How A Book I'm Reading Is Opening My Eyes About Ego And Here's How It's Changing Me


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How A Book I’m Reading Is Opening My Eyes About Ego – Here’s How It’s Changing Me



Feel Good Project day 85

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I am starting a new BOOK today-not just chapter.

So I literally decided to crack open the beautiful new notebook that Robin gave me for Christmas whose cover states: ‘Have The Courage To Dream’

That seems pretty appropriate.

Dreaming DOES take courage. ACTION requires a tremendous amount as I am learning.

I’m reading a great book that my good pal Bo Wong recommended by Stuart Wilde called ‘Infinite Self‘ which is quite interesting. I am not yet that far in and I have to say, it is making me probe my soul which makes it a wonderful book in my opinion, even if I don’t 100% agree with all of everything he has to say.

Each step I have come across so far in this book though is SPOT ON to what I am going through at that particular time and leaves me feeling like this was written FOR me.

Example: I’ll be honest, today started out a bit rocky. Not that I was having severe doubts yet about my decision (to quit my salon), but little tiny twinges of uneasiness as I realized what in the world just happened! I actually QUIT my job! So, tonight I picked up this book and opened to this:

Step 3-Having The Courage to go Beyond.

Interesting that Robin’s gift mentioned the same word of COURAGE. So I am paying close attention.

My favorite paragraph from tonight’s reading goes like this:

The ego is naturally resistant to letting go. It wants to hold on to it’s sense of power and to dominate your life and the lives of others. It needs to control because it feels insecure. So, it may be frightening to let go, but in my view it is way more frightening to stay where you are.

I was given a precious gift this afternoon from my friend Kelly who is taking my clients at the salon. She gifted me with a vintage looking key necklace.

I cannot tell you how perfect that is.

There was a nagging feeling all last week to find a necklace to symbolize my moving on to this next phase. I even went so far as to have put one in my online cart but from some reason I just couldn’t hit the purchase button. Probably, more than anything, it was because we really have to watch every penny coming and going these days, and I was trying to do the best thing.

I comforted myself by telling me that I would buy a symbol at a later time when the money came my way.

Instead the necklace came my way- and with NO money involved! Ha! I adore living in gratitude and trust. It’s quite unbelievable what unfolds.

Life never used to be this exciting. NEVER.

Kelly told me that she saw this key and immediately thought of ‘new doors’ and marking the moment of walking through my most recent and first door.

Our party went well at the salon this afternoon. It helped things feel more wrapped up and final. I have to go back in first thing in the morning to clean out my station and take a few things home (and pop all of the balloons!) and as I lock the door tomorrow it will be the final time…and I will wear the NEW key around my neck as I turn in the old one.

What a perfect trade off.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: desiring an orchid SO badly for my home from Trader Joe’s and not being able to justify the purchase all week ONLY to be gifted the MOST gorgeous orchid plant at my party tonight. It’s FULL of blooms and it’s better-much better-than any I had seen anywhere else. I LOVE the magical feel of letting go and watching God provide for me. If all of these ‘little’ things just for my pleasure are coming my way in bizarre ways, I cannot even begin to imagine how the BIG stuff will be taken care of as I go along. I just have to learn to remain in this space- as things are much better here:)


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