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Here’s Why The Wealthiest Place In The World Is A Graveyard


I think I am really a Texan at heart.

Sure, there are ‘some’ things I love about being a California native (warm weather, beach culture, good wines and plenty of diverse road trip destinations), BUT my love of country music, cowboy boots and horses make me wonder sometimes if I accidentally got plopped into the wrong state!

I set out to marry a southern cowboy, but God knew better and dropped me the hottest surfer in my lap instead:)

[spp-tweet “Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers…”]

see? EVERYTHING goes back to country…thank you Mr. Garth Brooks!

An Eli Young Band song came on the radio today that’s been stuck in my head. The line sings, “keep on dreaming, even if it breaks your heart…

The first time my ears heard this catchy tune, I fell in love with it, and have heard it numerous times since.

What I loved about it today in particular, is that it had a way (as most country songs do) of hitting right at the core of where my heart and soul meet, that space where we carry all that truly IS us. The emotions, the struggles, the triumphs, the falling and failings, the hopes and dreams….this song just met me in that spot today.

I know I am not alone in the journey of falling and rising back up again, over and over, sometimes with dirty faces and tear stained cheeks, to keep on keeping on.

One of my most favorite motivational talks I have listened to over and over that has changed my life and the way I look at adversity and obstacles, is by the amazingly inspirational Les Brown, who reminds us that it’s not only important that we have our dreams….but it’s NECESSARY.

I remember this every time I think I am dreaming way too far ahead of myself. Dreams can often seem unattainable and always either JUST out of reach, or in many cases often WAY out of reach.

But you know when you have that CALLING of your soul?

We all are called to SOMETHING at some point, whether we squelch it and stomp it down or not is our own doing. I do believe we ALL have this in us if we don’t let it get extinguished or if it does that we rekindle and stoke the flames until it burns bright once again.

Today was a day that my dreams seemed so grand when I got out of bed this morning that I felt like throwing in the towel. Then my larger self had a conversation with my smaller self about how foolish that idea was, and that as Mr. Les Brown reminds us:

“…the wealthiest place in the world is the graveyard. The dreams, hopes and inventions that DIE and are buried forever because we didn’t keep on dreaming, EVEN when it breaks our hearts.”

Let’s KEEP charging forward my friends with our dreams.

Funny how it took a country song to remind me of that.

Justin often says that maybe if God has told us to do a certain thing and has assigned this amazing idea or opportunity to us and we decide to give up and pass on it, then what if he in turn has to give it to someone else to create and birth, as its purpose is to be out in the world????

WHAT a way to look at it! What a calling? What if we say a big fat NO instead of a YES and get passed by on the fulfillment of seeing these dreams come into fruition?

I am continuing to say YES…to life, to dreams, to health, to living large, to seeing change in the world, to fighting for freedom, to waking up!!!!!

By the way, whenever Justin drives the car without me and the country music station is playing, I am sure he rolls his eyes, but probably secretly keeps listening:) What can I say-it has a way of growing on you:)

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Called a surf shop today to see if they had a certain gift item for a friend (from TEXAS!) that we are meeting up with after our Dr. Bergman chiropractic sessions tomorrow! What sounded like a 10-12 year old boy answered the phone, trying to sound professional and helpful. I tried not to laugh or ask if the child labor laws had changed! He ended up being so much more helpful than most adults I have ever dealt with on the phone-ha! So courteous and lovely, and they had what I needed too-perfect way to make me smile this late afternoon….


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