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Author Markus Rothkranz On Raw Food, Natural Healing & More

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Today it was lots of fun to have Markus Rothkranz on our show talking about healing, cleansing detoxification and the raw food diet. He was a ball of fire and talked about living with passion, energy and vitality in a world where we don’t see much of that.

If you want to be inspired this is a great interview to hear.

After you listen, comment below and tell us what you think!

We discuss the following and so much more:

  • How Markus almost died 3 times
  • Markus’s workout program
  • Colonics & herbal cleanses
  • How to do an enema
  • Osteoporosis
  • And much more!

Is it possible to heal from any disease? Markus Rothkranz thinks it is. Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: 9/11/2012
Show Guest: Markus Rothkranz
Guest Info: At age 9 Markus gave a speech on exponential evolution. At 13 he built a 180 sq ft scale model of the entire Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. By 15 he was making movies with car stunts & explosions. At 16 he won an automotive design contest. By 17 he was in advanced electronics and hypothetical physics.

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Topic: Raw Food, Cleansing, Detoxification, Longevity
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Podcast Transcript:

Justin: Thank you so much everybody for joining us today on the extremehealthradio show. I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to learn a little bit about health and nutrition, as well as raw food, cleansing and healing. We have a really great guest for you today, whom I think you will really enjoy. His name is Markus Rothkranz. Just so you know, today’s date is September 11, 2012 and this is episode #7. You can find that at All of our shows are transcribed, which means anything that the guest says, or I say, is searchable on our website. So, if you’re driving along and the guest mentions a website, a book, or something that you can’ write down, you can find it, just by doing a search on our website. It will be like an online encyclopedia for you.

Also, if you would like to send in a question, you can do that at and I will answer you question on the air. Or, you could call our voicemail hotmail line at (949) 391-7363 and I’ll play your message to the guest. I want to let you know that this show is brought to you by Sun Warrior Protein Powder and you can find that at This stuff is amazing, it’s silky smooth and is 87% absorption rate. I think it’s about 15-16 grams of protein per scoop and is really addictive. If you buy it through us, we will get a little commission and we will appreciate that.

Before we introduce our guest, I would like to talk a little bit about our show schedule coming up. We pretty much try to do our shows on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of each week, and we have lots of great guests coming up. We have Don and Carol Croft, talking about the Zapper technology that they have created. We have Christopher Wark later on this month, who healed his cancer naturally by following a raw food diet. If you know anyone with cancer you will definitely want to listen to that interview. We have Dr. Bruce Shelton, out of Arizona, coming up. He does all kinds of crazy things, like chelation therapy and all kinds of cutting-edge protocols he does at his clinic in Arizona. We have Dr. Charles Partido coming up in October. He is the creator of the Ejuva cleanse. We have Mia Silva, also in October, talking about energy medicine and things like that. So, we have lots of great guests coming up in the pipeline for you. So, check out our show page to learn more about that.

Let me introduce our guest today and I’m going to read a quick little bio of his and then we’ll get started. At the age of 9, Markus gave a speech on exponential evolution. At the age of 13, he built a 180 square foot scale model of the entire Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. By age 15, he was making movies with car stunts and explosions. At age 16, he won an automotive design contest. At age 17, he was in advanced electronics and hypothetical physics. Wow! By age 18 he copied a famous masters oil painting stroke by stroke in only a few days. By age 19, he was working with architectural firms. By age 23, he was doing Hollywood FX design work on films like Total Recall, Die Hard and Web Planet. In 1994, he directed his own $2 million worldwide motion picture, doing much of the cinematography and personally built over 200 miniature models. Wow! By age 46, he proved anti- aging and disease eradication and is now set for his greatest undertaking ever, which is The World Health Project, healing the world and awakening the planet to a new way of living, in body, mind and spirit.

Thank you Markus for joining us today.

Markus: It’s been a pleasure speaking to you. I’m sorry, ‘hi Justin, this is Markus’.

Justin: Thank you for joining us.

Markus: This quantum physics, the beginning is the same as the end and I never get right which end is which. Anyway, I’m just joking with you

Justin: What the heck is hypothetical physics and exponential evolution?

Markus: Well, I started with doing electronics when I was in my early teens, as I was building that miniature Disney World, like 3 miles of wiring and it was all computerized and everything. This was in the early 1970s when transistors were first coming out. When you get too deep into electronics, they always tell you that electricity goes from negative to positive, and after a while in the formulas you start realizing that sometimes it goes from positive to negative, and you realize that all this stuff that science has told us is maybe not true. And then you start doubting everything they’ve told you all these years, and this has happened many times throughout history. For example, they told the greatest minds in the world and the told you the world was flat for a long time, until somebody realized, wait a minute, I don’t think it is. So, whatever science says, it’s not always the truth. It’s just somebody’s opinion or somebody’s view, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same for everybody. Anyway, theoretical physics is when you start stepping outside the box and expanding your possibilities. Einstein did the same thing. A lot of his philosophies are exactly the same as mine. It’s kind of funny, as I came across a statement that was, you name it, everything from vegetarianism to creativity and things. Some of it has nothing to do with mathematics or physics, and I said ‘whoever wrote this thinks exactly the way I think’. And every time it was Albert Einstein.

