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How To Quit Smoking & End The Cravings Naturally: The Ultimate Guide To Quit Smoking For Good


Below You’ll Find The Entire Quit Smoking Protocol I have outlined that will change your life forever.

Table of Contents:


First of all, congratulations! You have just taken the first step to ending your addiction. You are about to learn not just exactly how to get rid of cigarettes for good, but how to stay nicotine free for life, and rebuild your body as quickly as possible. Getting back to an optimal state of health may seem like it is very far down the road, but it is closer than you think. It does not have to take the 15 years that most people think to have the health of a non-smoker. You can get there much quicker, and be in better health than you ever dreamed was possible.

Please consult your doctor and local health care professional before using any part of this protocol. They will help you determine if there are any of the recommendations that you should avoid based on your personal health status.

This course is designed to take you through 4 stages.

  • Prepare the body
  • Endure the withdrawals
  • Clean the body systems
  • Maintain and improve upon your progress

A nicotine addiction isn’t just about the drug itself in a cigarette. The chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process are equally (if not more!) to blame. To understand this, you need to know why all of these chemicals are used in cigarettes. Why can’t tobacco companies just pick the leaves of the plant and roll them right into cigarettes? Why do they have to use ammonia, pesticides, bleach, fiber glass, etc?

The answer is because they are designed to increase the potency of cigarettes, make them burn evenly, and so on. The problem for you is that your system has to deal with processing all of these additives. They are extremely taxing on your system. When your body is diverting so much energy to cleaning, you are left feeling lousy. Not to mention that your body cannot keep up with the constant bombardment of toxins and gradually becomes more and more toxic, leaving you feeling even lousier.

You have become accustomed to smoking a cigarette to take away the craving for nicotine, but it also temporarily reduces that lousy feeling. This course will help you to NOT feel lousy when you quit, so that you can make it through the actual nicotine withdrawals with ease. You will be surprised at how easy that part is.

We don’t expect you to just simply trust everything that we say in this program, so we’ve included suggestions of websites to visit and products to use to get access to the best information. We have researched every suggestion in detail and our opinion is that these are the best of the best for getting your health back, and fast. Let’s get right into it! Below is a list of everything you will need to get in advance. Each element will be explained further in the stage of the program they are to be used.

Tracking Your Progress:

We’ve included this section first, as it is one of the most important aspects to quitting. It will keep you motivated as you go through the program. Each day you will need to do a simple task. Keep a video log of your progress. Each day record what you have experienced. How do you feel, how strong were your cravings, and what did you do for exercise?

Feel free to record yourself as you exercise as well. Once you have completed the program and are free from nicotine, record yourself once per month over the next 3 months. In this video, pay particular attention to how you feel. How are your energy levels? How much has your endurance improved? How is your overall health? Give yourself a rating on each of the 3 from 1-10. There are 3 reasons for doing this.

The first, is that you are going to see your own progress as you go. When you look back, you will see the changes that you’ve made. It can be surprising even just how much healthier you look down the road compared to when you started!

The second purpose is for further down the road. You are going to find yourself in situations where you are tempted to go back to your old ways. This could be 6 months from now or 5 years from now. When they happen, watch the videos from early into the transition. When you see that unhealthy, miserable person, you won’t want to go back.

The third, is that you are going to show the world! 3 months from now, you could be feeling better than you even thought was possible. You could have cigarettes far behind you, have more energy than ever before, and have a new found zest for life. You are going to want to show everyone your progress. Make a final video showing where you started with your health, and where you are now in such a short time. The difference can be amazing!

Post the video on Youtube with QSP in the name and join others on there that have also shown what they have achieved. This is your primary short term goal. Keep it in mind as you go through the program. Again, in just 3 short months, you could be feeling fantastic!

Preparation- Things you will need:

Below is a list of everything you need to start the protocol. They may take you a bit of time to get together. Don’t start the program until you have everything that you need. Things happen in life that might prevent you from being able to go get these later on. It is recommended that you get them all now, so you don’t run the risk of not having them later.

Chemical free tobacco:

We highly recommend that you take advantage of every suggestion we make, but we know that’s just not possible. But the one that absolutely has to be used is chemical tobacco. You can find this at most tobacco shops. This tobacco won’t have any of the added chemicals that the main brands use.

Buy it loose, along with rolling papers that have not been bleached, and a rolling machine if need be. DO NOT use filters. They have fiber glass in them that cuts the lining of your lungs.

