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Andrea Cox On Raw Food, Cleansing, Juice Fasting, Natural Healing, Liver cleanses & More

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Andrea Cox dropped in from Del Mar California to talk about the raw food diet, cleansing, detoxification, juice fasting, colonics, liver cleanses, herbs and more. She’s the author of Rawlicious Recipes (amazon affiliate link) which teaches people how to make raw, healthy foods.

I apologize for the very beginning of the episode we had some minor technical difficulties (i.e – I forgot to “unmute” Andrea. Turns out that’s not a good idea if you want to interview somebody! Only the first 6 seconds were lost. I apologize.)

After you listen, comment below and tell us what you think!

We discuss the following and so much more:

  • Her opinions on liver cleansing
  • The importance of sweating
  • The benefits of rebounding for the lymphatic system
  • Why juicing is vital for overall health and healing
  • How Andrea can walk you through the exact cleanse she uses on her celebrity clients
  • And much more!

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Show Date: 9/17/2012
Show Guest: Andrea Cox
Guest Info: Andrea Cox is a highly published fitness model turned author. She has appeared on several fitness magazine covers and other media.

Andrea has had several articles published on reflexology and raw food. She fell in love with the healthy California lifestyle and “UN”cooking methods of The Raw Food Movement.

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Topic: Raw Food, Detoxification, Liver Cleanses, Juice Fasting
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Podcast Transcript:

Justin: Thank you so much everybody for joining us on today’s edition of We really appreciate you taking some time out of your day and learning about health and nutrition from Andrea Cox. We’re really excited about having her on the show today.

Today is an amazing day. It’s great weather here in Southern California and we’re ready to go. It is Monday, September 17th, 2012 and this is episode #9. You can find that All of our shows are transcribed, so that means that anything the guest says, or I say, during a show, is searchable on our website. We highly encourage you to take advantage of that. Also, there are show notes on this particular show, and if the guest mentions a book or website, or anything like that, there is no need to write it down, as it will be in the show notes. That’s

If you have any questions, email them to and I will be sure to answer them on the air, or myself personally. If you would like to leave a voicemail for our guest, you can do so at (949) 391-7363 and we will play your message on the air to our guest.

Today’s episode is brought to you by the Excaliber Dehydrator, which is kind of an essential in any raw food kitchen. It’s one of my favorite appliances that we have in our kitchen. If you’re going to buy one, consider buying it through us and we will get a little commission for that. It’s

Before we introduce our guest, I would like to go over a little bit of our show schedule. We have some great guests lined up for you this month. We are typically doing shows right now on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This Wednesday, we have Lucas Rockwood, who is a yoga practitioner, and he will be talking to us about cleansing and detoxification, yoga, exercise and that kind of stuff. On Friday, we have Don and Carol Croft, who are doing a lot of great work with energy medicine and frequencies. They have something called ‘the terminator-2 zapper’, which helps to kill parasites.

Then, we have Christopher Wark, who beat cancer naturally. So, if you know anyone who has cancer, you may want to send that show onto them. He beat cancer using a raw food diet, so you will definitely want to check that out. We also have Sean Croxton, who is a big guy who is into the paleo diet, so he’ll be teaching us what the paleo diet is all about. We have Dr. Bruce Shelton, who is a homeopathic doctor in Arizona, doing some great work with healing people with all kinds of things, with chelation therapy, ozone and all kinds of interesting alternative medicine. We also have Dr. Gerald Smith who is a homeopathic dentist out of New York. He is going to be making the connection between cancer and root canals.

So, we have a lot of great guests coming up, so make sure to visit our show page and check that out.

I want to introduce our guest today. I’m very excited about having Andrea Cox on. She is a highly published fitness model, turned author. She has appeared in several fitness magazines, as well as other media. She has had several articles published on reflexology and raw food. She fell in love with the healthy California lifestyle and the uncooking methods of the raw food movement.

She is now a raw living food coach, who prides herself on teaching and spreading the word on living a healthy and active lifestyle. At 5’11” tall, she has stayed a size 0 for six years, eating as many as 4000 calories a day, of what she refers to as ‘real food’. She currently holds juice fasting and raw food cleansing retreats in Southern California and all over the world. So, visit her website. It’s You can find out more about her classes and her books on her website.

So, thanks for joining us today Andrea, we really, really appreciate it.

Andrea: I’m in there and also send people to my newest website, and also Justin is the webite where everybody can find out about the current retreats I’m holding. I’m holding juicing retreats and I also hold raw food retreats at the #1 health spa in the country.

Justin: So are those two brand new websites?

