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How To Make Chicken Broth With Herbal Medicines

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Making bone broth and chicken broth is extremely nourishing and healthy for your skin, bones and joints. Chicken broth helps to deliver the deep minerals from the bones of the animal into our bodies, thus boosting our immune systems.

Not only that but they taste amazing.

Whenever I’m making these types of things, I like to add a bit of medicine into them. This is what the Chinese have done for thousands of years. They cook with all their herbs, mushrooms and spices. The medicine I added into this particular chicken broth recipe was reishi, astragalus and goji berries. All of which you can get at my favorite herb company, Mountain Rose Herbs.

This chicken broth recipe is really quite fun. The words chicken stock, chicken broth or even bone broth can all be used interchangabley. Cultures throughout centries have used these stocks as ways to get deep medicines into their bodies.

Over time we just made them because they tasted good. Then when the industrial revolution arrived and later when women started working, we started buying these chicken stocks from supermarkets.

Bad move.

The stocks on super market shelves have been pasteurized and are typically not made with organic ingredients (which means more exposure to pesticides, herbicides and fungicides) and most likely have come from sick or diseased animals that have been treated with antibiotics, hormones and fed genetically modified corn.

Not only do we not want to ingest that “food” it’s better if we support companies doing the right thing. Or better yet, make it yourself!

The more we can get into working with our food, the healthier we will be. From the sowing or planting to the harvest time of reaping, it becomes almost therapeutic. When we go to a grocery store, it becomes very selfish and it’s easy to lose gratitude because it’s all about “taking.” You think, I’ll take some of these a little of those. When the store has ran out, we get upset and angry about it.

If we were in nature as hunters or gatherers, or just farmers, we would be more reliant on weather and God. We would be more in a receiving, humble and grateful state. You see, our ability to survive would rely upon forces greater than ourselves.

Can you imagine wandering in the forest for 3 days, unable to find food and then roll up to a blueberry patch? We feel like we’re starving to death. Then we get upset that nature hasn’t provided raspberries instead.

It’s better if we can start working with our foods more and be a part of the entire process from planting to eating. That will help us be a little more grateful for the foods that are given to us.

Chicken Broth Recipe:

  • Splash Apple Cider Vinegar (As an acid it helps to draw out more minerals from the bones)
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 3 Bay leaves, peppercorn, basil, chilly pepper, thyme
  • Handful Of Goji Berries
  • Astragulus, Reishi
  • Mirepoix (Carrots, Onion, Celery)

Chicken Broth Directions:

Bring the entire chicken stock up to a light boil then simmer for a minimum of 2 hours. I let this one go for about 4 to 5 hours and replenished the water as needed. Remember never make this chicken stock from unhealthy or conventional animals. Ours came from a farm we trust where the animals are 100% healthy and free range. They’re fed a healthy diet too.

I let this simmer over night all night. But you can pull the meat out after a couple hours. The meat literally just falls off the bone it’s amazing. You barely have to cut the flesh off it falls off so easily.

You can save that meat and it will last for a few days in the refrigeration. It’s perfect to add to salads, and would make the paleo and primal community proud! I love those guys. 🙂

The chicken broth or stock can go into the freezer or fridge and makes a nice base to beef stew or any kind of soups you want to make.

The night after this I ate the chicken along with the celery, carrots and other vegetables. I cooked that up again and added some raw butter from Organic Pastures, some Bariani olive oil (my favorite) a little sea salt and it was incredibly delicious. Very savory and tasted amazing.

So here are some photos from our adventure!

The video below is where I learned how to make chicken broth using herbs and medicines.

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