How To Change Your Diet To Eat Healthier Nutritious Foods


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How To Change Your Diet, Eat Healthier & Change Your Life Using This 1 Simple Trick


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Are you wondering how to change your diet? Do you want to eat healthier, feel better and have more energy but don’t know where to start?

In this article I’m going to talk about 1 tip that has worked wonders for me over the years and how it has radically turned my life upside down.

For those that don’t know, I used to be the quintessential carboholic. I used to be addicted to pizza, bread, cereal, muffins cookies, cakes crackers and anything made with a grain for the first 27 years of my life.

If it was some kind of flour product, I’d figure out how to wolf it down.

Because I have a really high metabolism and loved working out, I never felt bad or starting putting on weight. I’ve always been into strength training, fitness and relatively athletic all growing up.

But I knew my diet was a complete joke and if I didn’t change it, there would be nothing preventing me from collapsing and having a heart attack at 35 years old considering I was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy when I was 15.

Through some pretty intense scans recently I show no signs of ever having that condition now! 😉

I had the fitness part down. I was going to the gym and lifting weights 4 days a week and getting strong. I even had a fit good looking body but the thought of changing my diet and curbing my food addictions seemed so hard to me.

How could people eat healthy? Isn’t it boring? I’m never going to enjoy my food. I’m going to be one of those granola type people who hate what their eating but only do it through sheer will, determination and discipline.

Man was I wrong.

So back to my diet. Whether or not you’re overweight I’m sure you can relate to the cravings and food addictions I had.

So How Did I Change My Diet?

I used one principle that turned everything I knew upside down and it’s the one principle I tell EVERYBODY to adopt immediately if they want to change their eating patterns.

So did I cut out sugar? Did I stop eating processed carbs and grains? Did I limit my intake of sugary drinks like coke?

Here’s how easy it was…

Subtraction by addiction.

Easy right?

You see fortunately our stomachs are finite. If this weren’t the case, this principle would fly out the window. What does subtraction by addition mean?

Sample Breakfast

Well let’s give you a real world example that’s pretty similar to my breakfast before I knew anything about health and nutrition. I would usually have 3 bowls of high sugar cereal, two pieces of peanut butter toast along with a muffin with regular dairy milk from conventional cows.

Because I started becoming allergic to milk the first thing I changed was using an almond milk instead of cow milk. Sure it tasted a little different but not too hard to change that.

Then I started having 2 bowls of cereal instead of 3 and I’d replace that one bowl with a piece of my favorite fruit. I did that for a few weeks until my body got used to it and then I started having 1 less piece of toast while adding in another piece of fruit. After a few months I was down to 1 bowl of cereal and 1 piece of toast with a few pieces of fruit.

Eventually I moved to smoothies with avocado in there with lots of healthy fats in order to keep me full.

Sample Lunch

My lunch would usually consist of some kind of turkey or meat based sandwich, some potato chips, either some chocolate chip cookies or a massive double chocolate muffin that I’d heat in the microwave (I know right?) along with a Coke or Pepsi.

Now that my breakfast was down to a really protein right, full fat sweet smoothie, I figured it was time to tackle lunch. It took me about 3 months or so to get my breakfast habits changed and for me to feel satisfied eating a healthier breakfast.

Now that I stabilized the next victim was going to be lunch.

I adopted the exact same principles. I started replacing each bad item with a healthy item. I would force myself to eat the healthy items first and that was key for me. You have to eat them first. This isn’t about nutrition or diet, this is about changing brain patterns, and getting rid of addictions using the very thing that feeds addictions.

It’s crazy that with no other addiction do you actually have to have a daily relationship with it. With drugs and alcohol you can walk away forever. But with food, it forces you to be kind to yourself. Every. Single. Day.

Anyway there might be nutritionists out there that would disagree with the order in which I ate these foods and the particular combinations I ate them in but I wasn’t going for health right in that moment. I was simply changing my addictions to food.

Eventually I would cut out all cookies and muffins and replace them with Kale Chips, raw crackers or other healthy snacks. Eventually I got rid of the sandwich too and replaced it with another smoothie and some other fun treats that were full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Subtraction By Addition

Once I got my breakfast and lunch sorted out (after about a year) I felt pretty relieved and good about myself. I thought how was I able to conquer my own food addictions like that? It suddenly dawned on me that that process took 12 months just to transition slowly and steadily to a healthier diet. And that was for just 2 meals out of 3!

Most people don’t make it that far!

But what about snacks?

Back then I was addicted to Baskin Robbins milk shakes, pizza and hamburgers. So what I would tell myself was that I had to have 1 item every single day no matter what. For me I chose a nice alkaline green vegetable juice.

I would allow myself to eat anything, in any amount at any time as long as I had my green juice that day. Once I got into the habit of making a daily green juice, I would add in my green smoothie. Then I’d add in my supplements every single day. Then I’d add in my superfood protein shake. Then I’d add in a salad with each meal or a medicinal mushroom tea every day.

Pretty soon I had so many things I was doing each day that my stomach had no room for dead foods.

And you wanna know the best part? This is the most powerful piece about the way I did this…

I didn’t crave any of the junk food at that point. I think my body was full of minerals and enzymes along with vitamins and phyto nutrients that I never craved that kind of “food” again. In fact I didn’t even consider it to be food.

Why would I want to destroy my body with food like that and feel horrible after I ate it when I can make something that tastes just as good that’s going to support me in the direction of my dreams?

It makes no sense to me.

Do you currently struggle with food addictions? Have you found any tips or techniques that have helped you overcome them?

Comment below!


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