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Charles Erwin – Are You As Free As You Think You Are? I think The Answer Might Shock You.

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We talked with Mr. Charles Erwin today. He’s the author of American Freedom. Charles is a person who loves freedom and personal liberty. He shared his passion and tons of unique knowledge about freedom issues on this particlar radio show/podcast.

Why should we “health nuts” care about liberty and freedom issues?

Here are a handful of health related “freedom” issues that could affect us all..

  • Vaccines & flu shots
  • Child Protective services (CPS) potentially taking away your childres. (see post)
  • All alternative healing centers are overseas
  • Codex Alimentarius and how they are trying to control access to foods, herbs & supplements
  • Mandatory health insurance (Obama-Care)
  • The spraying of chemicals on our food supplies. Also called geo engineering

Most people have never heard of the concepts that Charles Erwin brings to the table and that’s why he’s out there doing the work that he’s doing. His information isn’t just another take on political sides or whether or not we should vote Republican or Democrat. What he’s saying is much deeper than that. We talked a little bit about what’s commonly referred to as “Words of Art”. For example did you know there’s a difference between the United States and The United States of America?

Did you know that California, The State of California and the Republic of California are 3 different things? Or the Constitution of The United States is different than The Constitution For The United States?

Did you know that your birth certificate is sold on the New York stock exchange with the full CUSIP number and all? Did you know that everything in our society is handled by what are commonly referred to as trusts and have split title? Sometimes people call this divided title. For example, why do you think you have to keep paying property tax after you pay off your mortgage? It’s because the State granted you legal title while they have equitable title. He who has equitable title is the real owner. The same holds true with your car. You have legal title (which means you can buy, sell and make a profit) but they have equitable title.

And to take this a step further, this idea of ownership actually pertains to the corporate fiction which is your body. You see, there’s you (the living soul) and then there’s the corporate fiction (also called the straw man by some) version of you in corporeal form. This corporate fiction (remember only corporations can deal and have control over other corporations) in physical form is really the collateral for any infractions the “soul” or “spirit” version of you commits.

You see how complicated they purposely made it? Why haven’t you been taught this information in school? Why is this the first you’re hearing about it? I think it’s because if they let the cat out of the bag and EVERYBODY understood that the way our society runs is just a fictional game, they would give up power back to the people.

And when people have knowledge and power, they are not easily controlled….unless they’re on mind numbing pharmaceutical medications but that’s a topic for another show.

Suffice it to say that when you realize we were set up to operate in a republic and not a democracy you start to understand the game a little bit better. Hopefully through doing shows like this Charles Erwin can continue to get his work out to more and more people so we can all wake up!

After you listen, comment below and tell us what you think!

We discuss the following and so much more:

  • Understanding the essence of who we are
  • The difference between something that’s legal vs lawful
  • Why most licenses are not necessary in a free society
  • The difference between United States & United States of America
  • A Republic vs a Democracy
  • Why President Obama is only the president of a corporation (similar to Apple or Coke)
  • Why voting at the Federal level is meaningless
  • The difference between Civil rights vs Natural Rights
  • Equitable Title vs Legal title
  • Maritime Admiralty & how The Law of The Sea plays a role in our lives
  • And so much more!

Did you know that your birth certificate is bought & sold on the NY Stock Exchange? Charles Erwin explains… – Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: Tuesday 5/14/2013
Show Guest: Charles Erwin
Guest Info: Charles Erwin is a High School and College graduate from the State of Texas. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from East Texas State University, which is now Texas A & M University Commerce.

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Topic: Freedom and liberty issues
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