Andrea: No, they’ve been around for a while. However, I just hired a great person to try to keep them updated on a regular basis, so all of my following and my clients can keep up with my writing a new article or if I’m holding a new retreat or I’m on the news, or whatever I’m doing.

Justin: Great, that’s really, really good. So, you work with celebrity clients as far as cleansing and detoxification and things like that?

Andrea: I do, I do. I have one coming at 3:30 today, who I’m very excited about. I was actually on the news with him locally here in San Diego a couple of weeks ago, so am really excited to have him stopping by today.

Justin: So, people can see you and come and visit you, as well as doing things with you virtually over the internet? Is that how it works?

Andrea: Absolutely, I’m about to launch my digital detox program, which is very inexpensive. It’s just $97 and people can download on an MP3, my home raw food juicing protocol to get that last 10 lbs off, or even kick start anything that they want to begin when it comes to getting healthy, cleaning or just changing their lifestyle.

Justin: That’s great, just $97.

Andrea: That’s on

Justin: Okay, we’ll have all of those links on our show page here too. I want to ask you, what is reflexology? I’ve heard about it, but I’ve never really had anything done with it. What is it?

Andrea: Reflexology is not something that I focus my energy on any longer, but I do believe it’s really important when getting healthy. It’s something that I discovered over a decade ago when I was on one of my first juice fasting retreats. I wasn’t running it, I was actually attending one, and it just really helped me get out a lot of the emotional things I was dealing with. I had had a loss and I was just really feeling like there was some deep rooted things that needed to come out of my core. Reflexology is massage of the hands and feet, and sometimes the ear lobes. All of our pressure points and all of our nerve endings go to our hands and feet. It’s just another way of detoxification, opening up the pathways, etc.

Justin: I read that you had some eating disorders that you were dealing with, prior to becoming a raw food person. Is that right?

Andrea: Absolutely, I’m so glad you brought that up, because that is why I’m here today. That is why I teamed up with my partner recently, who is going to be running some retreats with me as well. She also suffered with, actually the same eating disorder. You know, I think it’s important to let women and men, because eating disorders don’t discriminate, to know that they’re not alone, even in the midst of what they’re going through, if they have their head in a toilet bowl, or whatever, if they’ve been binge eating for 5 days at a time.

The thing now is that they can pull themselves out of it. It’s kind of the flip of a coin as to what’s really causing it. I come from the belief that yes, there’s an emotional component, but even more so, there’s a detoxification that needs to occur in the body. People are so void of minerals from eating the wrong food and bad food and packaged, processed, fertilized, homogenized, pasteurized, you know de-energized food and for so long that they can’t get the minerals they need. A common mineral that people are low on, when dealing with an eating disorder, is zinc.

Women are just low in zinc. There I go, I’m discriminating, women and men are both low in zinc and that can make you eat some crazy food. It can make you have some crazy cravings. That’s why I developed the products that I developed, to help people, re-establish that mineral balance in their bodies.

Justin: Interesting. So, have you found that there is an emotional connection with doing a detox and maybe some blockage that’s in your body? Have you found that there is, you know, when you start doing heavy detox, there is a lot of emotion that gets involved in that. Right?

Andrea: Oh yeah, I’m about to go on a month long detox myself, that I put a lot of my clients on. I have to tell you, it’s day 1 and I’m already having that come up. I think that, whenever you detox, no matter what it is, if it’s juice fasting, water fasting, or eating just fruits and vegetables, going on a raw food diet, eliminating you know, the major allergens we eat, gluten, dairy, etc.

I think there’s always a detox involved with your emotions. Because let’s face it. Our issues are in our tissues. Those issues that we’re dealing with, you know, I always make comparisons and I don’t want to do that today, but maybe you fell off your bike when you were 5 years old, and something happened that a friend pushed you off your bike, or you got into a fist fight in high school and got punched in the mouth and had a root canal from that. As you know, root canals cause the world of trouble, but you’re hanging on to all those feelings, and any moment in time, can trigger those feelings.

I will give you a great example. I just got out of a relationship, a beautiful and loving relationship, and what happened is, I look back now, shortly after, and see that we both had, I’ll speak for myself, I had so many issues from my childhood that were being triggered by this wonderful man. There were triggering and triggering, and what I realized was, that I was playing out a complete role with myself and just completely playing a role that I never dealt with about losing my father at an early age, etc., and some of the things he dealt with. I was feeling that so strongly with this man, and it took being away from him to realize that. Well, that’s a detox.

That’s emotional detox right there. When you’re not suppressing it with food. Justin, I’ll just talk you’re whole show, by the way, you don’t have to talk, you can actually eat lunch, and I’ll keep talking!! That’s what I do!!