The chemicals that are used in the major brands play a very big role in your addiction. When your body tries to detoxify all of these additives it has to work extremely hard. In fact, as hard as it can. Obviously, when working even at maximum capacity, the body in unable to fully filter out all of these poisons. When your body is diverting so much of its efforts and energy to detoxifying or a continuous basis, you are left feeling sluggish.

The result is low energy, improper organ function and residual toxins that remain in the system. Your body just cannot keep up to the onslaught. If you want to have the energy, will power, endorphins, and drive to quit smoking, chemical free tobacco is an absolute must. If you cannot locate this tobacco in your city, you can order it online from many different sources. Do a search for chemical free tobacco and you’ll find a provider.

Vitamin C spray

You can buy vitamin C powder from any health food store. Make sure that is it pure ascorbic acid. Don’t get anything that has flavouring in it. Ascorbic acid should be bitter, not sweet. Get a small spray bottle from your local dollar store, mix as much powder into spring water as will dissolve. This is going to be one of your “go to” items for cravings when they arise.

A good multivitamin

The body is nutritionally deficient in most smokers. Think of a time you were hungry, had a cigarette, and your hunger went away. That was a time that you should have been getting vitamins and minerals into your body but didn’t. How many times has that circumstance happened to you? Probably many. You need to correct those deficiencies.

Not to mention that getting the proper vitamins and minerals each day will help you to feel better. Don’t buy a cheap vitamin from any of the major retail stores. They are marketed well, but aren’t good quality. Again, get one from a health food store. Look at the ingredients on the back. Specifically look for vitamin B-12.

There are 3 versions that are used. The cheapest and least effective version is cyanocobalamin. If the brand uses that, it’s a good indication that the rest of the ingredients are also cheap. Find one that uses methylcobalamin. Below is a link to a great review site comparing 100 different brands of multivitamins.

Take a look at the major brands on there. It’s interesting how they stack up. It should be obvious from this that most major brands just don’t cut it. Start taking the multivitamin as directed on the bottle the moment you start the protocol. You want to have enough in your system on the day you quit.

B-complex vitamin

Anecdotal reports claim that these vitamins may help to curb your nicotine cravings and combat stress. Although no true testing exists, they are an excellent addition to the program. Don’t freak out when you go to the bathroom a couple hours later. You can expect bright yellow urine. But that’s a good thing. Your body is expelling unabsorbed B vitamins, meaning it’s using what it can. Too much in this case is better than too little.

You might not notice the bright yellow the first time you take one. Your body may use all of it. Use them as directed on the bottle. Again, look for cyanocobalamin. Start taking the B-complex as directed on the bottle the moment you start the protocol. You want these built up in your system by the time you quit.


This is a very important amino acid to use in the program so please, don’t skip it. It is directly related to the brains production of key neurotransmitters. The biggest key for you is that it will help keep your energy levels and spirits high. When you quit smoking, you are throwing your body for a loop and the production of these neurotransmitters can temporarily reduce as your body adjusts to the changes. This is why we recommend L-Tyrosine.

That’s why the depression kicks in for some people.

High energy levels and high spirits are very important while you are going through withdrawals so that you don’t get too weak and cave in. Use as directed on the bottle and start taking it from the moment you start the protocol. As with the multivitamin and B-complex, you want enough built up in your system before you quit.

A good and balanced diet

There are 2 stages to this. The first is your preparation before you actually quit. What you need to do is get your nutritional levels up high just before you quit. When you have all the proper nutrition that you need, you feel better.

The 4 days before you quit, take all of your supplements as directed on the bottle, and eat as many servings of fruits and vegetables as you can. Especially greens. If you enjoy juicing your vegetables, it’s a great way to get a very high amount of servings in per day.

The key again, is green vegetables. Lettuce (not iceburg), kale, broccoli, spinach, collards, celery, even beet leaves, all make great salads and are some of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat! Although vegetables are very important, so are fruits, but be cautious of the ones with high sugar content.

Berries are excellent because of their high antioxidant levels. For the 4 days before you quit, it is recommended that you eat ONLY fruits and vegetables, and take your supplements. This is going to serve another purpose we will cover later.

Super Foods

Super foods are known for being extremely nutrient dense and calorie poor. They are the easiest way to get massive amount of nutrition into your body quickly and efficiently. Simply use a search engine to find list upon list of different ones you can use. We recommend using Chlorella/Spirulina, Mucuna, Pure cacao nibs and a really good greens powder.

Chlorella and Spirulina are algae that you can buy in capsule or powder form. They are very nutrient and mineral dense and in close to perfect proportions as to what the body needs.