Anyway, the way the universe works is to beautiful and grand and the more you step out of the way with your mind, the more you just allow the truth to come through. The more in awe you are of the way things are designed. You start to see a whole new pattern of how things work. You know, the way most people who use their left brain work. They over-complicate themselves. That’s part of the problem in the world. Everybody thinks too much, they over-complicate and everything is based on limitations. How far is it and how far will it go, how heavy it is, it’s all number, distances and weights and measurements. You can’t box reality in like that. Theoretical physics is when you step outside that and start thinking, well you know, is it really possible to have multiple realities at the same time. For example, quantum physics is a great example of that. You can actually exist in multiple realities at the same time. In other words, which movie to you want to step into? Do you want to be in the romance, the drama or the action adventure, or the comedy? Most people that I used to run across were always choosing to be in the miserable dramas and I got tired of that. I started stepping out into the comedy, action adventure and romance movies. It’s funny, because the minute you change your paradigm, everything else changes. The actors change roles and you realize after a while that we’re not victims, we’re just plain roles in a movie and so is everyone else. And you can change that at any time. An actor can say ‘I don’t want to act in this movie anymore, or I want to act in that movie’. And then, everybody else says ‘okay, maybe I will too’. There are multiple theaters playing at the same time. Step into whichever one you want. I try me time not to get too caught up in peoples’ drama and what’s happening in the world.

This whole thing is a conversation that could go on on for 5 hours. And this is a really deep question. You started it with a whammer there.

Justin: Are you still doing any Hollywood work, as I think you’re based out of Nevada, right?

Markus: Yeah, I’m hiding my secret underground base here in Las Vegas. I worked in Hollywood for many years and it was, there is too much angst in that city. You just feel it. It’s like bristling in the air. There is like electricity or tension, where everybody is competing and everybody is worried about competition, ego and, I don’t know, they’re in it for the wrong reason. They’re not making movies because they want to make a difference in the world and open people’s hearts, it’s all about having identities. I mean, you go by Starbucks and there’s 12 people sitting there with laptops, hoping that you ask them ‘hey, what are you doing, are you writing a script. Wow, here, you want a $1`million? They are waiting for that big chance. They are waiting for someone else to find them, discover them and make them, and it doesn’t work that way. You have to make it yourself. It doesn’t matter where you are, some of the greatest, look at Blair Witch, a couple of guys living in the woods with home video cameras, you know. It doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter who you are, there are no limitations. That’s why I wrote the Prosperity Secret. It’s nothing to do with who you know, how talented you are, how much money you have, connections you have or anything like that. Because I’ve got a lot of talent and I can paint and do a photo realistic painting in a day. II thought, well gee, because I have that ability, that’s my thing, it’s why I’m here. And it’s not, it’s just something that I know how to do and that doesn’t mean that it’s my life. It’s not my duty.

There are a lot of tricks, it’s kind of like a video game. It’s like a Sherlock Holmes mystery, where you get these little clues, where I’m good at this and not good at that, I have these interests, but I don’t like that stuff, so you kind of use that as a guide as to where you’re going in life, and sometimes it throws you a little bit of a test, a curve ball, just to see if you’re going to fall for it. And, it’s always going to test you. Every time you say, I know what I want to do you’re going to get tested in the opposite direction to see if you really want to do that. It’s how much you want to stick to that, and, in the end, the stuff that doesn’t stick is going to fall way. That is what’s happening with the economy right now, with the whole world. The old system just only works so far and then it starts crumbling and collapsing, like the dinosaurs, they get too big and heavy for themselves, and then, you know, the smaller lighter ones live on. That is what’s happening in the world, the real heavy stuff that’s been consuming too much is dropping, and the lighter you are the more mobile you are, the less you need. That’s why I tell people ‘you want to make it, get rid of stuff’. If you want to get healthy, it’s not what you put in your mouth, it’s what you get rid of from your body that’s going to heal you. If you want to become successful and prosperous, start getting rid of your material crap and start watching the prosperity come in.

Justin: It’s interesting. I think a lot of people might get caught up in what they’re good at, instead of what they’re passionate about. A lot of people might be good at accounting, but maybe the best way they could serve in the world would be something completely different.

Markus: That’s one of the tricks. That’s one of the tests that life gives you. It gives you something that you’re good at, and then there’s something that you’re passionate about and love doing. Now, the ‘good at thing’. A lot of people are good at, like you said, accounting and end up being in a desk job, in a square box with windows, and 9 to 5, and they’re unhappy and then they get the wife and the kids and the picket fence and the insurance policy and then they die. Well, that’s not life, you know. And they always say, well, oh gee, if I had the money I’d do this or I’d do that. Well, why don’t you do that?

