How I Got Rid Of A Urinary Tract Infection Naturally & Have Prevented Them For 5 Years!


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How I Got Rid Of A Urinary Tract Infection Naturally & Have Prevented Them For 5 Years!



Feel Good Project day 58

So apparently the past ONE week of my life I have changed the most.

HOW do I know this?

Our dog trainer told me so.

WE marveled during our second session today about how Maggie is a whole different dog and how much she has changed, to which he replied, “No. my friends, YOU are whole different PEOPLE. It is not she who has changed but YOU.”

Well that stopped me in my tracks.

How could this be?

It had to be that SHE changed not us, but then I thought longer and harder about it.

Yes, he was right. That is true. It most definitely is we who are different.

Maggie would just go on being Maggie day in and day out if we were not the ones to take action and take back our territory. She had no reason to want or need to change, WE however did and this changed everything.

Not joking-we have a completely different pup because we were able to change our lives and the way we do things. Never before has there been such visible change over a one week period, so I am claiming this past week as the #1 growth week I have ever personally experienced.

This in itself is quite miraculous, and to add to it on the feel good physical side of things,is the fact that I was able to naturally overcome what was surely turning into a horrible urinary tract infection.

Don’t know about anyone else, but I am a gal who has had many UTI’s in my lifetime and my goodness are they absolute sucko.

Thankfully have not had one in 5 years now, which I attribute mostly to my dietary changes over that long period of time. Cutting way back on sugar these past years has been big in keeping them at bay I believe, along with adding in almost daily fresh organic juices, as well as daily doses of D-Mannose (which I thank my dear friend Maureen for telling me about over 5 years ago before she sadly passed away last year) which seems to be more powerful than any cranberry product I have ever taken!

This time I believe this possible infection was coming on due to stresses of the holidays (family in town, running more frantic than usual, eating a tad worse than normal etc) and not getting enough sleep.

Sometimes when I take too many baths I can get irritated as well, and heck it has been one heck of a bath season so far! (by the way, I never use bath products like bubbles etc. that add to possible irritation-just plain old filtered water and occasionally vitality herbs and clay products like Black Beauty to draw out harmful toxins)

SO, what I did the minute I felt the start of this, was to watch my sugar even more. Became very aware of everything I let pass through my lips.

Secondly, I made sure I stayed super duper hydrated, and although I had to pee twenty zillion times a day I loved knowing I was getting proper water intake.

I upped my D-Mannose supplements to 6 pills a day instead of my usual 1-2. Started taking homeopathic (Hyland’s brand) Bladder Irritation pill sunder my tongue every three hours! I used the Q-Laser twice a day for a few cycle below my belly button as well. I added in 2,000 mg lypospheric vitamin C packets from Livon Labs .

Most importantly what I did that goes against my former nature is that I WAITED.

I talked myself into patience and not freak out mode, which used to send me running to the Dr. anytime I felt the slightest burn beginning.

The first two days it seemed steady and not getting worse but not much better either. Then day three things started to turn around (when normally at this point they seemed to always take a turn for the worse!) By day four, almost back to normal, and then today which is day five-completely zero symptoms.

I continue to hydrate up the wazoo. I backed off homoepathic remedy for time being and still taking D-Mannose and vitamin C.

So far so great!

The thing about doing things naturally like this is that every time I do them in some new capacity or experiment and they actually WORK, then it gives me more faith in myself and in what my body is capable of doing.

It pumps me up so that when (and I say WHEN) the next challenge comes, I have more faith to believe in natural remedies.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: On a light note, I went up the street today to the market to grab something and upon pulling back out of the parking lot I seriously thought all of a sudden I saw someone sitting in the passenger side of my car! About threw me in to a heart attack, and then quickly realized that someone had flipped my passenger side mirror in toward the car, so that what I was seeing when looking over there was actually a mirror of ME looking back at myself. About scared the crap out of me for a minute and then I burst into laughter by myself at how silly the whole thing was. A good laugh with and at yourself sometimes is what it’s all about! 🙂


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