Mecuna has the ability to help keep dopamine levels high. This neurotransmitter aides in the reduction of depression. When you quit smoking, and throw your body for a loop temporarily, you need to be doing everything you can to keep all of your neurotransmitters production levels high.

Pure Cacao nibs will have a bitter taste. Blend them into fruit or vegetable smoothies. These are very well rounded super foods for vitamins and minerals. Use them to increase your body’s nutritional levels quickly.

The best greens powder we’ve found is called Rejuvenate. It is by far the easiest way to get many servings of vegetables in with minimal food. You can purchase it on This site, along with are among the best resources for optimal health. Greens Powders help you to get 15 or more servings of fruits and vegetables with just a couple scoops.

Fermented Foods or Probiotics

Fermented foods are loaded with the good bacteria that your digestive system needs to function properly. In fact, there are more bacteria in your body than there are cells! Most people, especially smokers, have poor levels of healthy bacteria in their body. You need to replenish these.

All of the toxins that you take in hinder the levels of healthy bacteria that you have. When these are out of line, the bad bacteria have the opportunity to take over.

Things like Candida and yeast infections are the result. As well, they also make you feel lousy and lethargic.

We suggest that you make your own fermented vegetables and eat a few spoon fulls with every meal. When you ferment your own vegetables, the healthy bacteria proliferate and create lactic acid. This is what gives fermented vegetables their sour flavour, not vinegar. You can make sauerkraut with just water, sea salt, and cabbage.

That’s it! It is incredibly easy to do and turns any vegetable you use into a super food. Avoid the store bought brands because they are loaded with chemicals. You can find countless videos on Youtube of how to do this. Search for Sandor Katz. He is basically the king of fermenting.

He can show you how to work through the fermenting process easily. Please use only organic vegetables. If you don’t like sour foods you can also use a good probiotic pill or formula from the health food store for this.

This is basically the same thing. Start taking probiotics as directed the moment you start the protocol.

Tip: Use a full spectrum sea salt. It will look a bit pink. This has all of the minerals still in it. Even if you choose not to ferment your own vegetables, you should replace regular salt in your diet with this. You won’t even notice the difference, but your health will.

Tip 2: To speed up the process of fermentation, use a culture kit from any health food store. Your vegetables can be ready in days, not weeks.

Digestive Enzymes

Available at any health food store. These are important in just about every function of the body, and again, most people are deficient. Get some, and take them as directed. They will help with the sluggish feeling that many people get after eating a big meal. The goal with this is just another way to avoid putting your body into a temporarily weakened state.

We all know that the cigarette after a meal is one of the most desired ones of the day. Combine these with eating smaller meals to avoid the after meal crash. Start taking digestive enzymes as directed on the bottle from the moment you start the protocol.

Cleansing programs

One your addiction is gone, you will have a lot of cleaning to do. The best program we’ve found is the clean program from Dr. Alejandro Junger. If you live in Canada though, it isn’t available for shipping. You can find many alternatives on or

These can take a little bit of discipline to get through, but stick with them. You aren’t going to get your health back quickly with just diet and exercise alone. You have some serious cleaning to do.


Zeolite is a negatively charges mineral that is ground down to a very small size. It has the ability to go anywhere in the body that water goes, which is everywhere. The negative charge allows it to pull toxins out of the cells and then expel them from the body through your normal elimination channels.

This is again a key part of your detoxification protocol. Listen to the podcast on with Eddie Stone. His company provides the best and smallest zeolite. Sorry guys, but in this case, size DOES matter. The smaller the better. You can purchase zeolite right on

The 4 Stages of Quitting and Regaining Your Health.

Stage One- Preparing the body:

You need to make some changes to your daily habits to get your body into the right state where it can fight off nicotine withdrawals. Below is the process to do this.

First and foremost, smoke only the chemical free tobacco

Start off with 10 per day, and every 2 days reduce the amount by one. Anyone can easily get through the day with 10 cigarettes if they are the average smoker having a pack a day. The reduction won’t be as hard as you think, because you won’t have the chemical bombardment bringing you down. You may find yourself not wanting the full cigarette which is great! Feel free to save the unused portion for later or just chuck it out.

When you get down to one per day, it’s time to quit. If at any time though, you feel you can stop, say at like 3 per day, go for it! Everybody is different. Don’t worry if you end up caving in at that point. You’re still on track. Just make sure that if you decide to stop early, you have the quitting day planned and packed full of things to keep you busy. We will cover that more in a moment.