I go back to Canada, where I grew up, and it’s miserable, cold and gray and wet and slushy and they always talk about, you know, they fantasize about being on a beach somewhere in the tropics. Well, I say, why don’t you go there, and they say, we can’t. Why? Because I think it costs too much, I have a house here, I have a job, kids and life, and I don’t know what’s down there. Well, you see, they just don’t know. They don’t know what it’s like down there. It’s fear of the unknown that’s stopping them. I know people who do this. I know someone who had a really good paying job in a bank, and gave it all up and went to Fiji or Bali, and, low and behold, it’s 4 times cheaper to live in these tropical places than it is in cold sterile suburban modern neighborhood. I mean, what your house costs probably can buy you half a lifetime in these tropical places. People just don’t know. They are two afraid to step outside that little box they’re in and realize there is a whole world out there that’s full of life, vibrancy and health and fun. That’s kind of what I’m here to do, is yank people out of those boxes. I remember this episode of the Simpson’s that was kind of funny. When all the electricity went down and all the kids had to come out of their homes when they’re playing video games and TV and they saw sunlight for the first time and their eyes hurt and they were rubbing their eyes. They didn’t know what it was like to be outside and they were forced to learn to play on swing sets and skateboards again. That’s kind of what’s happening in the world. People are losing touch with what’s out there and they just sit there and bitch and complain, and I go nothing’s stopping you, really. I mean you want a job, a life and the kids and you can have that in Bali.

Justin: I know. I’m pretty familiar with your work and I noticed in your bio your world health project and I heard you mention that one time before. What is that?

Markus: That’s a vague all-around wrapper for, how do I describe myself? I’m kind of like a catalyst who unlocks the spark of the imagination in people. Everybody is here for a reason and everybody’s needs are different and you can’t tell somebody else what they’re here to do. Only they know what they’re here to do. It’s kind of like a little secret code, they have their little on mission, you know. Our job isn’t to tell them how to live and what to do, it’s just to unlock them, to give them freedom to be themselves, to not be caught up in this system, and to not have the fear of insecurity, like what happens if I just follow my dream? Will I lose my job, my house and my relationships? Maybe you will, maybe it’s not where you’re supposed to be. The idea is to get out of that fear zone and start living an exciting life of treading the unknown, being a pioneer and finding yourself. When you find yourself, that’s when you become powerful and that’s when you become worth something to the world, and not just somebody who exists 9 to 5, pay bills and then die. That’s called a consumer, you are just consuming, you’re not giving back really, you’re just consuming. That’s why they call us consumers, right? That’s kind of what most people are.

We are the only species on the planet that takes more than it gives back. Well, we have to change that, or the world obviously is going to die. It can only go so far when, ’till you suck it dry so the World Health Project is to bring real health back to the world and that is to make people so they start living a way where they give back as much as they take but they have a helluva great time doing it, they live their fantasy they have, they live their dreams and they’re free and it’s not caught up in the system and moving and traveling and living and celebrating life in people. They hear that and they go,”yeah, you got your head in the clouds that a fantasy know, I gotta grind everyday just to make it”. And that’s what’s killing the world, is that limited perception and you don’t do it by lecturing people, and don’t go out there and say, “you need to eat raw foods, you need to be a vegetarian, stop killing animals,” that’s not the way to do it. What you do is you start living the life style, you prove to them that’s it’s possible, you prove to them that it’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s vibrant, like wow look at that guy, it works. And then more people start doing it and then they start healing their diseases and then they step outside their job, their relationship, their house, whatever it is and they start flourishing and thriving, they go,”well people know that I don’t.” And then you sing, “well there is no secret. You can do this too, It’s real easy.” And then, so basically while all it really is is inspiring people to be what they’re here to do, what they’ve always waited to do, that urge, that inkling, that desire to step outside that limitation and just start doing it. It’s kind of exciting, it’s like when you break up from a relationship it’s scary but it’s also exciting at the same time. Everybody I’ve ever talked to that’s broken up it’s sad, they go through that moment of sadness but at the same time it’s kind of exciting like wow! the whole world is open to me now. I can do anything I want. I can see anybody I want. I can do anything, go anywhere and I notice most people start looking better, they start working out, they start looking healthy, sexy, they’re spirits go up and they end up being better than when they were in a relationship. So let’s take that further not just a person to person relationship but what about in life, what about your relationship with your job, with your health, with your purpose of being alive, you know that’s a relationship. So The World Health Project is opening people to the concept of your entire life is a relationship with many different aspects and having the courage to step outside that little comfort zone of yours and really living and being excited, waking up everyday and saying, oh my gosh the unlimited potential of what I could do today,” and I’m not limited, I don’t have to go to this cubicle and sit in a stupid, air conditioned box, you know, I can do whatever I want. That’s exciting.

Justin: Right, that’s amazing. When we come back, I want to ask you a little bit more about your bio and your past and all that, because I read recently that you mentioned that you almost died three times. So, I want to let people know about that whole scenario and that situation too, so we’ll be back in a couple of minutes and we’ll find out more about that story from Markus in just a moment.

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Justin: Today we have Markus Rothkranz joining us on our radio show and you can find him at and again, all of the show notes are going to have the link to his website and to his facebook account and to all of that good stuff. So, make sure to visit him and follow him on facebook.

Markus, before we dropped off for the commercial, I believe we were going to get into your past and how you almost died three times.

