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How I Make A Green Smoothie


Recently Kate and I were at the beach talking with a friend on the sand about what we were doing these days. We had not seen him for about a year. I’ve known this person for over 10 years. We always surf at the same beach and he’s about my age.

Being a local in a city is fun because you recognize all the same people and really get to know people living in your area.

So he was asking what I was up to these days and I told him about our radio show and he was really interested. He has a little son and has been buying that brand of juice called Naked and making smoothies with it. He was asking if that was as good as making a fresh smoothie yourself.

I figured that there were lots of people out there that might stumble across our site who are brand new to health and have no idea where to start. They might not even know what a “Green Smoothie” is.

It was a good reminder to allow myself to be less technical sometimes and explain some simple to do “how to” recipes for just an averge man or woman who wants just one thing to start with.

Sometimes you don’t need 50 things you’re trying to do in a day to be healthy. You just want one simple thing you can do each day and feel comfortable with it.

Hence this post…

How To Make A Green Smoothie

There are lots of ways people do it and there’s not a right way or wrong way. I’ll simply share what I do and if that works for you then great. If not then you can make any variation you like!

I make a “green” smoothie each day when I wake up. It’s a great breakfast.

So here she goes…

  1. Add your liquid base (coconut water, spring water, tea, nut milks, kombucha, kefir or whatever)
  2. A a handful of any greens you like (sprouts, spinach, kale, loose leaf lettuce, dandelion, spring mix etc…)
  3. Blend (This helps to break down the fibrous nature of the green plant material with just liquid)
  4. Add superfood powders of choice (I like clay, sunwarrior, vitamin c, maca, sea vegetables, chia & hemp seeds etc)
  5. Blend slowly to mix together
  6. Add 1 piece of fruit (1/4 of a banana to mask the bitterness of the greens)
  7. Add an avocado
  8. Frozen organic berries
  9. Blend and your done!

Sometimes I might add in a couple of raw eggs and a small teaspoon of raw butter for a good fat source along with the eggs, avocado, chia seeds, hemp seeds and the rest.

When you add some stevia to this it works very well with the sweetness of the fruit and you can’t taste the greens or eggs at all. On top of that it’s very filling. It can keep your stomach full and satiated for hours all the way up until past lunch if you’d like.

Some people don’t like adding this many things because it possibly promotes bad food combining principles but so far I have not found this to be a problem.

Make sure you chew each bite of your smoothie so you mix your saliva with each spoonful of smoothie so you kickstart your digestive process.

So that’s how I make a blended green smoothie that looks red because of the berries.

It’s sweet and delicious and you will love all the tastes and flavors this wonderful drink provides you.

The best machine I’ve found to make this green smoothie is the Vitamix and the Blendtec blenders.

They make them smooth, creamy and delicious!

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