Getting back to it, when you’re not suppressing those feelings down with food or cooked food or animal products, boy, that really comes up. I also tell my clients to steam some vegetables or eat some cooked food when they’re on a raw food diet. If they are too anxious or too moody, they need a little slowing of a cleanse, because that’s what the raw food diet is, it’s one big cleanse.

Justin: I’ve definitely noticed some issues with myself as well, with doing a raw food diet for many years. You know, it’s one of the best cleansing diets you could ever go on.

Andrea: Absolutely, it’s sometimes even better than juicing. I’m an avid juicer. I’m the juicing queen to the stars. Sometimes people don’t realize, even just eating raw food, because it’s pushing the matter down can be even more detoxifying than just juice alone

Justin: Now, did you go 100% raw overnight, like some people do, or did you ease into it?

Andrea: I’m kind of an all or nothing girl. I went overnight, but was ill, on a high protein diet, I was a fitness model and couldn’t get out of bed one day. My fingers were bent in a way that was unfamiliar to me, and either my next door neighbor or my mother, probably both, suggested I fly to New York to meet the author of a book I was reading on raw food.

I soon after flying to New York realized so I went her with all the information but her colon hydro therapist so I went and spent some time with him and ended up doing a 40-day juice fast and a 7-day water fast, which was the easiest thing I ever did in my life, believe it or not, and that changed my life forever. And, you know, I just went back to, I don’t want to promote any type of fasting on this call, but I just went back to a little water fasting and things like that, this past week. It’s always different each time you do it. But you know it’s really healing to let go, but you have to be really square in you mind to be able to take something like that on.

Justin: Yeah, water fasting is a big deal. How do you typically wean off of it? I have never done one myself.

Andrea: You know, I really don’t want to promote that on this call, I just don’t. I’d rather not, as you have to be really dialed in to do that. You know, I don’t want to go into specifics, but I don’t want people who are listening to this, who had eggs for breakfast, think that they should stop everything and drink water for 36-42 hours, whatever. I really don’t want to touch on this on this call. Is that okay with you?

Justin: Yes, no problem at all. What types of different cleansing protocols do you do? There are things like, obviously you know about all of these, liver cleanses, gallbladder cleanses, herbal cleanses, colonics and enemas. Each year, do you do a certain thing at a certain time, or do you just kind of wing it and take these things on as the year progresses.

Andrea: Do you know what, I’m going to be totally honest with you. I am very familiar with Andrea Flores and everyone, I know most of the people who created the liver and gallbladder cleanse and this flush and that flush and you need to do a kidney cleanse at this time of year, cleanse your spleen and pancreas at this time of year. I don’t believe in that. This is what I believe. I believe our skin is the largest, I believe in facts and I believe in results. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so quit putting toxic substances on our skin.

The quickest way for a man not to get close to me is to show up to pick me up on a Friday night for a date with cologne on. He will be shown the door immediately. I think that’s the #1 thing, don’t be putting toxic substances on your body, including the toothpaste you brush with make sure it’s fluoride free. That’s #1 in cleansing, because once your skin can breathe, you can breathe. Sweating is extremely important. #2 is the colon. The colon is the way to cleanse. Let’s face it, what goes in, we’ve been putting in since we were born.

People are like, my bowel movements are great they’re stellar and I have a big bowel movement every morning. That’s great, but what did you eat the day before? Seriously, what did you eat? Did you have your fruit, your granola, your avocado salad, your chicken dinner, your whatever? Do you really see all that in the morning toilet? No. The colon is the best way that way. I think the other organs naturally cleanse after that. Moving your lymphatic system is vitally important. Moving your lymph system is really important.

I have a personal thing with the lymphatic system. I recently got extremely reconnected with my own lymphatic system, so any type of bouncing movement, like a rebounder, or sweating or any type of movement lifts the lymph system, but there are certain movements that are better for the lymph system than others. So, I believe in lymphatic and I believe in juicing. I am a huge proponent of juicing and eating fruit. A lot of people say, stay off the fruit, it feeds candida. I am at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Justin: When we come back, I want to ask you some more questions about cleansing and things like that. We’re with Andrea Cox and her website is All of her Facebook and Twitter accounts are linked up on this show page, which is

Follow her on Facebook and Twitter, as she is putting out lots of great information. She has a video that I watched recently on her Facebook account that I would like to talk to her about. So, we’ll do that when we come back, so let me just run this spot and we’ll be right back.

We are back with Andrea Cox from and, before the break, we were talking about some cleansing and detoxification protocols that she does.