Markus: Yeah, it was kind of funny, because to this day I have never touched a drop of alcohol, never smoked a cigarette, never done a drug, other than what the doctors gave me, and I wanted to be the good boy. I always wanted to do the right thing. I remember I was beat up in school as I was the nerd, you know, I never did the wrong thing. I never tried to be a troublemaker and I always died as a result of that. And, it’s kind of funny as what was killing me, and I didn’t know this, but 30 years later was that I was living the standard normal American modern lifestyle. I was eating processed dead food. My eating TV dinners and spaghettios and making my little Pillsbury, you know those things you bake in the oven. They tasted great, but was killing me. I was eating, one of my favorite things to make, was noodles, milk and sugar. Talk about a bad combination, but all around it tasted really good. Anyway, so I was born actually with a weak immune system, as my mother couldn’t get any breast milk after a couple of weeks, because she was sick. It really spiraled downhill from there. By the time I was 18 and left home and went to art school, it was like yeah Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonald’s, go for it, milkshakes and apple pies. I had six really bad cysts and my glasses thicker than the windshield of my car, I was coughing up blood and going to the bathroom and having blood come out. It was like, my body is falling apart. By the time I was 27, my doctor told me that my heart was giving out. It was just like, why is this happening, other people are eating whatever they want. So, it was a long journey, trying to figure out why everyone else was having fun and I can’t deal with this stuff. Now I know why, and I have to pass this information on to others, if I didn’t learn the hard way, because that’s the only way a lot of people are going to learn, cornered into the wall like that. So basically, I was doing everything I was supposed to do. I went out to a successful job. I worked in Hollywood, I had the money and the house and everything and was quite good at what I did. It wasn’t lack of lifestyle, but it was the lifestyle actually that was killing me. I never drank coffee or alcohol or any of that. I just basically gave up and I wasn’t happy, even though I was making lots of money and I had the wife and the house and everything, but I just wasn’t happy. I just gave everything up completely. I gave everything away, went out to the desert, dropped my clothes and just had my 40 days and just started over and thought if I die, I die, because I’m not happy and this isn’t the way of living and I say if there’s any truth ,this is it and I looked around and saw these animals and they didn’t have mortgages, they didn’t have telephones, they didn’t have agendas or meetings or anything and they were happy. They were just living, they were just are eating, making out, sleeping and lying in the sun, and I said ‘that’s the life’. I just learned from nature. I just learned the truth of nature. Even Einstein said anything you ever want to learn, you can get it from nature, it’s already there. It’s 300 hundred years of evolution has already worked everything out. All the kinks are worked out. If it doesn’t work, it’s no longer around. The only stuff that is left in nature is stuff that works, so learn. And I did. I came back and I was a different person and I just became part of nature. I don’t even like to almost think that I’m an individual. I just melted to existence. It’s like the raindrop that falls from the sky and looks at all the other raindrops and it’s lonely because we’re all separate. It compares itself to other raindrops, well that one looks a little shinier, that one looks a little more sparkly, that ones bigger, you know, and it just depresses us even more, the more we compare ourselves with others. And, at some point, the raindrop hits the ocean and melts into the ocean. It’s no longer a raindrop, it is now the ocean and that’s what kind of happened to me out there once I became part of everything and there are no limitations now. It is just beautiful, you just celebrate as you are not limited. Now you can do anything. It’s difficult to describe in words as words can’t do it justice, but I no longer have my physical body that you can see no longer has health problems. I am younger now at 50 than I was when I was in my late 20’s. I mean, I’m a kid now. I was an old man back then. I’m doing anything I want, I’m manifesting anything I want and am living a dream life. I’m touching people’s lives and changing things all over the world. It’s incredible. It is the way that people are supposed to live.

From here, we just kind of share that say, you know you’re gifted, you’re lucky, but no, I almost died several times and I had to find out the hard way what worked. Actually, the best thing I could ever do was walk away from the stuff that was killing me. People email me all the time, every day I get 300 emails from all over the world, people saying ‘what do I take for blah blah blah, what do I take for thyroid, what do I take for prostate’, you name it. I say stop asking that question, it’s not what do I take, it’s not what I put in my mouth. Everybody thinks, like parasites and stuff, they think they can take the parasite pills, but then keep eating the sugar and the chocolate, the bread and the pasta and all that stuff that feeds these things that are breeding inside you, and, you know. You have to stop doing what causes this stupid condition in the first place. There’s no magic pill and there’s no magic herb. There are some herbs out there and there are some plants and things as a supplemental that will help you, but the main thing is, somebody says, how do I put out the fire, and then somebody else says if you put water on it, it will help douse the fire. But I don’t hear anybody asking, what’s burning, what’s the fire burning from, is it an oil fire, is it gasoline burning, if it is the water is not going to do anything, it’s just going to keep burning. You can’t douse a gasoline fire with water. And that’s what we should be doing with our bodies. We shouldn’t be asking, what do I take, it’s what do I stop doing, what do I get rid of.

Justin: Yes, that’s almost more important than what you put in. Because what you put in, over time is healthy, but eating a supplement today isn’t going to combat 30 years of eating something damaging.

