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Listening To Our Bodies Instead Of “Experts”, Thoughts On Cancer, Diabetes, Sleep Issues & Much More!

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Kate and I had another fun show today and we talked about a ton of health related issues. Thanks for putting up with the “Friday” shows sometimes not happening on Friday. We actually interviewed Dr. Mark Starr on Friday morning (he’s extremely busy and that was the only time he could do an interview) and that took the place of our Free For All Friday show.

We actually recorded the show on Saturday a day later. Regularly we’re going to setup a regular time when the listeners will be able to perhaps listen live and call in to the show.

We shared a couple inspirational quotes as well as laughing and generally having a good time. I told a story about a dream I had that was probably one of the most scary and disgusting dreams I’ve had in a long long time. I’ll say it involves a huge over sized parasite or worm the size of a salmon. Talk about gross.

We had many many listener questions to get to and I’ve been way behind on answering emails from everybody who has written in. If that’s you, I’m so sorry! Please forgive me. I hate leaving emails unanswered. 🙁

We talked about cancer and how to support somebody who’s going through the traditional medical model of treatments when you think you might know of better options for them. This is especially difficult because ultimately everybody has to make their own decisions and they get to choose what course of action or treatment they think is best for them.

We also discussed how to listen to our own bodies instead of always running to someone who is a supposed expert. The idea of this show is to present ideas as information and let each of you decide which plan of action or which diet is doing to be best for you. 🙂

Kate and I also discussed how working graveyard shifts are detrimental to our health and some things people can do to improve their sleep patterns and why sleep is so important.

Cleansing and getting rid of toxins is an issues that always seems to come up so Kate and I gave some thoughts about what we can all do to cleanse these toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from our tissues and organs. This way we can experience radiant health!

Also discussed were our thoughts about muscle cramps, spasms, soreness and tenderness of muscles.

We also talked about incorporating healthy habits into our lives and what it takes to make new patterns for ourselves. It starts with loving ourselves enough to have the will to live and take care of ourselves.

Also discussed in this show is the topic of food obsession. Sometimes we worry and fear over every single little thing in our food that we get little to no value from any of it, even if it really is healthy! We could be worried about cooked oils, too much sugar, too much bad fats, chemicals, organics and whether or not it was watered with fluoridated water! There’s so much to worry about and if we allow our minds to take over, we’ll die from the worry itself instead of the poisons in the food!

We also gave some tips about diabetes, kidney failure, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart health. We gave some ideas about how to take better care of our heart and some good heart attack prevention tips.

Kate and I also talked about some pregnancy ideas and some things we’re doing to prepare for having a child soon. We talked about natural birthing options, cleansing, zeolite, vaccinations as well as some good pregnancy products you all should check out if you’re interested in this type of thing.

We had a lot to get to for this show so it was fun to go over all these issues for people. Remember we’re not experts. I’ve spent over 5,500 hours listening to health lectures since 2003, reading tons of books and attending many lectures, workshops and events. That just makes me passionate about health and in no way an expert.

The Free For All Friday shows are designed to allow us to point you in the right direction. Perhaps we can recommend a product, a website, a clinic or book that can help.

Items we talked about during the show:

Inspirational Quote:
There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life, or you’re the one that will change theirs.

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Show Date: Sat 4/6/2013
Topic: Cancer, diabetes, back health, muscle spasms, cramps, sleep issues (insomnia), neck pain, heart health and much more!
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Podcast Transcript:

Coming soon. Thanks for your patience!

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