So Andrea, I want to ask you about juicing. What kinds of things do you juice, how often and how much do you juice every day?

Andrea: You know, I follow, what I call, the Andrea Cox method of listening to your body. So, I am an avid juicer. It’s very difficult for me to skip a day of juicing, because I know the benefits so well. I find that if I do skip a day, which I’ve got to tell you, probably in eight years I’ve skipped one or two days. I find that my skin doesn’t look as glowing.

I don’t have the energy the next day, so I’m a huge proponent of juicing. I like to think about juice, you know each herb or vegetable you juice has it’s own detoxifying principle. So, you know, if you’ve got inflammation juice turmeric or ginger, digestion will be ginger fennel, water retention would be parsley, cilantro would be for mercury detoxification skin would be cucumber.

I really would like to go from what I’m feeling that day. If I’ve had too much salt the day before, you’d better believe that celery is not going in my juice, but parsley is. If I’ve been eating lots of fruits, you’d better believe that celery is going into my juice to mineralize me. And so on and so forth. This morning I had everything local from the Farmers Market, from yesterday of course. I am a huge proponent of local. I know all of my farmers by name.

I had parsley and I had pomegranate seeds, cucumber, celery, fresh mint and fennel. That was my juice today. I did about 3-4 cups and I had that around noon. That’s how I roll. I had a couple of mangoes later on and I’m just kicking butt getting some off time hanging with Justin.

Justin: Isn’t it amazing how after you switch your diet your cravings go and your feeling of needing to feel full all the time. It’s amazing how much food that you used to eat. I wake up and I’m not hungry until 2:00 p.m.

Andrea: Do you know what? I want to say something about that. I’m so glad that you brought that up Justin, because not everybody’s like you, and I just know, without mentioning any specific names, but with a specific person who I got to know very well, it depends on your level of toxicity, because a toxic person will wake up and have to go and grab something to eat right away. But, a non-toxic person, or someone who’s done tons and tons of cleanses, like probably yourself and myself, could go all day and just have, you know, a juice around 2 o’clock or whatever, and be fine.

Many days I don’t even have my juice, especially lately, until later and later. And then there’s many days when I like to have that fruit meal and I like to have that evening meal. This past weekend, I spent two days out of town and had gourmet raw food. Am sure you’re familiar with Olaf? We love Olaf, we love stuff eater, don’t we?

Justin: Yeah, he’s great.

Andrea: I spent two days of eating the gourmet raw food and woke up today and thought, my God, what are you going to do now to get rid of all that damage? But, I’m back on my protocol and it worked. I think that’s the thing, find what works for you. If I can give anyone 5 tips, it would be 1) nobody else has your body, so what works for Andrea Cox, what works for Justin, is not going to work for Joe Schmo. You have to find what works for you, 2) get a juicer, even before a Vita-Mix, especially before a dehydrator.

The dehydrator is for when I’ve got food that’s going to go bad and I want to whip up a raw dehydrated recipe or something like that. I barely dehydrate food anymore. 3) Surround yourself with people who live your type of lifestyle.

That is so important. You know, we’re most like the five people we surround ourselves with. So, right now the five people around me are full of life, full of energy, full of health and they’re focused. They’re people that believe in what I’m doing and I believe in what they’re doing. I’m very careful about who I allow in my circle and who I allow to be around me in my space. That’s important. 4) Listen to your body.

If you’re craving something, and your craving liver or like meat, look up on the internet what that really means. Maybe you’re low in iron, but maybe you need some spinach with some orange juice squeezed on it so you can absorb the iron in the spinach. So look at what you’re craving, or maybe something has triggered your emotions. The fight you had with your brother or sister when you were 15 years old or something like that and it’s triggering the emotions so are you emotionally eating or are you eating because you want to eat.

I mean, that’s a huge one. With my clients, the clients I take on, especially the one’s who have eating disorders you know they can go through a breakup and go one way or the other. They’ll either not eat or they’ll over eat because they’re not getting the norepinephrine, dopamine, oxytocin to their brain that they were getting when they were in that loving relationship. And that’s a toughie. To not jump into something else right away but to actually to say, okay, how else can I get these feelings filled and not go off the wagon nutritionally. Lastly, cleanse your colon, make best friends with the colon hydro therapist.

People rip on me all the time for that, because I have videos on colon hydrotherapy and I believe in it. But, I tell you what, you should have one on speed dial, because when your digestion stops, that’s when you get things going and then you flow again with life

Justin: My wife (Kate) and I just had our very first one. I’ve been doing raw food since 2003, and we only just went for our very first colonic probably six months ago, and what an experience that was. It makes such a difference.

