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Glacial Blue Directions by Robert von Sarbacher

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Glacial Blue and The MIX (Glacial Blue and Atlantis Rising mixed) version have the same directions completely Atlantis Rising (NOT MIXED) is only one that can be used as IV … Mysterium is the only lotion so far that’s been made up that works with this and seems to have increased it’s speed of healing of Glacial Blue by about 5 times or so… Old scars that would take 12 months to go are disappearing in 2 to 4 months with Mysterium the DAYTIME and NIGTTIME formulas.

Spa Soaps is amazing in sooo many ways… it has higher copper content than the $37.50 bars of copper soaps from California Spas and better version of Copper too (nano) and higher silver content than the $125 per bar soap from France (see ebay or link below) – you use that soap and do not need a moisturizer on afterwards and a lot of your odor disappears too!

The competition in soaps still no match for us at all:

Well anyway that’s the competition and they are NO competition… but all the same… best used and appreciated as a soap for those with acne and skin conditions or for odor etc…

This is perfect for all forms of Transplants of Liver and Kidney and etc., works wonders on those with stints and implants and replaced knees and hips and other joints and all sorts of rod and metal placed in their bodies.

THE MIX Glacial Blue – The Citrate version – and Atlantis Rising – both are mixed to give about 50/50 Ascorbate/Citrate


Transdermal Patches spraying on LB in intervals or other possibilities for the future with these ACE bandages – LB needs a way to breathe and these are perfect – every three hours spray again to keep it wet 24/7 as best you can Piece of cotton ball sprayed with LB every 3 hours with piece of medical tape or non stick med tape or a band aid to keep it in place Band aid sprayed down over the cotton part of it every 3 hours Gauze held on with Waterproof Med Tape or band aids or preferably ACE bandages and spray it every 3 hours to keep it wet 24/7 Even adult diapers soaked in the stuff placed on the body and kept wet as best as possible for example as used on whole of the stomach liver pancreas area, spleen area towards the back even, or the lungs etc etc etc Salves and Creams and Moisturizers and Shampoos and Conditioners…will even have a shaving cream for you in about 45 days that accidentally keeps having the body removing everyone’s acne. Will show how to make some of these below towards the bottom.

All of these applications except the Salves can be at 10% and 20% of solution concentration by pouring out a portion of the Glacial Blue from spray bottle and putting it into separate container and then putting in some de-ionized water to dilute it – this also will resolve many issues with initial itching that most people get around joints especially the inside of the knees for 1st week or less.

Glacial BLUE – More directions from older files published on DocStoc

Copper-Silver-Potassium Citrate Application Protocols Acne Add to liquid soap in 50-50 proportions, apply to face, neck and other blemished areas daily for one week, or until scaring is gone.

Burns 1st degree:

Spray on burned area, one or two times 30 minutes apart.

2nd degree:

Spray on burned area every 30 minutes for four hours, then one or two more times the next day. 3rd degree: Spray on all affected areas including the blackened areas, no need to peel off clothing unless it is waterproof. Keep spraying every 15 minutes entire area until moleskin soaked in solution can be applied to blackened areas; if medical personnel peel the blackened skin off, apply solution soaked moleskin to the area that has been peeled, keep it wet with the solution, it will prevent infection, swelling and pain while healing the burn back to normal tissue including the vascular and neurological bedding, hair and any damaged cartilage or bone.

Athlete’s foot:

Spray area including in between toes, spray surfaces where fungus was picked up, spray inside of shoes, normally fungus is killed with one application, but advanced cases may need two or three treatments over the span of one or two days.

Cuts, scrapes and abrasions Spray affected areas at least twice in one hour; bad bruising or serious cuts should have three or more applications.

Deep Wounds and large wounds

Clean area of debris with solution irrigation, spray on entire wound area at least three times, on deep wounds pour solution in wound, and cover with moleskin soaked in solution until medical help is available to close the wound. Large area wounds should be covered with moleskin soaked in solution immediately to prevent secondary infection, swelling and pain.

Insect bites and plant derived rashes [not anaphylaxis]

Spray on affected areas at least twice in one hour, additional applications the next day if needed. Sunburns Spray on immediately on all affected areas being careful not to spray it directly in the eyes, apply additional times as needed every hour or two. Blisters and peeling should not occur. Reporting Report adverse reactions to UQD’s IRB and to the FDA directly if such adverse reaction is serious.

Joint Swelling or pain

Soak ace bandage in solution, apply to affected area without tightening too much, keep it wet for at least one full day. More applications if pain or swelling does not decrease. Angina and Ischemic Heart disease Apply Ace bandage, but not tight to upper thorax, but under the arms, soak with solution, keep this up until oxygen saturation is above 95 and sustains that level over several hours.

Other applications

Try then report outcomes: only need sex and age, not names.

