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Sylvie Beljanski – Winning The War Against Cancer


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  • Today we had Sylvie Beljanski on the show from the Beljanski Foundation to talk about the number one fear in society today….cancer.

    Why are cancer rates on the rise? What can we do about it? Is cancer preventable? Why don’t doctors know why cancer continues to skyrocket?

    If there are solutions to cancer, why don’t we hear about them on the mainstream news? Would the medical industry purposefully restrict a “cure” if there was one?

    On today’s show with Sylvie Beljanski we talked about all these questions but also her father and the solutions he found to cancer. It was a fascinating show.

    As many of you know I got involved in natural health as a result of my mom’s cancer diagnosis back in 1995.

    At that time information was limited, people were fearful and therefore more easily manipulated using fear. Today information is much more accessable so we know we have options for real healing.

    I hope you enjoy this show about how to heal cancer naturally with Sylvie Beljanski and share it with your friends!


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    Show Notes

    Show Guest:

    Sylvie Beljanski

    Guest Info:

    Ms. Beljanski serves as Vice-President of The Beljanski Foundation and is committed to continuing the Beljanski family legacy as international leaders in health and environmental research. Born in New York City and raised and educated in Paris, Ms. Beljanski completed her undergraduate studies at The Sorbonne. She then went on to pursue a law degree and was admitted to the French Bar. Ms. Beljanski is a natural health advocate, public speaker, entrepreneur and author of the award-winning book, Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure.

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