You need to get moving! Most smokers live a fairly lethargic lifestyle and it’s terrible for the body. Exercise helps to remove toxins from the body among other benefits like increased energy. When you don’t move, your liver ends up picking up the slack. Exercise also helps to produce endorphins which will help take care of your carvings.

You will feel so good that you will be able to handle the withdrawals easily. If your fitness level is low, start slow.

Walk for 20 minutes on the first day and after 3 days add in a few minutes of light jogging. Work up SLOWLY to 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily. One of the best recommendations we can make is Yoga. Not only is it an incredible workout, it has a calming effect on the body.

Stress reduction techniques are key to quitting smoking. You can find tons of videos on Youtube for this. You don’t need to buy a disk. If you like though, go to classes at a yoga studio. For all the men out there that think Yoga is a joke, think again. We dare you to try it. It’s one hell of a workout!


While going through your organic cigarettes and reduction, you need to eat as healthily as possible. Include raw fruits and vegetables with every meal, take your supplements as directed on the bottles, and cut out the garbage foods. Sorry, no double cheeseburgers allowed. Processed foods, high fat foods, refined foods, all leave you feeling lousy after.

Your body has to clean up the mess you just gave it and has to divert energy to the digestion of this garbage. Also, these foods are high in calories and low in nutrition. They aren’t doing you any good.

We aren’t saying that you will never eat these foods again, but you need to cut them out, or severely reduce them for the first stage of this program.

You are going to get to a point where you notice that you are feeling better. This should happen around the time that you are having 2 or 3 cigarettes per day. At that point, you are only a few days from quitting and it’s time to kick the body into overdrive.

For the 4 days before you quit, eat only fruits and vegetables and supplements and super foods. You should have a ratio of about 70% vegetables and 30% fruit. This will give you massive amounts of nutrition for the fight ahead but also serves another purpose. When it comes time to quick, you will be having other cravings.

Carbohydrates and meat. For the first few days of quitting, you will get satisfaction from eating those foods and it will help with nicotine cravings.

A quick Extra Tip:

If you really want to give it your best shot, try consuming nothing but juices and your supplements the day before you quit. This will serve several purposes.

  1. Just consuming juice helps to flush toxins out of your body by giving your digestive system a break and letting the body focus on cleaning.
  2. By the beginning of the next day, you will really be wanting solid food again, and you can use this to your advantage.
  3. Juicing will help you get as many micronutrients into your body as possible just before you quit, giving you the best chance of keeping your energy and neurotransmitter levels high.

If you choose to use this step, try to consume 13-17 8 once glasses of juice that day with 70% of them being green vegetable juice. Cucumber and celery juice very easily and make for an excellent base of your juices. Leafy greens don’t juice as well, but are loaded with nutrition. Make sure to get them into as many juices as possible.

Stage Two – Enduring the withdrawals:

On the day that you quit, you should be overall feeling pretty good. You’ve been eating right, are packed with nutrition, have developed an exercise regimen and have cut out all of the chemical intake from cigarettes. It’s time to go for it! The night before, get rid of everything from your house that has anything to do with cigarettes.

Throw out all the ash trays, soak the cigarette butts in water so you can’t dive into them. If your partner smokes, stay with a friend that night and plan the next day with them. Your partner should understand why. They key here is to keep busy.

Plan a few days in a row of going out to get you going. Pack the day full of activities where you cannot smoke. This works well to do on a weekend. When you wake up, the first thing to do is eat a good breakfast. We aren’t a fan of bacon, or ham, or toast, as these foods aren’t good for you (yes, even toast), but today is ok.

After 4 days of nothing but produce, you’re going to want them. Just don’t overdo it. Have some eggs, a piece of toast, and 2 or 3 slices of bacon. You won’t feel too bad from it and you will really enjoy it.

As soon as you’re done eating and have gotten yourself ready for the day, you need to have an activity to do. Have a round of golf booked with a non-smoking friend that you’ve told of your plan. Go to the beach or the pool, or for a massage or whatever. The best places to be are places that keep your mind occupied, and where smoking isn’t an option.

Going to a movie later that evening is a great example. Do whatever you can to be surrounded by people that know of your plan and will encourage you to keep on the path. It may be hard to picture right now, but this day won’t be as hard as you think. This strategy is just an extra kick to get you through. If you have to go to work, don’t sweat it.

Have your vitamin C spray with you at all times

Whenever a craving comes up, spray the bottle into the back of your throat. This helps to calm the craving and also helps to curb hunger. Also, you can do breathing exercises to reduce cravings. When you have a cigarette you breathe deeply. It’s calming. You can do the same, just without the cigarette! Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds to full lung capacity, hold your breath for 4 seconds, and exhale through your mouth over 8 seconds.