Andrea: How was it?

Justin: It was amazing and was nothing like I expected. It was not nearly as invasive as I thought and the lady who did it was really great and was really knowledgeable. It was an amazing experience and I think it’s important to do something like that, at least once a year, right?

Andrea: Yes, I’d say at least once a year. I’d say that when we get into raw food, once a week. Absolutely.

Justin: I wanted to ask you a little bit about, coming out of the fitness industry like you did, I work out a lot at the gym, and it’s interesting to me the difference between what you hear trainers telling people to eat and what is actually healthy. I’m sure you’ve noticed this huge chasm with results and how your body looks, versus how healthy you are. They are two completely different things, aren’t they?

Andrea: They are very different. The results that you get when coming out of the gym, I mean you’ve got to really differentiate between information and real truth information. People are putting, and I was guilty of this years ago, powders and things like in their bodies, protein powder made from whey that’s made in the factory and they think they’re doing themselves a healthy thing, and I’ll tell you, that is the definition of depression right there. I did that stuff for years.

I did the low carb diet, I used protein powders within 20 minutes of leaving the gym for my muscles. It was so beat into me. I would eat six meals a day. Talk about clogged. My first colonic. I mean you want me to tell you how my colonics are now?

Justin: Please do, we’d love to know.

Andrea: Okay, well let’s talk poo. If you can’t talk poo Justin, what can we talk about?

Justin: Right.

Andrea: My first colonic was just horrible and the woman said she had healed herself from cancer, this was in Ohio. She was from Panama her name was (inaudible) and she said you’re eating too much protein. And I said, ah you know whatever. I mean it was coming out like, locks. And now my colonic, I could go to a new colonic person tomorrow and not even go to my regular colonic lady I go to and she would just be like, wow! Oh my gosh, you are textbook colonic.

I do a colonic now and they are just blown away, they have to fill me once and then I release the entire time on my own, I don’t even get a second or third fill. Most people get 30 fills during a colonic, I get one. Why? Because I’m clean. I’m so incredibly clean that my body flows.

There are times, like today, where I wake up in the morning and from morning until bed I feel the energy rushing up and down my center that is so strong and so powerful that it’s, sometimes it’s hard to sleep at night because my energy is so good and that’s when I know I need a little denser food maybe go raw, make a little gourmet in the dehydrator something to slow me down.

Justin: So what would you suggest for someone out there who’s eating, let’s see, if someone’s eating just a standard American diet what would you suggest for them if they’re interested in getting a colonic done, what would you suggest as far, is there, are there things they need to do to ease into that or should they just go get one?

Andrea: Yes. I wouldn’t suggest getting a colonic done right away. If you’re eating a standard American diet or even if you’re still eating meat work on your diet first. Wake up that old matter. You really want to wake up that old matter so we need to start juicing, it’s very alkaline and your body is very acidic when you’re eating regular food or standard American diet.

Let’s not even talk standard America, let’s talk about the average person that’s eating like I was as a fitness model. There eating 3-4 times a day there eating animal products at each meal they’re having eggs for breakfast having a chicken salad for lunch there maybe doing a whey protein drink after the gym, you know someone, you know that’s pretty much the standard American diet and what we’ve been made to believe is healthy in the past decade, correct?

Justin: Right.

Andrea: The whole Atkins theory. So let’s talk about that person, that person has stuck mucoid plaque on there colon walls and they may look in the mirror and say, oh, I’m lean, look how lean I am back (inaudible) you can my vein, look I’m lean. No. You’re not lean it’s stuck to your colon walls. Lean is not necessarily healthy, you’ve got to really look at that. So I would suggest that that person start introducing juicing No. 1 and then more fruits and vegetables No. 2, maybe have their cooked food and their animal products in the evening, and then go for maybe even two weeks without any animal products. Have your cooked food in the evening kind of transition slowly, you’re going to just leave out the animal products.

A week later, get your colonic, see how it goes and set up the situation, see how you feel and then go back to whatever you feel is comfortable for you in that time. It’s a transition. I jumped into it head first and I call that “raw done wrong” in my book, it completely, it was wrong way to go.

Justin: Wow! So you just recommend basically for people to ease into getting a colonic. Now what about doing things like enemas, things like that. Do you do those?

Andrea: You know I did before I moved to where I live now only because I was moving in with another person and I didn’t want that device around but I just ordered one today. Yes I ‘m a huge proponent of Colima boards, enemas, whatever you want to do. The Colima board didn’t work for me, I’m not really a fan of the Colima board but I am a fan of just doing an old enema.

