Chris Kehler – How He Uses Energy Medicine & Quantum Energy Techniques For Healing


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Chris Kehler – How He Uses Energy Medicine & Quantum Energy Techniques For Healing All Kinds Of Health Challenges

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We had a fascinating discussion with Chris Kehler in Canada. He joined Kate and I to talk about some of the unique ways he’s using energy medicine in his practice.

At this current state of my understanding, it is my belief that all disease is caused by some emotional and therefore energetic blockage in the body. The result is the body trying to heal as God designed it but it cannot because of the emotional stress we all expose ourselves to on a daily basis.

As people trying to reclaim our health, we focus on what workout routine we’re doing, what foods we’re eating as what foods we’ve been cutting out of our diet. But we tend to forget about how emotions, drama and stress play a role not only of our sickness but our healing as well.

I think energy medicine is the core of where real healing is going to happen. It does no good to eat the right diet (whatever kind of diet you think is best at the moment) but be burning the candle at both ends, not sleeping, stressed out from our jobs, depressed, thinking negative thoughts and think we can heal or experience abundant health.

I completely understand that a lot of you might think energy medicine is New Age or perhaps Star Trek in nature but in my opinion it’s how God created the earth. It’s based on energy, quantum mechanics, string theory and vibration. All health is vibration and energy.

Being able to tap into and manipulate or transduce that elusive “force” is what keeps our cells electrically and energetically alive. When you get right down to it, our bodies are simply energy. Our living cells actually live off the photonic energy or light that’s produced when old cells die. Even if you get down to the subatomic level particles and waves are literally vibrating and are energetic.

Our stress and emotions get stored in our physical bodies. They can literally change the shape and therefore function of not only our cells but our organs and glands. As a result these glands and organs cannot operate properly. Because of this, cells must compensate, the pH must compensate and other organs must compensate.

You can begin to see that we are literally balls of energy. If you ever looked at kirlian photography you can see images of fruit, or foods that give off this electric charge depending on how “alive” it is.

The problem is that most people focus on diet alone for health and if they neglect energy medicine, their emotional state and don’t address the stress in their lives they won’t get very far.

Listen to this interview/podcast with Chris Kehler with an open mind and let me know what you think!

After you listen, comment below and tell us what you think!

We discuss the following and so much more:

  • The story of how Chris Kehler got into energy medicine
  • What is quantum mechanics
  • How does energy play a role in healing
  • Why foot baths work so well for detoxifying the blood and liver
  • How grounding pads work
  • How he uses live blood cell analysis to diagnose his patients
  • Why sacred geometry helps in the healing process
  • How crystal and gold pyramids work
  • And so much more!

I think energy medicine is going to be the next big thing in natural health… – Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: Monday 4/29/2013
Show Guest: Chris Kehler
Guest Info: Chris Kehler is a holistic energy practitioner who uses pendulum dowsing, sacred geometry such as pyramids to first find the area in the body where the health problem exists, and then use sacred geometry to “neutralize” the stressor in the area. Chris is certified in Quantum touch, live blood analysis and Radionics. Chris is also the owner of “Quantum Point Technologies” the maker of energy wrist bands such as the “sleep” band.

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