Do this 3 or 4 times with craving. You may feel light headed the first few times that you do this. It’s normal and reduces with time. This exercise with also be part of the cleansing process coming up later.

Keep your exercise up

Exercise helps to release endorphins. They make you feel good. The L-Tyrosine with help to keep production of these up as you go. Think of the last time you went to the gym. When you left, how did you feel? Probably pretty good! That’s the endorphins kicking in. One of the easiest ways to curb your cravings is to exercise.

Again, for all you tough guys out there, try Yoga!

If you’ve followed everything up to this point, you should be having a pretty easy time getting through the withdrawals and should be feeling pretty good. After about a week or so, it’s time to start some heavy cleaning…..but you’ve actually been doing part of it already.

Stage 3 – Cleaning the body systems:

Now that you’re addiction is gone, or well on its way, it’s time to do some house cleaning. Keep up with everything you’ve been doing. Eating right, exercising, drinking lots of spring water, taking your supplements and super foods and probiotics and enzymes. There are some recommended additions and alterations though.

Breathing exercises

Try to do these in sets of 15. You can do them in the car on the way to work, or while you watch TV. To really get some extra benefit, try doing them in the steam room at the gym. This will help to clear out the toxin filled mucous in your lungs while you sweat out toxins released during your cardiovascular exercise. Consult your doctor first if you have any blood pressure issues. The steam room can be dangerous if you do.

Tip: Once you’re more accustomed to the breathing, do an internet search for “the breath of fire” breathing technique. You’ll just have to try it out and see for yourself why we recommend it.

Drink lots of water

At least 8 glasses per day but try for 10 because of the added exercise to your day. This will help to flush toxins out of your body. Add lemon to your water. Lemon actually helps make water more absorbable by your body instead of running right through you. A glass with lemon is more hydrating for you that without, and tastes pretty good too.

Cleansing Programs

Do full body cleanses and individual organ cleanses as often as recommended by the providers. The best place again to get these is from and These are very trusted sources of quality products to use. The key to these is that you are keeping the body clean while keeping up the ability of the elimination organs.

The human body is an amazing machine and it is capable of repairing itself very intelligently. But, it must be given the proper fuel and circumstances to do so. Environmental toxins, pesticides, food additives, drugs and alcohol all hinder the body’s ability to function properly.

Cleansing regularly is a must to achieve and maintain optimal health, especially in modern society where toxins are everywhere. Try avoiding car exhaust for a day to see what we mean. It just isn’t possible to avoid toxins now, so you need to get them out of the body frequently.


Use these as directed to remove toxins from the body. They remove toxins at the cellular level. Every cell in the body needs to be cleaned out. These are incredibly effective. If you haven’t already, listen to the podcast on with Eddie Stone and purchase his product through the site store.

Clay Baths

Extreme health radio has a connection with a company called vitality herbs and clay. They produce clays called black beauty and sacred clay that can be used together in clay baths to draw toxins out of the body.

Have a clay bath every couple of days to remove as many toxins as you can. This is an important step. When your body releases toxins from the cells, your system can get temporarily over loaded with them and you can feel lousy and lethargic.

This is called the herxheimer reaction. Clay baths and zeolites help to remove these toxins as quickly as possible and reduce the reaction. Again, you want to avoid any possibility of feeling less than vibrant. Any weakened state can send you back to the cigarette that you’ve worked so hard to get rid of.

Shower Filter

You need to filter the water that you bathe in to get all the chemicals out. City water is typically loaded with chlorine, fluoride and pharmaceuticals. You absorb water and all these through your skin. Some experts say that you absorb more water through your skin than you drink. This again is anecdotal, but still, even if it’s less you should filter out the garbage.

Eat organic foods

Organic foods don’t have all the chemicals in them. Stay away from fast food, processed food and the “whites.” No white flour, sugar, white bread, artificial sweeteners etc. Try to have 50% of your meals consisting of raw produce. If you choose to eat meat, keep red meat minimal, and avoid meats that have been raised with hormones and antibiotics. Your cleansing protocol will help toy remove anything bad from your body, but why add to it if you don’t have to. Sure organic foods a little more expensive, but you will be saving far more by not smoking, not eating out as much, and not drinking alcohol.

