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How A Random Stranger In A Vitamin Store Became An Angel To Me And Encouraged Me Not To Give Up!



Feel Good Project day 131

Just when you think you’ve reached the end of your rope-an angel appears.

Out of thin air.

I met my angel today in a vitamin store.

The story is a good one. The condensed version is that I went a completely different path to the store all because I wanted to fill the car with the cheapest gasoline in town, which set me up for this whole ‘chance’ meeting. I fueled up, went to the bank and then got groceries, then I was supposed to cross the plaza to grab my precious D-Mannose at the vitamin shop.

Being absent minded and hurried on to the next order of business, I jumped in my car and headed out of the plaza, forgetting all about the supplement stop. Quickly realizing what I had done as soon as I hit the first signal out of the shopping plaza, I made the split second decision to make a right instead of the left I was in line for. I made a giant effort to go out of my way five minutes or so to re-enter the parking lot, find a space amongst the busyness, and hope it was all worth the effort.

It was.

I was a gal on a mission, so I entered and grabbed up my D-Mannose bottle and headed straight for the register, only to hear the lady in front of me talking about how Uva Ursi was the most excellent supplement for bladder irritation, and she’d be UTI free for over 6 years! I wanted in on that conversation, so I politely butted in to ask more details, as I had never tried that before.

LONG story short, I ended up being gifted a bottle of Uva Ursi from my new friend/angel named Shelly, as well as shared life, health challenges, encouragement, stories about God, and tears. We embraced a few times and just shared love with each other. Two perfect strangers who became anything but…all withing a half hour period.

In the midst of my own health struggles, I was quietly humbled to meet a woman whose journey on both physical and emotional levels has me beat hands down. She shared the most incredible, transparent heart I believe I have EVER seen for a first meeting of someone. I really do mean this.

There was a soul level connection, so I was relieved she gave me her contact info without thinking I was nuts, as I believe she will be in my life for some time to come:)

What a day.

I still see the hand of God and guidance in my life, even when times seem bleak and my prayers come up often seemingly unanswered. This week in particular I feel as if I am breaking through to new revelation…the kind I have been pleading for.

I’ve been asking for direction like crazy. Just to let me know what to do and I will DO it!!! I just need to know where to go and what to do next. My direction is coming by way of some doors closing fast while others are finally opening, trickling in slowly but surely…at least this is what seems to be happening.

Days like today make it all worth it in my opinion. Days like this ARE the silver lining so many talk about. I was blessed beyond belief from this incredible woman who I would have completely missed had I turned left.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: The powerful reminder of following my intuition, and seeing the dramatic effect it has when I actually listen…


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