Markus: What you get rid of answers what you should be taking in. In other words, the problem is that you have been eating bread, grains and starches, which turn into sugar in your system, and sweet stuff, all these people who claim they’re vegetarians, vegans or whatever, they are really not. That doesn’t mean you’re healthy. You know, eating bread, pasta, cereal, crackers and anything made with grains, that’s not food, it’s not healthy. Then there’s the raw vegans. You know, they all go towards the sugar and the sweet stuff, mangoes, pineapple, bananas, smoothies parfaits, desserts, pie. You know what the pattern is, it’s all sugar, it’s all sweet stuff. Half of your diet should be leafy greens, look at it grow, look at a monkey, they are five times stronger than us. They eat figs and fruit, but they also eat leaves and greens. You have to balance your diet, you just can’t down the sugar and wonder why you’re bloating and having candida and mood swings, just like a typical hyperglycemic who eats bread. You have to be in balance, the way nature designed. Once you start altering the laws of nature, that’s when nature pays you back a thousand times with a long healthy and vibrant life. If you look at the animals in the wild, they don’t age. You go to the woods and you don’t see a gray haired fat bald deer. They don’t exist. They are furry and beautiful and there are no gray haired animals really, other than the ones that are kept in zoos or held prisoner and fed by man, eating garbage left over by man. They are the only ones who get diseases. In the wild, animals don’t really age, they just live a beautiful life and then they die. Man just goes half way and then he starts aging. He spends the last 50 years of his life, losing his hair, getting a gut, losing energy, losing hormones, getting depressed and that’s a slow and miserable death that last 50 years and it’s not normal. It’s not supposed to be like that.

I don’t wear glasses anymore. I don’t have to. All of that stuff that I had when I was in my 20s has gone. I can hear things four rooms away. Now my body has regenerated to the point it’s supposed to be. I am 50. People think a lot like, you know, you’re starting to hit the old age. You guys have really no clue what living is, you’re just starting.
Justin: Right. What about your diet? Do you do any rotation of your diet? What’s an example of a typical daily diet for you?

Markus: Well, the first thing I do, is that my mindset is that there are no rules to follow. There is no regimen, like I have to eat 6 almonds and one piece of fruit every day. First of all, variety is important. If you look at any animal in the wild, they don’t stay in one spot. They just keep moving to different spots, like today they are eating here and tomorrow they’re eating in another part of the forest. They just keep moving. Even people in the old days, they were nomads, they kept moving. So, you’re eating different things from different soil groups, different plants, so that you’re getting a lot of variety of stuff. Even if you are eating from a health food store, organic stuff, even if you grow your own food, if you only eat the same thing over and over, you are going to start lacking in something, because you’re only getting what that plant offers. You have to have a wide variety of stuff. So, my first rule is to eat as many different things as possible. The second rule is eat it the way you find it in nature, and you know, don’t kill it, don’t bake it, fry it or cook it. There are some things out there that are really high in oxalates and stuff, but that’s a whole other subject matter. But the point is, eat is as close as possible in the form that you get it in nature. Not in a plastic bag or a box or a packaged thing that is already dead. If you take an apple, bake it and put it in the ground, it’s dead. So, eat it the way you find it in nature. I personally don’t like killing animals and things that look at you because they’re so adorable. You know, I don’t want to eat that. I try to live a nice balanced, neutral and loving life, and I just love the way nature has (inaudible). The more you learn when you read my stuff, The Free Food & Medicine, and the way the plants in nature are designed, you realize that every living thing on the planet has a purpose, and you realize that, what we call weeds, are free food and medicine and so powerful that the more you start realizing what this stuff does. So, you know what to grab and what to put in your mouth when you need it. You see that there are no coincidences. This was planned, and you really start having an admiration for the great design of everything. I really don’t think anything is random. I feel that everything has a grand design behind it.

Justin: Right. Do you do any liver cleanses or enemas? What kinds of proactive things do you do, or not do?

Markus: Your diet is a liver cleanse if you’re eating right. What cleans your liver the best are the bitters, anything that’s bitter. This is one thing that most people deviate from, even in the raw food world. Everybody is so hooked on the sugar. Everybody is into addiction and comfort and instant gratification, even the raw foodists. Most of the raw food recipes and most of the raw food anything out there is sweet. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Almost nothing is bitter. If you go into nature, if I were to dump you ion the woods and say ‘survive’, most of the stuff that you would be forcing into your mouth, you’d be going ‘yuk, ahhh, yuk, this is terrible, bitter’. That’s because most stuff in nature is bitter. Why is that? It’s because that’s what cleans your liver. And yeh, there is some fruit out there that’s nice and sweet, but that’s not what you should be living off 100%. Bitter stuff causes the vagus nerve in the back of your tongue to activate your liver to cleanse and the liver purges your system. And bitter helps create digestive juices which helps your stomach acid get stronger. 98% of people around the world stomach acid is way to weak, for a lot of reasons. One of them is that there is no bitter stuff in their diet. Bitter stuff also helps your depression. So, if you’re depressed, like in the wintertime, the best thing to do is basil juice or dandelions or anything bitter. If you are bitter, eat bitter and it will make you better. So, the more you start eating naturally, the less bitter it tastes, and that’s kind of what you’re saying. If you distance yourself from the natural foods, you have this unnatural sickening sweet addiction. Everything has to be overly sweet. But if you eat a natural diet, what a normal person in the modern world would consider bitter, is not really that bitter anymore after you have been eating it for a while. It becomes just a natural thing, like when you’re watching animals munching on stuff. If you were to eat what they eat, you would probably be going, ooh, what do the animals see in this.