Application for Sarcoidosis or for Sebaceous Dermatitis

Any application method used for Glacial Blue is good for this but you must USE THE MIX IN THIS CASE – they will scream otherwise! The entire time!!

Application for regeneration of Internal Organs and Bones and ligaments and nerve tissues and Brain and Eyes

Use of the spray on Glacial Blue multiple times a day or just using the Moisturizing Glacial Blue Salve or the Regular Glacial Blue Salve – the Regular one can be done 20 x a day on the body if you like, since it dries fast for you, just like the Glacial Blue Spray can be used 1000x per day if you like, just keep spraying it on, waiting for it to dry, and reapplying over and over. This is placed over kidneys and pancreas and heart and liver and gallbladder and any damaged nerve areas, etc. The Moisturizing one cannot be applied as much b/c of it’s never really drying out, it’ll just get thicker and thicker.

As you can imagine the best results achieved per the PhD. were from the regular salve multiple times used – as was made and done in Germany and through Europe and I believe mentioned it’s use in Mexico, and few other countries.

For Brain

Place it on the back of the neck, even on the temples, esp. good when one has had or is having a stroke at the time!!! See Example from the Glacial Blue file.

For Eyes

Place it on the temples only, keep OUT OF THE EYE. Wash out with water anything you get in the eye! This substance can regrow a new eye however, never use it IN the eye! It doesn’t like the sulfur in the eyes. Wash it out IMMEDIATELY!

Any and all applications must be used in such a way that the spray or salves can BREATHE! Something as easy as a piece of cotton ball that women usually use to pull of the make up every night with – sprayed down with a piece of waterproof medical tape ($7 at walmart) is good enough for this. Just keep spraying it down every 3 hours to keep it wet.

Applications for use with Implants and with Transplants

Perfect for those with transplants and those with Implants – whether it be a stint or rods and other metals in the body to hold it in place after accidents or knee or hip or other replacements or liver or kidney transplants esp. with regards to lower the quantity of the rejections drugs they take or eliminating them altogether… Best and SAFEST and EASIEST way to take it is the spray on or the salve over the areas that are the issue… liver area for liver transplants, etc.

Transplants have the issue of rejection: Tissue rejection from transplants used to not exist, regardless of blood type – if are you believe the older Drs. that illegally performed these back in the 50s and way before then, from everything from cold, slow heart transplants to liver transplants and etc… in fact, according to the most well researched Drs. in the world today, these problems only take place b/c of vaccines, mainly the SCMV ( small green monkey megalo virus) and Herpes and all the permutations of Herpes – b/c of these viruses tissue rejection is commonplace and the non-sensical need for “matches” of liver types etc are needed… however, even that would be mostly a non-issue (the liver type matches and heart tissue matches and etc.)

IF they were COLD version transplants and SLOW transplants… you’ll have to research these yourself for more info… you will find almost no tissue rejection ever in cases like this despite the viruses in the transplanted organs or the host bodies.

Regardless, if you are looking for get a transplant you can rid yourself of most of the problems just by doing an IV of DARK BLUE ONE TIME before the transplant to rid yourself of almost all of these viruses, even the ones inside the cells or attached to the DNA!!!

If you already have a transplant then a one time IV of Dark Blue can help to lower the amt of rejection drugs you’re taking – if not eliminate them altogether…However, this is not always necessary, nor wanted with the amt of oversight required for that one time hit of the IV… instead do the easier route and take the salve and place over the liver 24/7 – many times this is enough to force the body over months to replace the liver with it’s OWN DNA! Thus more more rejection of the organ! All I know is that this occurs smoothly and it’s nothing drastic… It works also with implants and metal as well just as easily… Even the metal that is no longer needed, whether it be stainless steel or titanium will be eaten away by the body as it functions at superman levels of detoxing and healing. This will occur over a period of months …

Atlantis Rising – The Ascorbate version

15ml per liter of D5W per 150 lbs of body weight of a full grown adult – this IV treatment is not for kids… The drip is for 5 hours to 7 hours. Electrolytes and esp. Potassium must be monitored for entire of the 5 to 7 hours, every 20 mins a new reading must be done to make sure your patient is not about to be potassium poisoned. This must be done for 6 weeks in a row, one time per week only, 6 IVs total…monitoring each week as well with any reports from the patient…to make sure nothing anomalous is happening to your patient during this time, over the course of the week after the IV.

With Dr. permission, seeing that everything is normal, he can do the next weeks IV 7 days later and every 7 days thereafter, with Dr. permission each time. NO ONE will ever do this IV drip without first talking to the Dr., M.D., PhD., that invented this product.