Avoid GMO Food

Do not eat anything that has been genetically modified (GMO). Corn is a prime example. What you are eating when you buy conventionally grown corn is genetically modified food. There is a huge debate going on as to the potential health risks of these foods. But, think of it this way. Did mother nature get something wrong? Not likely. Can we do something wrong when we mess with nature? You betcha! Whether you think these foods are safe or not, they are best to avoid. The long term effects of these foods can’t possible have been studied seeing as they haven’t been around for a full lifetime yet. That’s a scary thought! Avoid them.

Eat a variety of produce

The easy goal here it to aim to hit every colour of the rainbow. You can spend all day trying to get every nutrient into you in the proper amounts, but life just isn’t going to be fun that way. Eat a variety of foods, keep up with your supplements, and everything else, and you’ll do just fine.

Drink smoothies and fresh juices

You have to make your own here. None of the store bought, sugar loaded juices. These are ways to get in a ton of nutrition in an easily digestible way. Add in your Rejuvenate powder, coconut oil and cacao nibs to make them nutritional power houses!

Maintain and improve upon your progress:

What you’ve read thus far may seem like a lot to take in, so here’s some good news. The last stage of the program is actually the easiest. The reason for this is because good health is addicting. When you feel good, you won’t want to go back. You will want to keep improving. Imagine getting to the point where you don’t have to worry about all of the world’s deadliest health issues because your body is in optimal state. Imagine living well into your twilight years with full vitality.

These things are possible and many people get there. You might find from time to time that you need some guidance or fresh ideas, or even just some extra motivation. Below is a list of our favourite sources for the best health information available.

Visit this site and take a look around. They have a store that has tons of quality products you can use. Don’t pass up the bellicon rebounder! Your lymphatic system is very important. Listen to the podcasts to find more information that you could ever use. It won’t take you a full episode to see that the hosts, Justin and Kate, are doing nothing but trying to help. We’ve had a lot of contact with Justin and he has been an exceptional human being.

In fact, the initial development of this program came from learning techniques from extreme health radio. It wouldn’t exist with their help. Thank you Justin and Kate. You are wonderful people!

Listen to a few of the podcasts on here from Mike Adams, the health ranger, and you’ll be hooked. How does he have the drive and energy to write four articles per day, manage his massive website, and online store? It’s because he is in optimal health. Listen to his shows, read the articles, and learn everything you can.

Andrew Saul, the founder of this site, is one of the most entertaining people you could ever meet. The site specializes in vitamin therapies you can use to treat just about every condition known to man.

If you have any background in the natural world, you’ve heard the name Daniel Vitalis. Daniel pretty much knows more about water than anyone else in the world. His site helps you to locate a fresh water spring near you so that you can drink the cleanest water available. You can also hear interviews with him on extreme health radio.


Watch as many health documentaries as you can. “Food Matters”, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”, “Hungry for Change,” all of these are excellent and there are dozens more. You can find quite a few on Netflix.

Lessons from the Miracle Doctors

You can get this e-book on extreme health radio’s site by signing up for Justin’s newsletter. It is 177 pages of pure gold! It shows you just about everything you need to do to live in optimal health. Give it a read and use the techniques for yourself….especially for the cleansing protocols.

Pitfalls to Avoid:


We all know that cigarettes and alcohol go hand in hand. Avoid alcohol for as long as possible. Especially during the first month when you can easily have a cigarette. Alcohol is notorious for impairing your judgement and you don’t want to find yourself waking up in the morning, kicking yourself. Keep in mind that you have cleaning to do. Your liver is part of that cleaning and alcohol will hinder the progress.

Alcohol causes inflammation of the liver and reduces its ability to function properly and remove toxic materials….not to mention….hangovers are no fun! You might find yourself in such rough shape that all you want is a cigarette.


The most widely used drug in the world. Caffeine is a stimulant. Just like alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes go hand in hand. Avoid caffeine at all costs. You should be feeling so good that you don’t need it anyway. Stay away from coffee, caffeinated teas, and soft drinks. Especially soft drinks.

They are loaded with high fructose corn syrup and phosphoric acid which are terrible for you. Diet soda has aspartame which is equally bad. Make no mistake. Diet soda is not better for you than regular.

Unhealthy social settings

Stay away from bars, lounges, nightclubs and any social setting where smoking is prevalent. These places are just too tempting and are the pinnacle of poor health.

Other Smokers

At least for a while. You don’t need to have any temptation around you. It can only do you harm. Stay away from your smoking friends and family for at least a week or two. Most of us don’t see our friends that often anyway.

