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Dessie Andrews – Most Of What You Know About Freedom, Rights And Liberty Is Wrong

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Dessie Andrews is a real fireball and loves to talk about freedom and our rights as natural born free and living individuals on the land. This was our first interview into subject matter other than health.

This is a subject I’m passionate about because in some form or another we have to have some kind of relationship with this thing we called the United States government whether we like it or not. It’s important to know who we are, where we get our rights from and empower ourselves with knowledge they will never teach us in our school system.

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We discuss the following and so much more:

  • The role of the federal government in our lives
  • Whether income taxes are constitutional and where are tax dollars really go
  • Divided title
  • The corporate fiction (straw man) that gets created upon the application of the birth certificate and social security number
  • Why maritime admiral equity is applied to living persons on the land
  • What to do if you’re giving birth in a hospital
  • The foreclosure scams that are happening around America
  • The difference between living in California (or any state) and The State of California
  • The difference between the United States and The United States of America
  • What it means to be a citizen
  • What Dessie does if she gets pulled over by a police officer
  • Why she doesn’t vote for any presidential elections (and neither do I anymore)
  • And so much more!

Are income taxes even legal? How does your birth certificate & social security # ensnare you? Dessie explains…- Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: Wednesday 2/27/2013
Show Guest: Dessie Andrews
Guest Info: Is a student of liberty issues and been involved in freedom issues, states rights issues a lover of the declaration of independence. As a paralegal and former financial planner, she helps people around the country get themselves freedom from the authorities. She’s been studying freedom issues for over 25 years.

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Topic: Freedom issues
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Items Mentioned: United States of America is only 10 miles square
Charlie Sprinkle video
Copper Cards
U.S. vs Lopez case

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