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Extreme Health Radio Sponsors!


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We only partner with and work with the top companies in the world who are producing products that really work. Kate and I have used these products and highly recommend all of them to help improve your health.

Please click over to their sites using the link below and help support them and us. Remember if there are no sponsors there is no show! 🙂 We truly think these products can improve your life like they have ours!

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  • Nutrex Hawaii – The number one product for Astaxanthin and Spirulina. Use promo code JUSTIN for 25% off. Visit our Nutrex page.hyperlink-arrow
  • Carnivora – Take advantage of 17 multi-dimensional nutrients in their natural state working synergistically to support the natural healing process. Selectively responds to abnormal cells only. No harm to a single normal cell. They’ve even removed the magnesium stearate from their capsules.
  • BioAge Superfood – The BIOPREPARATION (BP) formulas are the original formulas developed and tested with over 20 animal species in Russia. They are whole food products composed of four of the most nutrient dense algae found on earth. Each formula delivers a different nutritional value. The products are presented in vegetable capsules that are practical to use; they are easy to swallow or can be opened to obtain the fresh green powder. Use coupon code JUSTIN for a 10% discount!
  • LivOn Labs – Hands down THE best Vitamin C product on the market. It’s fully encapsulated in liposomes which makes them more bioavailable, digestable (no stomach issues) and absorbable. It’s perfect to fend off any kind of sickness and great for the entire family. Kate and I LOVE their products and wouldn’t want to be without them!
  • Essence Sea – EssenceSea™ is a wellness product line developed from essential sea-based nutrients that are able to penetrate the cell walls of the body for optimal hydration and mineral balance, hence wellness. Our proprietary processing technology changes the molecular structure of the sea nutrients so they can effectively enter and penetrate the cells of the body. When the body is able to effectively utilize its nutrients and minerals, primarily magnesium, it is able to decalcify the soft tissues, allowing for age reversal and relief from chronic diseases and ailments such as inflammation (joint and muscle pain), thyroid and other immune system dysfunctions, toxicity, and digestive dysfunction.





































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