Gums, patches, e-cigarettes, drugs

These don’t address the real reasons why you have a hard time quitting and can even be dangerous. Any therapy that involves another form of nicotine can only increase he time it takes to get rid of the addiction. Although these programs have worked for some, the vast majority of the time they fail miserably. You’ve likely already found this out. Nobody likes having suicidal thoughts from taking drugs either.

Stressful Events

These are going to happen and they are a part of life. Just be sure to prepare for them and don’t let your guard down. You may be 6 months down the road and have to deal with something major whether it be a job change, or a family member passing on and have the urge to smoke. Use your breathing exercises and vitamin C spray.

Understand that it will take time

One of the biggest setbacks for people when trying to get their health back with natural therapies is that they confuse the results of drugs with natural methods. You feel the effects of drugs within minutes. But, you cannot expect to feel the effects of nutrition in the same time. It has taken years to develop poor health. It will take some time to get it back.

Drugs typically work by shutting down one bodily system to handle symptoms. They don’t do anything to fix the problem. This can be a fantastic thing when dealing with pain management for example for a back injury, but are the drugs doing anything to heal the back? No. They are just shutting down the reception of pain.

Healing takes time. You may not start to feel any different for a couple of weeks. Just stick with it, and you will eventually see results.


This is going to be a tough one for most people, but you MUST avoid dairy for quite some time. At least avoid it as much as possible. Dairy is a mucous forming food. It will hinder your lungs ability to clean themselves out. At the very least try to avoid dairy until your smokers’ cough has gone away. It is recommended that you limit dairy intake forever though.

Tips to Make the Process Easier:

Consult a Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Doctors have the ability to help you develop a diet plan that works best for you. Although there are some simple do’s and don’ts like the big mac, there are many grey areas. Some people just do better with some foods than others and that’s ok. As far as we’re concerned with getting to optimal health, the advice of a Naturopathic Doctor is invaluable. (Ya, that’s you Doug).

Walk it off

Exercising will help to release endorphins that make you feel good. A brisk walk counts as exercise. If you can get your heart rate up that is. If you get a craving, go for a brisk walk if you can for 20 minutes. You will feel great after. The more cardiovascular exercise you can get in, the better you will be able to handle the cravings.

Save the money you used to spend on cigarettes

A separate bank account for this is the simplest way but we recommend a jar that you can put physical money into. You’ll see it every day and it is motivating that way. Every once in a while, like a month or so, spend some of that money on something you want. Reward yourself. Over time, you will have a substantial amount in there. Imagine how good you will feel when you have saved enough to pay for a winter vacation all because you quit smoking

Stay with a non-smoking friend the night before you quit

Think about staying at a non-smoking friend’s house the night before. They can be your support on day one and help to keep you busy. It is much easier for a person to disappoint themselves than it is to be embarrassed by failing in front of their close friends. Many people will cave in and have a cigarette if nobody is around, but won’t if others are around that know what they are trying to accomplish.

Plan for a busy, backwards quit day

The goal should be that everything you do is as far from your regular routine as possible. Have your planned breakfast and then jump right into your day with them. Go for A morning walk, or get to the golf course, or whatever you have planned. One of the best suggestions we can make is to do something for the morning and then get a non-smoking hotel room that afternoon with a friend.

Use the hotel pool in the afternoon with your friend, enjoy the hot tub in the evening, and watch a couple of movies with them before going to bed. That plan makes for a fairly easy day 1 of quitting. You are busy all day, and in situations where you are unable to smoke.

Seeing as this should be your day off from work, you should be able to do whatever you want. If you get weekends off, plan this way for the whole thing. Getting through the first day is the hardest part, but the longer you can keep busy, the better.

Some people even choose to use a week of vacation time so they can keep busy with enjoyable activities for much longer. This is a great plan, but the moment you find yourself without something to do, you will be tempted to smoke. So watch out for that. You have to plan out every day of the first week to avoid this, regardless of taking time off or not.

Your kids aren’t your concern today, your husband is by your side for support, some of your friends also have the day off and are free for you. You need to keep yourself busy AAAALLLLLL day today. Make sure that whatever you have planned is something that you really enjoy and something that you don’t necessarily associate with smoking.

This might be a bit of challenge because you’ve learned to associate almost everything with smoking. When you hit the golf course, you smoke. When you run errands, you smoke. The key is to do things that keep both of your hands occupied or unable to grab a cigarette.

Even if you get in a friends hot tub that night, and you usually would have a cigarette over the edge, this time you will get in and put your hands in the water right away. Keep your towel far enough away from you that can’t dry your hands and have a cigarette (if your friends are smoking in there that is).