Justin: Okay. Now, can you tell me, I’ve never done one, and how do you do an enema. Can you kind of break that down a little bit for us?

Andrea: You really want me to break it down? I love you, you’re so cute. Okay. So the way I like to do an enema, and when I put people on my cleanse and at my retreat they do an enema, they’ll each have an enema bag, they hang it above their head like on a towel rack, and they’ll fill it with quality water, not bad water, coffee enemas are good too but not for the average person, it wakes up too much matter to fast in the body and they’re not able to handle the liver detoxification.

It can often give people a little bit of anxiety too if they’re prone to anxiety. I give coffee enemas consistently but I’m not own to excess anxiety. So it’s a bag hanging above their head and they’ll insert the insertion tube just roughly an inch into the rectum and they’ll let the water flow. And they’ll feel the urge to release and it will just release around the tube. Done. Clean it off and you’re done.

Justin: Okay. Some people talk about how it could last like an hour, or how quick are these enemas. How long do they last?

Andrea: You know just to refill the bag one to two times maybe three times and you’re done.

Justin: Interesting. I’m going to have to get into that because I’ve always wanted to do it but I’ve never really gotten into, like I said recently, I did my firsts colonic and I’ve been eating this way since 2003 so I’m kind of a slow mover….

Andrea: Justin, I wish I’d have been there. I wish I would have been and witnessed your colonic. I bet it was beautiful if you’ve been eating this way since 1993, beautiful.

Justin: Yes, it was pretty good. So do you grow any of your own wheat grass or sprouting, things like that, do you do all that?

Andrea: Well, I’ll tell you, in Ohio I did. I had a garden and I had a wheat grass guy that delivered to me every other day, I really had it made in Ohio with the way I was living and I actually, it’s funny you say that, I’m seeking that out right now.

I’m seeking to move into a place that 80 percent of the food is grown by us, which I think I found that perfect fit. And I have a very dear friend that I did an interview with that you might want to call up, Anthony Anderson and he is amazing, he’s into permaculture, he’s got a website, he’s really, really great guy. But he’s taught me a lot too just by watching him and what he talks about and his videos and things like that on how to really sustain yourself and grow your own food. It’s really obvious when watch someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to that and who does it and I’m so eager to learn.

Currently I’m not, I buy 90 percent of my food at the Farmer’s Market and 10 percent as a local organic grocery store.

Justin: Sprouting, do you do any of that, or?

Andrea: You know, I have it made here in California. One of the growers that I buy from at my local Farmer’s Market Lucedia, they sprout for you and I sprouted for years and I’ve got to honest, I cut cost where it’s important but I think time is extremely important, I learned that by a recent friend, he taught me that time is important.

Instead of being out running errands and things, or doing things like sprouting it’s better to kind of focus on things, your health your business ectera, so I don’t spend time sprouting any longer. I was pretty crazy when I sprouting and everything. I purchased my sprouts weekly by Susie’s Farm, which is a local farm.

Justin: What about fermented foods, are you a big fan of fermenting things.

Andrea: Oh my gosh, I love you! This is looking great for me. You can come to all my favorite stuff. I’m going to do the happy dance right now. I love fermenting foods. Did that come over really loud? I love to make coconut kefir, coconut yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut. I’m spoiled living here in beautiful Southern California. I have a great gal who makes homemade kimchi, sauerkraut at the Farmer’s Market. I also represent Rejuvinative Foods who sends me a gorgeous product.

They just sent me a huge box of, are you ready, fermented ketchup and tons of sauerkraut, kimchi, they have a great ultimate crop. I believe, once a day minimum, you need to have fermented foods in our diet. Minimum. Minimum.

Justin: It’s such a standard in just about every culture, but, for some reason, in American culture, for the last 50-100 years, we just don’t eat anything fermented really.

Andrea: I want to bring up a great point. Someone I just was friends with that I had in my life, she had a dislike for fermented foods and that actually is a sign of someone who has some toxins going on and you just can’t stand even the taste of them. The detoxification process after eating fermented foods is severe. Am sure you know that, right?

Justin: Yes.

Andrea: Someone who doesn’t smell good and says, oh no, not for me. They’ve got some stuff that has to come out. You know what I mean? That was always a concern with me. So, we get concerned when a client or a dear friend says ‘I don’t like sauerkraut’.

I go, wait. Do you like kefir, do you like this, do you like that, and they go, I like kombucha. To me, kombucha is different and I’ll tell you why. Unless you’re making your own, which I did for years from a mushroom, but even then you’re using black tea, which isn’t the healthiest type of tea. Kombucha is full of sugar, so there’s a reason people will say ‘I don’t like kimshi, sauerkraut or kefir, but I like kombucha. So, I think they’re two different categories. Don’t you agree?

