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Dr. Zach Bush MD – New Cancer Therapies, Vitamin A, Gut Health & More!

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Dr. Zach Bush MD joined us on today’s show to talk about gut health, cancer, our microbiome and how we can become more connected in order to not just improve our health but improve our lives.

Dr. Zach Bush is the founder and CEO of IonBiome which has a number of products definitely worth checking into.

We started off talking about cancer, apoptosis and how vitamin A can help cancer cells enter into apoptosis so that they don’t continue to replicate.

Then we talked about cancer and how cancer is the great disease of our time. Cancer rates have risen so high in the last 100 years that it almost defies logic.

The “war on cancer” has been a monumental failure and it’s time we stop allowing the drug companies to dominate media so people are no longer programmed to think that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the only answers to this most dreaded disease.

Later on in the show we talked about bacteria, gut health and the role that the microbiome plays in our health and our lives.

Instead of killing bacteria and fearing germs, we need to work with these organisms in order to improve our health. Again a lack of connection is to blame for our war against bacteria whether it’s through media or just antibiotics.

Dr. Zach Bush was a wonderful guest who provides a lot of cutting edge research and knowledge into deep aspects of health. I hope you enjoyed this radio show interview with him.

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Guest Bio

Dr. Zach is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the country, with expertise in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice/Palliative care.

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