How I'm Using Pinhole Glasses To Improve My Eyesight


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How I’m Using Pinhole Glasses To Improve My Eyesight


pinhole-glassesAfter having Dr. Edward Kondrot on our radio show a while back who discussed eye health I’ve been thinking it’s time to take a proactive approach for keeping my vision 20/20.

If you haven’t read his book 10 Essentials to Save Your SIGHT, yet I highly recommend it.

There are lots of great tips in there for keeping your eyes strong and healthy.

Here at Extreme Health Radio we like to take a proactive approach to not just our health but everything we do in life. There’s no sense in waiting until you get a diagnosis or waiting until you run out of money to start thinking about important issues.

So many times people don’t save for retirement, they don’t take care of their health, they don’t contemplate on eternal things, or they don’t store up food and supplies for a rainy day.

In my opinion it’s not enough to only do one of those things. What good is it if you’re extremely wealthy at 75 years old but you don’t have your health or you have no relationship with God?

It’s important to plug all of the holes that might be leaking water from your vessel.

I’ve been blessed to never having to need eye glasses. I’m neither farsighted nor nearsighted but I do know that eye muscles are not easy to keep strong as they’re very small. The tiny blood vessels and veins going to the eye don’t carry with them much oxygen and blood to the eye so it’s important to keep good vision and eye health.

Imagine being blind, getting cataracts, glaucoma or even macular degeneration and not being able to see anything. How much worth would you put on the ability to see if that happened?

Why wait?

I regularly make it a point to not wear sunglasses. If I’m going to be in the sun for many hours I’ll wear them for an hour and then take them off for an hour and switch back and forth.

I believe it’s important to get the reflected rays of Vitamin D to hit your retina and iris. Whenever I’m out at sunset I’ll do a little sun gazing and allow the sun to directly hit my eyeball for a second or two.

In a recent interview with Syd Singer he talked about how our sleep position in terms of the angle of our body has a tremendous impact on our eye health. He makes quite the compelling case which you can even read in his book Get It Up! Revealing the Simple Surprising Lifestyle that Causes Migraines, Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Glaucoma, Sleep Apnea, Impotence,…and More!

Another thing I do is rebound on my Bellicon Rebounder as that’s very beneficial for strengthening your eye muscles. I also avoid fried foods, cooked oils and processed food while increasing my intake of juiced carrots, and dark pigmented berries like blackberries and blueberries.

And judging by the work of Dr. Jack Kruse who has done a lot of work on EMF radiation and blue light, I’ve taken up the practice of installing Flux on all my computers while at the same time using low blue light glasses in order to prevent blue light from hitting my eyes at night.

But by far the best thing I’ve done recently is purchase these cheap pinhole glasses from

I wear them for around 20 minutes at a time a few times per day. I consider it my gym workout for my eyes.

Now it’s hard to tell the benefits I get from pinhole glasses because I already have great eyesight to begin with but after I wear them for 20 minutes I feel my vision is improved by a significant degree.

As I continue to wear them over time (as with any good workout routine) I’m sure I’ll notice better and better results.

How about you how do you take care of your eyes? Do you have any special practices you do like using urine or MSM eye drops or anything fun like that?

Let me know in the comments below and share your eye care health tips to the world!

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