Justin: It seems that way, especially with the commercial kombuchas. I think they’re obviously and purposely not fermenting them all the way so that people will like the flavor and the taste.

Andrea: Absolutely, I agree. I think when you make your own, the reason I quit making huge batches of kombucha. The reason I quit making them when I was in Ohio is someone told me that I really shouldn’t use black tea. Black tea is not the best tea for us and the tannins in tea, not so much. I’m not feeling it.

Justin: Interesting, so you gave up your scoby and just moved on.

Andrea: I did. This is going to sound really funny. The scoby, the big mushroom, I cut up and I blended it in soups that took over a month and thought oh, it’s healthy because it’s a fermenting mushroom, so I’ll get all sorts of bacterial life in my gut. Too much bacterial life in my gut, let me tell you. I was fermenting from the inside out. That was an experience.

Justin: How funny. What are some things that women out there can do, as far as wanting to take care of themselves with makeup, doing their nails, hair color and getting things done like that. What are some non-toxic ways that you take care of yourself, so that you’re not spraying chemicals all over your body?

Andrea: Okay, well this is a good one and I’m so glad you brought it up, because I just had a young lady email me and I had another lady post on my blog and this is the question I get the most. Your skin looks great, what do you do? How do you take care of your hair? I do not color my hair, as I’m a natural blonde, so if I feel like my hair is getting a little dark, I’ll go to the beach or I’ll sit in the sun. The hair on my arms is super blonde.

I used to color my hair, because my hair was darker when I still ate animal products so I had to color it. My skin is great. It used to not be great. I had cystic acne growing up and was even on Accutane for a while. And now, I think I had a pimple last week for the first time in like a year. Honestly, it’s stress related completely. In fact, I haven’t gotten a colonic in a while that can also clear up your skin, so I choose not to wear makeup.

Today, it’s near 3 o’clock I don’t have anything on my face. I actually take the fruit I’m eating, a mango, papaya or something like that, and I’ll rub it on my face for a natural face mask. I just use, for a lipstick, the inside of a dragon fruit, so those are really great cosmetics. When I do have to go on TV, or wear cosmetics, I use a line by Jane Iredale, which is a natural mineral makeup. I have been blessed to have that sent to me, for free.

A lot of cosmetic companies send me all kinds of good stuff that are natural. I don’t believe in mica and talc. I think those are extremely toxic. I won’t even work with anyone who use regular cosmetics on their skin. I am really strict on that rule. I once had a girl who I did a juice fast with, and I went and checked out her Facebook blog to see what she was about, and I saw that she said 3 things that she couldn’t live without and one was her makeup, and I thought this girl will never work with me ever.

Justin: What was the name of the makeup you mentioned that you use sometimes?

Andrea: I like Jane Iredale but I recently found one I like better called 100 Percent Pure Cosmetics, it’s 100 percent pure.

Justin: We’ll have people look into that. Now I saw a couple of videos of you on youtube and if you haven’t subscribed to Andrea’s youtube channel I suggest you. The video I watched was, there was two of them I wanted to ask you about, one was a video and you and I don’t know what his name was but he had a big beard and he talked about doing some lemon and olive oil like as a daily liver cleanse.

Andrea: Craig Summers, my dear friend Craig Summers, that wrote the Raw Foods Bible. He’s an amazing guy, so that was just a liver flush I put people on at the very end of the day and it’s just basically lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt to kind of detoxify the lower bowel before dinner. I mean before dinner, before bedtime.

Justin: Okay. And how much of each one do they drink when they make this concoction ?

Andrea: You know, it really depends on if they’re fasting or if they’re not that’s really part of my program that I teach at my retreat. And that’s also going to be in the digital detox that I’ve got on my website coming for $97. Yes, it’s great. So really it depends, I mean if they were cleansing they could do just half a cup and squeeze the juice of the grapefruit in it and some sea salt, but if they’re still eating they’d want to do a little less.

Justin: Tell me a little about the digital product you were just mentioning about cleansing, you said it’s $97 and what will it contain so people can keep an eye out for that?

Andrea: Well I first want to talk to you about my YouTube channel. It is thathealthyhavennet1 so that’s where they can go and subscribe and hit like on my videos and I love that. I mean to ask you what was the second video you were talking about?

Justin: Oh, the second video was the, there was one where you were talking about the benefits of using some kind of sauna. I forgot which one you used but just the benefits of sweating and things like that. I wanted to ask you about that.

