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I Feel Like I’m Having Extra Sensory Perceptions So Here’s What I Did



Have you ever watched spiritual gifts (basically, things that are given to us outside of our natural talents and abilities) that you never knew you had before unfold before you right in front of your eyes?

This has been happening left and right to me recently. Actually, looking back I believe they have always been trying to grab my attention, but the time had to be ripe to receive them, so just now it seems they are ‘showing up’ out of what seems like the clear blue.

If you’ve also experienced this, it starts to seem like a phenomenon of sorts, and sometimes I have sworn I may have even cracked or may be starting the slow decent to landing in crazy town.

Thankfully the internet in all it’s glory comforts me when I look up different scenarios I may be experiencing, and it makes me feel less alone or afraid with some of these often equally bizarre and blissful events.

Take this week for example.

I wandered into our bedroom (where we have slept for the past five years) only to be bombarded with the HEAVY scent of cigarette smoke filling my lungs, so heavy it overwhelmed me with the familiar smells of a fun night at a smokey bowling alley.

I called Justin to quickly come here to check it out, and of course he could not smell a thing. This persisted for a few minutes then slowly drifted away. About ten minutes later, while getting the pillows rearranged for a good night’s sleep, it came back again, this time right over the side of the bed where Justin sleeps.

Of course he couldn’t smell anything once again, so I immediately searched online, only to find that I seemed to be experiencing one of about 4 things.

The first being an evil spirit or demon in my presence.

Secondly, a deceased love one trying to communicate with me for some reason.

Third-someone around me might actually have been smoking in that area (which neither of us smoke and we are on a second story building with no neighbors around us at that level plus closed windows and sliding door).

And then my favorite number four- I could have a brain tumor OR actually be crazy.

I think my options are funny, and all so very different.

Given that I have been extra energy sensitive for many many years and am just in the past few years recognizing this as an actual gift, I tend to see the more spiritual sides of reasons and causes for things. I believe in this particular case, it was a negative energy and attack of sorts, meant to keep Justin down and smolder his message for the world.

So did I freak out? For HOW real this all way to me, surprisingly no.

I did the first thing that came to mind when I sat with it for a few minutes pondering what to do. I decided to take back our territory and not let this force anywhere near my home…I demanded my territory back!

Part of the gift is not only seeing and feeling intuitively what may be going on, but also what to do about it.

So my gut said pray and sage.

So, I did.

It seemed to be a bit of mixing my christian upbringing with the sort of ‘new age’ act of saging, but I find both to work effectively and this seemed the perfect space and situation to try it out.

I went room to room with my sage smoke wafting gently throughout the spaces, crawling up walls and into corners, covering my home with a purging and cleansing effect, all the while praying against all forms of evil or unwelcomed guests or spirits to leave immediately.

Did it work?

HECK yes.

No smoke since, and that was about six nights ago. I was filled with immediate peace of mind and was able to drift right to sleep, knowing I was safe and protected.

Whenever these types of situations arise, I am learning to pay close attention to what message or message sit may hold for me.

Are there gifts to be further developed? What about this situation is meant to be a teacher? Is there anything I can take away from it to teach others?

I have a feeling that this particular one among many others as just the tip of the iceberg of what is intended for tools in the toolbox of soul creating and evolving.

I am just grateful to be protected from harm and feel the loving hands of God all around me in many new ways as I journey this path of life.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: A two hour barefoot beach walk on this gorgeous weekend day with Justin, dreaming, creating and fleshing out what exactly it looks like to add more fun and youthful play back into such serious life circumstances. It was the most uplifted I have felt in weeks.

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