later this seborrheic dermatitis treatment completely cleared up my face and it hasn’t come back since.

Not only was it a great seborrheic dermatitis treatment but it also made my skin so much softer and healthier looking.

Now I don’t know if this seborrheic dermatitis treatment will work for you. But it’s worth a try. If you’ve tried everything but haven’t tried this, go for it. You can’t go wrong.

This entire seborrheic dermatitis treatment costs about 3 dollars. And if it doesn’t work, then just mix a tablespoon of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar each day in an ounce of water and take it as a daily tonic for overall health and digestion.

Oh ya, your face kind of stinks with you put it on but the results are worth it.

Below is a picture where you can still see it a little bit under my left eye.

  • Vuz says:

    I used to get yellow spots on my face and red spots. I started taking apple cider vinegar tablets. I tried everything to get rid of it. I have Barely ever had the spots since taking ACV tablets. I figured it was to do with my liver and ACV helped to clean my liver.

  • Gary says:

    Dear Justin,

    What is the application/frequency of the vinegar once the face clears up to keep further flare-ups from happening. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Salman khurshid says:

    I suffering seborrheic dermatitis last 3 year in scalp and face. Its very flaky. Now i treatment with homeopathic medicine in dr pauls clinic. I live at india,bihar,patna . Todays i purchased a apple cider vinegar. Bt i dont know how to use this… My hair was so thik so flaky and verry weak .. Plz suggest me.. what can i do…

  • Lou says:

    I need to give this a try. I will have a very important meetings next week with hoteliers and I don’t want to face them with a seborrhea. I’m crossing my fingers for this to work. Thanks a lot! I’ll give you a feedback then..=)

    • Justin says:

      Hey Lou! How did it work out? I’ve also been using Yes Essential oils also extremehealthradio.com/yes for the parent essential oils and it seems to be helping quite a bit. I’d love to hear how this worked out for you! Also you can look into a Clarisonic as well. 🙂

  • Helberg says:

    I live in Denmark, but I guess you can use any kind og Apple cider vinegar, right?
    So you just dip the q-tip into the bottle (You don’t diluate it?), and then just put it on the areas? Do you wash it off, or leave it on?

    • extremehealthradio says:

      If you don’t have Braggs than I would try other brands as long as they were organic and preferably raw if possible. I would leave it on over night when I went to bed. 🙂

  • lizerl says:

    Thank you so much, i have the same condition and i admit this works 100%!!!

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