So we have kind of lost touch with the way things are actually supposed to taste. The more you get into it, the more appreciation you have for it, and so, to answer your question, a liver cleanse is basically an ongoing thing. You know, if you were eating the way you’re supposed to, the way nature designed, you are cleaning your liver all the time. And people think they can eat what they want, and then do a quick little cleanse for a week or so, and then they’re clean and they can eat what they want again, all the bad stuff again. Again, you can’t cheat nature. I get this all the time with people. All the emails saying they think they can do whatever they want with eating, and doing a little quick colon and liver cleanse or something, parasite cleanse or whatever it is, and then they go back to eating the crap again. They cheat. If human nature could push the limits to see what you can get away with in any relationship, when nobody’s looking, what are you sneaking. I guarantee you that almost everybody is cheating in some area of their life and diet is a big one. And that’s going to spill over into other areas of your life too.

As far as enemas, yes. That is probably one of the best thing you could ever do for washing and cleaning out the crap in you. Even healthy people, people like me, who are doing as many good things as possible. We’re living in a modern world, jet fuel and jet exhaust is raining from the sky. 100% of all breast milk in this country has jet fuel in it, you’re drinking from plastic bottles, you’re in a car with fumes coming from the carpeting and the plastic dash and everything. There is no way around it. You are getting toxins in your system, so you have to clean out. You have to, I mean you have to cleanse. And we’re talking water, I mean this isn’t some chemical, this isn’t anything but water and you are just flushing out your system. It’s the universal solvent. It’s much better for you than any colon cleansing herbs. People just say, can I take some colon cleansing herbs? Again, they think they can fix the problem by putting something in their mouth. They are lazy, they don’t to do the work. I go, you live in a modern world, and all that stuff does is cause peristaltic action in your intestines and the fiber pushes it through, and if you eat things that are not natural, the body is going to create mucus. That mucus is going to harden over time and create a plaque that lines your entire digestive system, which is going to prevent nutrients from getting into your system, and you know, colon herbs are just going to go straight through that and they’re not going to dissolve the plaque. If you burn food on a cooking pot, what do you do, you soak it in the sink, because water dissolves it. So, the best thing you can do to dissolve anything in your system is run water through there. It’s so simple. Get over the thought that you are doing something weird. You’re not. Actually, it is kind of interesting. I have noticed some birds do this. They have those long curved beaks that actually takes the water out of a stream and they stick it in their butt. It is a natural thing. Even the Essene’s talked about it 2000-3000 years ago. People know that water is the best thing you can run through you. And do it to your sinuses too. Get a Neti pot and run it through your head, run it through your butt, run it through your mouth, everything you’ve got. Water, water, water everywhere.

Justin: When we come back, maybe you could give a little tutorial on how to do an enema. I’ve never done one. I’ve done colonics, but I’ve never done an enema.
Markus: I would love to.

Justin: We’ll be right back. We’re with Markus Rothkranz and you can find his website at and after this message we’ll learn a little bit about how to do an enema.

Okay, I hope you’re enjoying this interview, whether you’re out on a run, driving in your car or just listening at home. I really really appreciate that.

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Thank you again Markus for joining us today. It’s really an honor to have you on and I really appreciate that.

Markus: Thank you.

Justin: Before we were cut off by the break, we were talking about enemas and I was wondering if you might be able to walk people through maybe where to get the coffee, white kind of coffee to get, where to get the supplies and basically just a quick tutorial on how to do one.