Andrea: I have a far infared sauna. I believe in the inferred sauna but I’m learning new information now from the lists that I’ll be running retreats at in Palm Springs that a wood burning sauna might be more beneficial so I will keep you posted via E-Mail on that and maybe your viewers can write in about what’s preferable but I have an inferred sauna, I like to use it at least once a day, I often do bikram yoga at least five times a week.

I believe sweating is imperative for us to heal and when we don’t sweat…it’s the No. 1 way to eliminate, that and through your bowels and gosh if you’re doing either of them I’m sorry but you’ve got to at least one so I believe in that and as far as the digital detox goes, that is $97 and the reason it’s such a great deal, here’s the reason, I’m running, I’ve been given the green light, the go ahead to run the juice fast and raw food retreats at the No. 1 health spa in the country, located here in southern California.

I’ll also be running them at a wonderful mineral springs spa in Palm Springs, I would say that’s probably the No. 2 health spa in the country so I’ve really been blessed with that however, it was really my honor to do a program for people that they could afford if they couldn’t afford to come to these retreats.

So those retreats are between $3000 and $5000 so for people who can afford that $.90 of it I take them through my same cleanse raw food protocol, I pretty much coined the Raw Till Dinner and Juicing Till Dinner and all of that, I pretty much coin phrased that, so I take them through my full protocol and the supplements I use which are available on my website, those humic and fulvic acid products that are amazing which are made from clay to remineralize them and everything they’ll need for that and it’s just a beautiful thing.

Now if they’re interested just log onto the website.

We’re also about to launch my new members section on and yes, that’s going to be great, and the is where they can find my products which are my breakfast blend, an easy formula, I talk about my book Rawlicious Recipes for sale up there and I’m about to launch my new Ebook Juicing For Beauty.

So these are all great things yeah, but if they want to come and attend my retreat, I’m running a retreat with my partner, Carie Tapagino in San Diego in October and we’ve got very limited availability, very very limited, and we’re offering a great price it’s under $2000 and it’s three days of bliss at the No.1 health spa in the country, so that is yeah great and they can sign up at, and yeah, I think the digit detox is a great alternative for those people who either can’t make over here or they just don’t have the funds right now.

Justin: Wow! That sounds really interesting because that’s something I know I need to do and it’s interesting that how powerful this cleansing is because people heal from cancer and Stage 4 cancer doing these types of things so I think it’s really great to get the word out so that people can understand that this stuff is really really powerful.

Andrea: And Justin we’d love to have you, we have double occupancy in our rooms so you and your beautiful wife can come and enjoy all the amenities. The place we’re having it at La Costa Resort And Spa, it’s home of the Chopra Center. So, yeah, it’s an amazing place that people can enjoy all the amenities of the Chopra Center and I’ve got to tell you I just feel blessed beyond belief. I mean if you would have told me 15 years ago that I would be blessed with everything that’s happening in my life right now I wouldn’t believed it.

Justin: Wow! What an amazing thing. So people can find you, I know you have to leave you’ve got a celebrity client coming up in five minutes so we’ll let you go, but people can find you at and alkalizewith and what was the third one?

Andrea: It’s just my name,, that’s the one we’ll be launching the members section real soon. It’s just my name.

Justin: Okay, we will have all of these shows linked up on this show page which is and you’ll be able to find the show Snotes and all the information for Andrea. I suggest you follow her on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube. Follow her and all of her stuff, it’s really really great information, so thank you Andrea for taking an hour out of your day and spending some time with us.

Andrea: Thank you so much. I’m humbled to be on, I feel so honored and blessed for you to have asked me to be on your show. Thank you so much Justin.

Justin: Okay, thanks Andrea and let’s keep in touch and good luck with your celebrity client coming up.

Andrea: Okay. Be well, bye bye.

Justin: Bye bye. Wow, that was really a fun, interesting interview with Andrea Cox. Thanks for listening, man does she want to make you do some cleanses and get clean or what? That was really, really good.

Hopefully you found a lot of value in this and we had some technical difficulties starting off and things like that but hopefully that was okay with you and thank you for listening and again the show page for this is and if really liked or enjoyed this interview please like it on Facebook, that kind of helps us get the word out and follow us on Twitter, send a link to your friends and don’t forget to visit our store too, we’ve got lots of great products that I think we’re really going to like.

So thank you a lot for listening and if you have any questions, if there ‘s anything I can do for you just let me know or you can call our voice mail line which is 949-391-7363 and I will play your message on the air to our guest. So check out our show page. If you get a colonic or if you do anything like that let me know, I’d love to hear about it and see what your results were, so thanks a lot everybody for listening and we’ll catch you on the next interview.

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