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How To Read 20 Books Per Year In Very Little Time

readinsteadI’ve always loved reading. Reading is an amazing way to use your imagination as well as your mental brain. It helps to escape reality as well as explore and imagine new ones. Reading is an incredible way to learn from the world’s greatest minds.

Reading helps you to consider other options, it helps to open your mind and possibly expand your consciousness. Reading helps to solve problems and encourages great possibilities in your life.

Whatever problem you have in your life at this current writing, I can guarantee you somebody throughout history has not only had your problem but they solved it! And if that wasn’t enough of the dessert, there’s icing on the cake…..they wrote an entire book about it!

It’s a funny dichotomy that in today’s socially connected world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we still feel disconnected.

Why is that?

Perhaps because thoughts aren’t carried out to their logical conclusion. Not only are thoughts merely status updates but good solid arguments aren’t discussed during the process with the bad ones getting tossed to the side with the aim of ulitmately getting closer to the truth.

Instead there’s bickering, arguing and very low level thought processes going on in the digital world today.

With books (especially older books or the Classics) whether fiction or non fiction you have entire thought patterns being laid down one after another in careful progression with each on building on the previous.

People just thought differently then.

We have the wisdom of the world at our fingertips and we don’t even had the time to learn from the greats.

Great men of the past have poured their heart out and sometimes made it their life’s work to write this one book as their gift to humanity and we’re too busy watching Dancing with the Stars.


Recently I’ve been off reading. It’s something that has not sit right with me because of everything I’ve just explained.

Over the years I’ve come to realize that I’m an audio learner. For the past few years, even though I haven’t been reading as much, I’ve been listening to lectures and radio shows about everything from health, conspiracy theories, spirituality, politics, money and banking and more.

It’s been a fascinating ride and quite an eye opening journey to say the least. If I were to tel you some of the concepts that I’ve toyed with and been exposed to, it would blow your mind.

Here’s one just as an example of how our world doesn’t work like we think it does. Did you know that money gets created by your signature? Did you know that every dollar that leaves your bank account can be returned to you if you know how to do it? Did you know that your account with the DTC which is the company that holds all titles (the richest corporation in the world and nobody has heard of them with 20 trillion in liquid funds) is worth around 30 to 35 BILLION dollars and if you know how to use it you can offset, settle and discharge all of your debts?

That’s just one thing in the financial and money arena that I’ve learned as a result of my study but now it’s time to take things a step further…


You see when you listen to radio shows, podcasts or even lectures, the person presenting can only get so far into their work. In a 1 hour radio show a guest can’t talk extensively and in depth about their latest book. There’s simply not enough time.

This is where reading can take you much deeper down the rabbit holes of an inspiring existence full of mystery, exploration and anticipation.

To learn new ideas opens the mind with possibility. Learning new ideas and concepts helps your brain create new nurueal pathways that help us to think with new thought patterns and actually act differently. When we act differently our life changes.

Here’s my Challenge to you…

Make it your daily goal to read 15 pages a day of any book you’d like. I wouldn’t put magazine articles or online articles in this category because again, they can only go so deep. Books are where it’s at.

If you make it your goal to read just 15 pages a day (that might take you 15 or 20 minutes per day or less if you’re fast), that would amount to 5,475 pages in a year.

The average book is probably 275 pages so that would mean you would have read 19.9 books that year! Let’s round up and say you would have read 20 books in a year. That’s almost 2 books per month.

Leaders are readers. If you want to be successful in life (however you define that) it’s essential to read in my opinion.

So what do you think? Who’s with me?

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