Markus: I don’t even use coffee. First of all, when people here enemas, some people actually go to a drug store and say ‘where are your enemas’, and they are given these little tiny plastic tubes, like a disposable kind with a chemical in there. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about what looks like a hot water bottle. It’s a red rubber bag that holds over half a gallon of water. It has this tube, little white tip on it. The tip goes into your butt and that’s what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about those disposable things. You take that thing home, wash it out and get the plastic fumes out of it and you’re ready to go. The best thing is to heat the water to body temperature, so that you don’t really feel it going in, although if you’re in an emergency situation, take the water as it is. So put your finger in the water and if it’s the same temperature as your finger, you’re ready to go. Go into the bathroom, lube up the tip with some coconut oil or something, olive oil, or whatever you’ve got. I let a little bit of the water run out so it doesn’t have any air bubble in it. Then pinch the hose so you’ve got it stopped and then you hang the hook, it has a hook on the back end of it so that the bag’s hanging upside down, on a towel rod rack, which is usually about 4′ up. Then you kneel on the floor by the toilet with you butt in the air and your head flat on your floor. Stick the tip into your butt a couple of inches, let go of the hose so that the water starts running. You can control the flow of the water by pinching the hose by stopping it when it gets too much. For people who’ve never done it before, their first experience, oh my God, like what the hell did he make me do!! You know, it’s like having sex for the first time, you just don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s bizarre. You start having doubts,.am I going to explode. No, it’s just water going in and if you’re clogged up, and most people are, you’re not going to get the whole bag of water in at the first try. You will feel like you have to go to the bathroom in the first 3 seconds. My suggestion is for anybody doing it, don’t try to go to the bathroom right way. Just stop the flow of water, breathe and relax, and put a little more water in, or as much as you can. If you absolutely can’t take it, then dump it out and do round 2. The idea is to keep going and keep putting more water in if you have to, but the idea is to get a whole bag in there at once. The reason you have your butt in the air is gravity will make the water go, you want it to go up into all three colon parts, the ascending, transcending and descending colon. It fills up the whole colon with water and the best way to do that is to be upside down a little bit, so it runs upwards towards the center of your body. That’s it. That’s an enema, it’s simple and you just keep putting water into the bag until the whole bag empties into you, and then you kind of hold it as long as you can. Most people can’t hold it for more than a few minutes, and that’s fine. And then you sit on the toilet for the next 20 minutes and you’re going to have about five rounds of stuff coming out, and most people are just amazed at what comes out. Usually, they’re shooting rocks and they go, I didn’t know I had all of these blockages in there.

Justin: How long do you typically do one for, you know if you do one, how often do you do these?

Markus: Well, the whole process takes a little less than half an hour. You know, you’re heating up the water and you’re filling it in, and then letting it out and you’re sitting on the toilet relaxing and having like four rounds of stuff coming out. If you’ve got a headache, that means you’ve got a blockage in your body, guaranteed. And, it’s kind of funny, because people think it’s in my head though, the pain is in my head. I say, well try it, I dare you to do an enema and not tell me that the headache was effected by it. Usually, when you do an enema, you can really feel the headache just draining down, like a toilet flushing. It’s instant. You feel the head congestion going away. People go, how can that happen, how can you head just stop being congested when your butt is being flushed out. Your whole body is connected. It’s like a freeway that’s backed up. So if you’re really sick and have some kind of infection, if you’ve got a stomach flu, food poisoning or whatever it is, anything, cancer, you name it, I suggest doing a series of these things, like three whole bags, four whole bags in one shot. Just go for it. Keep doing it, keep doing it, because you are never cleaned out. That crusty old crap needs to get dissolved and come out. Then, take some probiotics afterwards so that you’re replenishing the good guys. I would say, if you’re really sick, do it every day. If you’re trying to heal cancer, or whatever it is, do it every day. If you’re semi okay, but you want to just clean, then I would say every other day. Then, after a while, if you’ve got your things under control, then do it twice a month, like every two weeks, do one bag.

Justin: The benefits of doing colonics are incredible, aren’t they?

Markus: Yes, you’re cleaning out your system. It’s the best thing you can do, it’s like spring cleaning. And you know how good you feel when you’ve taken a shower and that’s just the outside of you, that’s just your skin. The skin is the outer layer of your liver, so you are actually washing the outer layer of your liver by taking a shower and cleaning your skin. So, imagine how good you feel if you could clean your body from the inside out. So, if you think you feel good after a shower, that good feeling you have is like times five, times ten. I’m singing after them, I’m like doing ballet moves, it’s amazing.I become a comedian. If someone is really crabby and yelling at you and you are really having a fight or something, I always stick an enema bag in their face and say, go in there and do an enema. Pretty much right afterwards, that bad mood is gone, and they realize, they feel like a new person now. Usually when people are really crabby and upset at you, they are congested and something is not right. They are not flowing. You need to have flow and movement in your life. Depressed, unhappy and miserable people are usually not flowing. They are just blocked somehow energetically and an enema is a good way to get it going. It’s all connected.

Justin: I think, as a culture, we are just grossed out by that kind of thing as we’ve grown up with TV and the mass culture and the idea of taking care of yourself and doing things like this grosses a lot of people out. But really, people have been doing it for thousands of years.

I want to ask you too, what do you do in terms of exercise and a physical workout program. What kinds of things do you do?