Although this makes it easier by eliminating the option somewhat, we recommend that for the next week you avoid anyone that still smokes. Sure, they may be your friends, but they will be tempting to you. It’s just a week and they will understand.

Find a hobby that you enjoy

You’ll be surprised how far down the road that you will still get the occasional craving. Find something that you enjoy doing and can do constantly. This will be your go to thing whenever you have the urge to smoke.

Add the bold foods to your diet

Garlic, ginger, horseradish, cayenne pepper…anything like that with a kick. Especially garlic. It’s a natural antibiotic. These also help to clean your body systems.

Combine black pepper and turmeric together in your salads

These both have numerous health benefits but are more powerful together. You won’t even notice the turmeric. Just watch out for stains. The yellow colour is very hard to remove.

Take that trip!

If you spent an average of $10 per day on cigarettes, and you have been rewarding yourself monthly by spending half of what you saved, you will have about $1800 in a year. You can go on a very nice all inclusive trip with that!

Mark day 10 of quitting on your calendar

By day 10, the addiction isn’t doing the talking anymore. You won’t be out of the woods yet, but it won’t be anything that you can’t handle with ease. Keep a piece of paper in your pocket with that date written on it. Every time you have the urge to smoke, use your vitamin C spray and look at that date. It’s not that far down the road, and you know that you will be feeling much better on that day. Don’t ruin your progress!

Take it one step at a time

Don’t think of it like you’re giving up something for ever. That’s not true. You’re taking steps to make your life better. Pay attention to your milestones and brag about them to your friends and family. You won’t want to start again and be embarrassed.

Use a Reminder Item

You are going to find yourself in situations where you are tempted to smoke. Everyone always says “just don’t do it.” But that’s easier said than done. The best thing you can do is plan for them. Know that they are going to happen and be ready. Keep your reasons for quitting in your mind.

The best way to do this is with a reminder item. This can be a stone, or a paper clip, a chess piece, whatever. Just make sure it’s something small that you can carry with you everywhere. When you get into one of these situations, grab your item in your pocket. It will remind you why you’ve quit and how far you’ve come.

Put it in your pocket on day one of quitting and take it everywhere for the first 6 months. It will remind you how proud you should be of your progress and motivate you to continue.

If Your Partner Smokes

One of your biggest challenges is going to be if your partner smokes, so, plan for that. On day one of quitting, stay away from them. Get out of the house and be as far away from tobacco as possible. Ask them to keep their cigarettes away from you for your return home, preferably somewhere that you don’t know where they are.

Empty all ash trays and have your partner continuously empty them throughout the next week. If you see a butt with the slightest amount left, you will be tempted to light it. So, make your partner get rid of them right away.

And not just tossed in the garbage. Completely destroyed and soaked with water to make them unusable. Without having the option, and keeping yourself busy, you’ll find that the majority of the time cigarettes will be out of sight, out of mind.

Always keep in mind that you aren’t out of the woods

After a week or two, most people have become confident that their addiction isn’t doing the talking anymore. Although this is true, it is easy to get the thought that “I can have just one. I’ve beat this.” How many times has this happened to you? One turns into two and so on. Please don’t let that thought ruin your progress. You need to understand that it all starts again with one. 15 years down the road it can start again with one. The only acceptable amount after you quit is ZERO! You don’t need those poisons anymore.

Please email us with your suggestions

We have dedicated countless hours to research this material to make it the most effective method of quitting available, but there is always room to improve. Please feel free to send us your suggestions of things that you found helped you get through the withdrawal stage. The preparation process has been designed to use the most effective tactics while remaining plausible to incorporate into a daily routine. This is very important to success.

But, we cannot have enough suggestions as to what to do to keep busy during withdrawals. You suggestions are very welcome and we’d love to hear your success stories.

Remember YOU are better than the tobacco companies. They have no problem taking your money while they kill you. Show them who’s boss!


Now that you have read through the entire program, it’s time to take action. You have every tool available to you to get rid of cigarettes for good. Get everything together that you need and give it your all! Take as much time as you need to prepare everything and get all of the supplies together.

Don’t start the program with only a portion of the tactics in place. It’s a sure fire way to fail. Take a few days to truly prepare……and remember……THIS…..TIME…..YOU’RE……DONE……FOR……GOOD!

If you would like additional information on this subject there’s a great program put together by Mike Adams called 14 and Out that I recommend.

Medical Disclaimer:

The claims made have not been evaluated by the FDA or any regulatory agency. The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or illness. Consult your doctor or health care professional before using any of the above mentioned information. The user assumes full responsibility for the result of using any of the information provided.

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