Helping A Friend With Alternative Cancer Treatments


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Helping A Friend With Alternative Cancer Treatments



Last week I had the opportunity to help one of Kate’s hair clients out with cancer. While Kate was doing her hair she told her client about all these wonderful alternative cancer treatments that are extremely effective.

The lady’s husband is dealing with extreme pain and some kind of tumor/growth on his pancreas. As we might all know pancreatic cancer seems to be a type that’s extremely aggressive and rapid growing. From the initial time they found it until a few months later there had been no activity or growth at all.

Then from when they found it to a few months later (now) it had had significant activity.

The doctors wanted to do surgery and chemotherapy (I’m not sure if they also wanted to do radiation). But since the growth was sitting next to some very large blood vessels they wanted to shrink it first with chemotherapy before they did surgery to remove it.

Leave it to doctors to try the most aggressive (and lucrative I might add) treatments as their first resort…

Her husband was in extreme pain as a result of this tumor but as of yet had not had any chemo, radiation or surgery. Now I’m not a doctor but in my opinion this is the best time to start a natural alternative and holistic treatment for cancer.

Once you kill the immune system and destroy healthy cells with toxic chemotherapy and radiation how can you expect the body to respond favorably to natural treatments for cancer? The immune system is destroyed so supporting a broken immune system with herbs and minerals isn’t going to work. Chemotherapy is so incredibly dangerous and poisonous to the body that (if it doesn’t work) almost all is lost after you undergo such a treatment.

You see, the natural approaches to cancer look at the entire disease process completely different. The alternative (I hate that word because the allopathic medical model was preceded by a homeopathic and holistic paradigm) approach figures out why the cancer is there, what brought it on and how the body can be supported, strengthened and cleansed enough to effectively remove it from the body.

Anyway something hit me when we were talking on the phone. She said, “It’s amazing you go through life and don’t think about this kind of thing until it happens to you.”

I don’t blame her at all for not thinking about this. I blame the media, our schools and society at large for this.

It’s almost like we’re all walking around in a hazy fog.

Cancer and heart disease are the #1 and #2 killers in the Western world. They kill more people than all other diseases. I’m going to make up a number here. But how is it these two conditions alone have a 95% chance of killing you, and we don’t teach our kids about how to prevent it?

Let’s say you had a child and you could look into the future and see that at the age of 12 they would be killed by a car while crossing the street on their way to school. Somehow you knew there was a 100% chance this would happen.

At this point percentages don’t even matter. 95% or 100% are about the same to me.

Wouldn’t you do everything in your might to teach that child to look both ways and be extremely careful before crossing the street?

With cancer and heart disease the chances are EXTREMELY high (one day I’ll look up the actual numbers) you will be affected on one level or another.

Why don’t we teach our kids the most basic of life lessons at school?

Things like…

  • How to balance a checkbook
  • How to start a business
  • How to monetize your passions
  • How to cook
  • How to grow food
  • How to get a job
  • How to prevent disease
  • How to succeed in relationships
  • How to give back to your community

Instead we teach them everything they don’t need to know and leave out everything they should be learning. At the very least, let’s have a little of each to balance things out here.

Some things I recommended…

I was able to share with this lady some websites, interviews we’ve done, products and protocols for her to look into. She’s going to buy a juicer and learn how to green juice, lowering her husbands sugar intake, rebounding and sweating. I also told her she should look into the best alternative cancer healing book I know of called Cancer Step Outside the Box.

She’s also going to get some raw apricot kernels for the vitamin b-17 (also called laetrile & amygdalin if my memory serves me correct). I believe this was first popularized by Jason Vale.

I recommended Dr. Mark Sircus’s website, Chris Beat Cancer, Rick Simpsons hemp oil as well as and Dr. Gonzalez who specializes in pancreatic cancer.

I didn’t want to throw too much at her. There are lots more she could and should be doing but when somebody hasn’t been exposed to this type of information you want to focus on small actionable items they can put into practice immediately.

So please pray for them. I’m leaving their last names out on purpose.

They could really use your prayers, thoughts and energy.

I’d like to end by saying that I’m not a doctor or an expert in any way. I’m just a guy who’s passionate about helping people, loves health and seems to have a good memory for storing this information. I can at least point people in a direction and they can take it from there.

At that point I’ve done my job.

What a blessing to be in the position I’m in. I thank God every day…

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