Markus: Well, the most important thing for anybody is that you have to move your body. If you don’t you’re going to lose it. So, the first thing that I would suggest is, the smallest thing you should do, if you sit at a computer all day, is to get up, do some jumping jacks and stretch. That’s like the minimum. What I do every day is I run out the door, go down to the studio behind my house and just run down the street like a crazy animal! I’m sprinting like I’m running for my life. You know, like a bear is after me or something. I just run around the block or whatever and then I come back and keep working. Then, at the end of the day. I run again. I run as fast as I can and then I’m huffing and puffing and walk until I recover, and then I run some more, and I walk, and I run and I walk. Pretty soon, after about 10 minutes, I’ve done about a mile or two. I come back and I feel like a whole new person. So, that to me is the basic. Everybody needs to move their body. On top of that, I go to the gym three days a week and do heavy weights with a trainer and stuff, because it just feels good. By the way, women who have osteoporosis, later in life, as they’re losing their bone mass, one of the best ways to keep your bones strong is weight bearing exercises. They shouldn’t do something like a man with heavy weights, but some kind of weight bearing exercise, on a regular basis, helps keep your bones strong. And stay away from calcium supplements, take Magnesium instead, as that’s really what you’re lacking, it’s not calcium. I could go on forever, but exercise is so important and moving your body. It’s so interesting, because when you move through life, even if you’re driving a car on vacation, that’s when the phone calls and the job offers start coming in, and the money starts flowing. I don’t know if people notice this. When you’re sitting waiting for the phone to ring, nothing happens. You get depressed, you become broke, but when you’re moving, when you’re driving, when you’re on vacation, when you’re running, moving through space and time, that’s when everything else starts moving in your life, your health, your money and that’s what I talk about in The Prosperity Secret. You need to move your butt and get out there and don’t just sit, as you will stagnate and your life will stagnate. You can’t wait for anything or anyone. You are the only one who can move your own self.

Justin: Right. We have about five more minutes to go and I just want to talk a little bit about some of your products. I know you’ve got a lot of different things that you’re offering. You have one called Heal Your Face and Heal Yourself101. You’ve got Free Food And Medicine, The Prosperity Secret and I think you have a couple of other ones. Talk a little bit about your products.

Markus: Yes, it’s all self-empowerment stuff, even the herbal part, which are all cleansing products, they’re all instruction manuals. I don’t tell people how to heal themselves, I don’t do the healing. I tell them how to do it for themselves. I mean, that’s my whole thing. Once you teach someone how to fish, they’ll have food for life. That’s the concept of teaching them how to self-empower themselves, and from that moment forward they will know how to go through life, how to heal their body, their relationship, their mind, their money or whatever it is. It is all connected. You can have the healthiest body in the world, but if you’re not doing what you want, if you’re unhappy, or not successful, you don’t even live anymore and you still die. You have to be all around healthy. Healthy means you’re having sex three times a day, you’re eating great, you’re going on vacation, you’re doing what you want, you’re healing the world, you know, that’s health. You’re happy, you’re celebrating, you’re full of life. And, if you don’t like something, you don’t like being around somebody, you walk away, you have the strength to do that. You know, you don’t fight, you just move somewhere else. It’s a whole new way of living, and that’s what I do with these books and these DVDs, is to show people that there’s nothing to fear. What is the worst fear people have? Whether they’re going to starve to death, whether they’re going to lose their house, their job, their money and everything else. Once you realize that dandelions and weeds are edible, that’s the best food and medicine you could have, you will realize, oh my gosh, I can’t starve because this stuff is everywhere. I live in the desert and there is enough food out here, even in the desert when you know what to look for, that you realize you can never starve. Once you realize you’ll never starve, you have the strength to go through live and go, I can do anything I want. I don’t care if I’m naked and I don’t have a bank account and I don’t have any friends, I will survive and I will be fine and happy doing what I want, because I’m on my own, I call my own shots and I’ll never starve and never get sick. So, it’s giving people a whole new way of looking at life, a new strength and a new independence. I think that’s really what people want more than anything, it’s independence to do what they want and be free to be themselves.

Markus: Right. A lot of your products are available on or if you purchase them through us, we will get a little commission and that will help fund our efforts as well.

So, in the remaining moments, what are some of the things that you’re going to be doing, or that you want to do in the future? Are you thinking about projects you’re going to line up, and where are you headed in the future?

Markus: Well, by the way, that website if too long. Just go to markusnews, that’s my newsletter. That will give you free videos and updates and things like that and that will talk about what I’m doing. My main goal is to just inspire the hell out of people, literally. To get the hell out of them, and inspire them to be free and not be afraid of the economy or what other people are saying. Even if everything does collapse, it shouldn’t matter, because we’re above all that. And so, I’m about to put on my entertainment, as I come from an entertainment background, and to put on shows ultimately that will fill stadiums and really really put together all the elements. When you go to a great music concert, that’s great, but most of the music doesn’t have much meaning to it, it’s just hollow lyrics. What if you walked out of a full on experience where your whole life changed, and that you went home and nothing was ever the same again. That’s where this is all heading. To really really rev people up, to bring in the new world with full force and really make a change in the world. And, to give people the strength to have the courage to stand up for what they want to be doing.
That’s where this is all heading.

Justin: That’s awesome. Thank you Markus for taking the time out of your day to be on our show. We really appreciate you breaking everything down for us today.

Markus: My pleasure. That’s what it’s about.

Justin: Well, thank you so much Markus and we will talk to you soon.

Markus: Okay Justin, have a good one.

Justin: You too, bye bye.

Wow, that was quite an interview with Markus Rothkranz. What an amazing guy. He’s 50 years old and he looks pretty darn young to me and he’s got more energy than I’ve got, that’s for sure. I hope you enjoyed that interview and hopefully you can learn a few things from that. I am going to start doing some enemas. A friend of mine has been doing them, and it’s something I think important that we do. I’ve got to start doing that.

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With that said, have a great day today and thanks for listening. We will catch you on the next episode.

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