Anyone considering this IV – and I have a few already – I will have them do calls to the PhD – as I am about to have clients go to Mexico next month just to have this done in Monterrey at University Hospital – the biggest hospital in Monterrey, Mexico. They will stay there for 6 weeks, having a treatment one time per week only. All of these Drs. are capable of this minor, and very simple IV for monitoring a patient every 20 mins, as the PhD. has been down there and knows these people.

Directions for Mysterium

The DAYTIME white bottle is during the daytime – place on a THIN layer onto the skin. The NIGHTTIME dark bottle is for night, place a THIN layer on the skin, a little goes a long way.

You should awaken the next morning with a mask on your face, wash it off, it will have a great affect over its 2 months of use (ea DAYTIME and NIGHTTIME is worth about 35 applications each = 2 months  most are getting almost 2 months out of this.)

Have any Spider veins to get rid of ??? use it on those as well – DAYTIME in the am, NIGHTTIME in the pm….

Have large craters in the face or in the nose or etc from previous acne??

The real key to it is the NIGHTTIME formula but they work as a system – Apply the DAYTIME one as it is invisible during the day…. But just do the usual around the whole area of the face or neck or back or etc. that it is being used over, NOT just the crater or indented skin section or old scar.

The NIGHTTIME is the key to this though and will be applied at night when no one is around to see you have a mask of a sorts on…It is mostly being applied to the crater areas like so – rub over the area of the crater with just enough to fill it in… no need for extra over the rest of the face, just the area of the crater(s). Do this every night, even on those rare days when you are home all day – can skip the DAYTIME for that day only and use more of the NIGHTTIME instead.

This has filled in a large crater in the nose of one gentlemen the Founder works with as of Dec 2010 – and she gave this to him to use to see if it would do just that – Success! We will need plenty more to make use of this product as examples as it is very useful for that – I’m going to use it directly on old chicken pox craters that are left behind after chicken pox.

We’ll see how these work for that as well… let me know also the use and timing of these on old scars – whereas the Glacial Blue might take 8 to 12 months to remove them – this Mysterium combo with Glacial Blue will usually do it in about 2 months, maybe 4 months – let’s see if we can all get as good results!

Salve Making: 2 Varieties:

A Regular Glacial Blue Salve – very liquidy in comparison which makes it dry faster. 1 cup of Glacial Blue in a junky blender like $20 from Wal-Mart – this is a requirement, as a good blender will kill this mix you’re about to make. 2 Tbl of oil (I use 50/50 hemp oil and hemp (or neem or both) oil) 2.9 tsp (almost exactly 1 Tbl) of Highest Methylated Apple Pectin in the world – only this one will work – we’ve tried everything underneath it in the world and it won’t hold a consistency! Ugh! This works!

B Moisturizing Glacial Blue Salve – very silky in comparison, and feels like that all day. 1 cup of Glacial Blue in a junky blender like $20 from Wal-Mart – this is a requirement, as a good blender will kill this mix you’re about to make. ½ cup of oil (I use 75/25 hemp (or neem or both) to hemp oil) 2.9 tsp (almost exactly 1 Tbl) of Highest Methylated Apple Pectin in the world – only this one will work – we’ve tried everything underneath it in the world and it won’t hold a consistency! Ugh! This works!

Mix in blender for 90 seconds, let sit for 5 mins to cool down, repeat 2 more times. So basically it stays cool the whole time and does not kill the enzymes in the hemp or hemp (or neem or both) or the Ashitaba oil… Now place into a glass jar and apply. Of course, you will need a decent hemp (or neem or both) oil – I know of 3 with enzymes still alive in them,, Premier Research Labs (Quantum Nutrition),, and a 4th sometimes found in stores is called

You will find that it dries perfectly in about 5 mins of application… can reapply 1000x per day if you like – the more you apply the more GLACIAL BLUE goes into the body, hence great over all areas of the body. The more you apply the more pain reduces and healing occurs.

You can increase the oil content as you can see above with the 2 different versions of Salve, but you can never increase the Apple Pectin. It must be used as is, in that quantity, and as I gave you EXACT amount of Apple Pectin, you can alter this recipe for larger or smaller amounts of Salve that you wish to make no problem.

The oil needs to be one of 4 combos:

  • All hemp (or neem or both)
  • All Ashitaba Oil,
  • ½ hemp (or neem or both) with ½ hemp oil ½ hemp
  • (or neem or both) oil with ½ Ashitaba oil

I’m going to start experimenting also with Aragon oil as well and there are many others that are great to experiment with – one was jojoba oil – that was a total failure though – jojoba will not work with GB. Ashitaba is too expensive and too hard to get a hold of for most people but it is the greatest there is in oils on the skin!

A is very quick to dry and will be great on those using the Glacial Blue – where it’s drying out their skin – now use salve and problem solved. B is much slower drying but feels silkier by far on the skin and will “feel” it all day – but less Glacial Blue is in it.

Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

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