I Didn't Expect To Respond Like This When A Mutual Friend Was Rude To Me Today


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I Didn’t Expect To Respond Like This When A Mutual Friend Was Rude To Me Today



Feel Good Project day 59

Just when I start to feel sad about Christmas being over, my sweet friend Kristy reminds me that I have until January 7th to celebrate as it’s TWELVE days of Christmas:) That, OR I can choose to celebrate as long as my little heart desires. 🙂

THANKS Kirsty!!!

Part of feeling good is to take the reigns back in life, whether that means changing course with a job or career, health, or even celebrating something special just a bit extra long even if others don’t or won’t. It’s what listening to your inner voice is all about right?

So often I find myself comparing my experiences to others’-what they think and feel creates an expectation that often I find myself needing to snap out of and remember that no two snowflakes are alike so ain’t that the truth for humans too!?

Part of taking back the reigns for me today was adding in more juices throughout the day than I normally do, as I feel my body could use a little extra something as the weather is dry and my skin is starting to crack a bit. So many friends and family around me are sick and I am adding in extra insurance-in liquid form 🙂

A good friend had me over to lunch today with another mutual friend, and I chose to opt out and bring my own juice as my digestion was craving a break. When I explained why I was not eating to the mutual friend she asked, “Don’t you seem to do TOO many of these cleanses?”


I wanted to reply with a snarky comment about if she’s ever felt like me then she would understand, but clearly this was not the case.

Instead I chose to push my ego back down and smile and shrug and enjoy my giant juice to the very last drop, knowing that my tummy was loving me, regardless of how it seemed to the outside world.

Part of taking back the reigns is not caring what other people think of me.

This past year has proved to be a giant lesson in letting go of the comments, concerns and judgments of others, in all areas of life.

I am feeling more FREE with every passing day.

The journey is not a piece of cake but I still choose it daily as I see the benefits impacting my life.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Having MORE than enough to be able to share with others. My brother was fighting a sore throat and we happened to have an excess of my favorite lypospheric vitamin C hanging around at home, so I was able to hopefully able to help get his immune system back on track before he headed back on a flight to Austin tonight. I am living in a state of true GRATITUDE for everything in my life. I am so blessed to be able to share whatever I have been given, as it never belongs to me anyway.

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