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How To Put Together A Health Plan That Works For You

puzzle-pieces-525x346While listening to Justin and Kate’s podcast the other day I heard them reference to discovering the personal health tools as putting together a puzzle. Though every “expert” has something that contraindicates what another expert has said, it is up to us to find out what prices of information are true for us. Listening to Dr. Young many things he said jived with me, other things didn’t.

While some things he said were very extreme for me or even negative to the ego or personal puzzle I’ve pieced together I just choose to acknowledge but disregard those parts.

I listen to many podcasts and read many blogs and intake so much info and every day I’m hearing something contraindicate someone. We have to try things for ourselves to really know if it rings true for us. EveryBODY is different and every soul may need a different route or lesson to achieve it’s next level. What may work for one may not work for another. The biggest downfall I see in the health movement is people who become dogmatic to a certain set of tools/modality.

Like raw foodists vs paleo or even Gerson therapy vs Dr. Gonzalez pancreatic enzyme treatment. They may vary greatly but it may be one persons path to follow one and not succeed and succeed with the other. This doesn’t mean it didn’t work. It means it wasn’t right for them at that time.

Puzzles come in different shapes as sizes and everyone’s puzzles will be different and not everyone’s pieces will fit in someone else’s puzzle. You listen to someone else’s puzzle dilemma and how they found the pieces that fit for them and you may be able to make that piece fit for you, or you may not. This is the challenge we have in front of us if we are seeking to solve our health puzzle using the tools others have informed us about.

The key to this lifetime of puzzle building is never become to dogmatic and keep your mind open to possibility. I believe we lose some of our ability to absorb knowledge when we close off our beliefs of certain concepts. In health to believe a peer reviewed study or a doctors results with a certain drug/natural substance or therapy, is the final truth is very short sighted.

Especially in the modern medical field where journal articles are fictitious due to multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical and industrial companies endorsement and purchasing of scientists or influential people or institutions. This isn’t limited to modern medicine, it finds it’s ways into natural healing as well, where one doctor claims he knows undoubtedly that what he promotes is fact. when I see them attacking someone else’s information when unprovoked I become even less curious and believing in the message they share.

Instead of giving their opinion and counter argument to a subject they oppose them and attack the person or put down their information in an unprofessional and negative way. I would still recommend you take in what they have to say, because once again you can’t let their actions steer you away from the information. It’s a slippery path to extreme health and overall well being, and the last thing you want to do is lean more to one side of the path then the other because you’ll likely tip over and getting back up will be even harder.

Do not attack nor put someone aside for their difference in opinion, kindly receive what they have to offer and decide if that piece will fit your current puzzle, because that piece doesn’t fit into the spot your trying to fill now there’s no reason it may not work later on. Just because I thought some of Dr. Young’s information doesn’t work now does not mean that something may change and it will work later or maybe a piece may fit now but another piece won’t. Use the pieces that fit now and consider his and others information later.

I’m only using Dr. Young now as an example because it is recent and relatable to my current thought process and those who listen to the extreme health radio show can relate. He mentioned cacao as something acidic and degradative to the body, I disagree at this time because of what I believe from David Wolfe and Dr. Robert Cassar, but doesn’t mean I can’t believe that yes it may be acidic, but I could use that for a possibly over alkaline condition, or to add some acidity to a recipe or help acidify my digestive tract.

So please don’t let my examples of Dr. Young take away from his message, personally some of his puzzle pieces don’t fit my puzzle at this time, but perhaps later they will.

Be open to new information, and never become religious with your health information. Be smart, be open and learn how to diagnose and repair your bio chemical machine we call a body.

Stay raw(real) organic(authentic) and become your own mechanic(repairman)


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