Have You Moved Beyond Food Yet?


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Have You Moved Beyond Food Yet?

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Does Food Really Matter?

Yes I’ve seen the DVD Food Matters but I’m wondering if food should even be an issue. Really it’s just fuel for us to live that which is our life’s purpose. The problem is the most of us never find out what our purpose is, so we end up with all kinds of weird relationships with food and other substances.

When something hits you over the head, you need to listen.

Today I learned about 3 people that died of heart attacks. The first one is Neil Reed who used to be a college basketball player. The second one is Don Perry Vice President of Chick-fil-A. And the third person I learned today that died of a heart attack was a friend of my wife’s who was about 33 years old.

As somebody who has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, I recently started taking a supplement for my heart called magnesium taurate. You can read more about some things I’ve put together for heart health here.

Maybe this is a reminder for me to keep taking care of my heart. I’m so glad I got into raw and living foods. Who knows with my heart condition if I had kept eating cookies, pizza and pasta I may have clogged my arteries so much by now that I too would be dead of a heart attack.

Be that as it may, it does feel good to understand the health game and then move past it.

For me it’s important to allow food to help heal me and not damage me but I also feel like it’s time to focus on what food is supposed to do for us, and not the food itself.

Because I got into raw foods in 2003 I feel like I’ve learned so much. At first it was a radical change from my normal diet. I was learning so much and having such an amazing time with all of this new information that nobody even really knew. I was 100% raw vegan until 2010 when I started introducing organic, grass fed, raw animal products into my diet.

I feel like as I progress in this lifestyle, the diet part almost doesn’t even become a part of my thought process every day. It’s always there in the background but it’s not something I really think about. Fast food, “normal” “food”, is just not an option anymore. I don’t even look at it as food anyway and it doesn’t tempt me in the least. It doesn’t really matter how hungry I am, I wouldn’t consider Pizza Hut pizza a food let alone something that could nourish me.

What the food does do for me though is give me energy and vitality to be able to live and “do my dream” which is helping people change their lives through diet and lifestyle changes.

It seems like the more you value yourself and eat a certain way, it just becomes a habit. It becomes something you don’t think about. Becoming more spiritual, loving God more and helping others seems to be much more important to me these days than what I put into my mouth.

It’s not that what I put into my mouth isn’t important, it absolutely is. It’s just that I don’t think of it anymore. It’s so much a part of my daily life that I’m more focused on other things. On the other hand, when I think about how the average American eats, I quickly realize I’m anything but normal.

Plus I look at them as abnormal anyways so we’re even. 😉

Speaking of normal, I feel like the way the average american eats and lives is so abnormal, we have to swing 180 degrees the oposite direction just go balance things out for a bit. Then once we balance things out, we can focus on things other than food and start helping people and loving people.

I’m always going to strive to become healthier and stronger every day. It’s one of my passions but it’s not something that dominates my entire being anymore. I feel like I’ve been able to move past all of that.

Some people struggle with food addictions their whole lives. The cravings, the desire to cheat, counting calories and all the rest of it. Once you can tame the wild beast, then you can get on living your life.

Question Of The Day:

How often do you think about food or give into food temptations?

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